Saturday, July 22, 2017

Amanda "Jo Jo" Everhart AGAIN

Well, well, well.

It looks like Amanda "Jo Jo" Everhart has found a few supporters.

Just to re-cap: Everhart has been running a "horse rescue" out of Viroqua, WI. She has admitted to being a for-profit business, and asks two to five thousand dollar "rehoming fees" for unsound horses which, in at least two cases, were given to her for free by owners who were told the horses would be given retirement homes. Full story here.

It's a shame that supposedly intelligent folks like law enforcement officers and reporters are falling for her sob stories, but alas, a cute smile and bald-faced lies may convince even the cynical.

In the picture to the left, you can see Amanda standing next to a mare named Phoenix, a walking skeleton, suffering, waiting for death. Amanda Everhart claims in an interview that Phoenix was surrendered to her in this condition on November 27th, 2016.

No, folks. Not at all. Amanda has owned Phoenix for years. Phoenix was a horse she once described as the means by which she made her living (barrel racing). On a Go Fund Me page she created in October of 2016 (one month before the horse was supposedly surrendered to her "rescue") Amanda claimed the horse was stolen, and wanted the public to give her money.

 One month before THAT, in September 2016,  Amanda was talking about picking up Phoenix from a friend's place, saying the horse had been hurting "a few months."

Here's Amanda with Phoenix months before THAT, in 2015. This was what Phoenix used to look like, before Amanda allowed her to starve and become a walking skeleton. These pictures were posted on Amanda's own Facebook page, before she deleted them:

Just to remind you, this is what Phoenix looks like NOW:

And yes, this is the SAME horse. Same distinctive white stripe above the right nostril. Same four white socks. Same bit of white above the right eye.

Amanda is a "crybully," a person that harms others and then claims to be the victim in every situation.

The real victim here is Phoenix. This is ABSOLUTELY treatable neglect. And even if Phoenix has some medical condition that is causing her to suffer unavoidably (which I doubt), the humane thing to do is EUTHANIZE her, rather than allowing her to continue suffering like this.

I hear that some un-named veterinarian has "signed off" on Amanda's so-called "rescue."
Maybe that's true. However, it doesn't mean much. Long-time readers of this blog will remember the case of Lady, the senior old mare who suffered terrible neglect at the hands of Barb Thiry. Veterinarian Peter Drehmann of United Veterinary Service in Bear Creek, WI, also "signed off" on Thiry's horses, and said Lady was "just old." Of course, after Lady was rescued, she gained all the weight back that she had lost while Barb Thiry owned her.

My point is that, even if a qualified vet DID see Phoenix, veterinarians can be dead wrong.
There is a persistent myth that it's OK for old horses to look like walking skeletons, because, well, "they're just old." We would never accept that explanation for just about any other kind of animal, and certainly not for humans. Yet with horses, people just seem to shrug it off. They don't bother to do a little research and figure out that proper dental care, a better diet, and water-soaked, soft feed can make a world of difference. You can read my full rant about this subject here, and view a gallery of beautiful senior horses. And once again, I will state for emphasis: Even if Phoenix has some medical condition that is causing her to suffer, the humane thing to do is EUTHANIZE her, rather than allowing her to continue suffering like this.

While Phoenix suffers a slow death, Amanda continues to harm others.
"Reporters" (who apparently can't fact-check worth a crap)  have neglected to mention the open criminal case against Everhart, in which she is charged with Threats to Injure/Accuse of a Crime and Resisting or Obstructing and Officer. See the screenshot below. (I have blurred out Amanda's address, and once again, I warn you not to harass her. Doing so just gives her more of an opportunity to play the victim, and doesn't help the horses, or those affected by her scams. The important thing to do is warn others not to donate to, buy from, or deal with, Amanda "Jo Jo" Everhart.)

Amanda is also being sued in civil court for taking a saddle without paying for it.

She may also be heading to court for another case that popped up this month:

Here are some other Craiglist ads Amanda has posted, attempting to sell horses. The "adoption fee" prices will shock you, but remember, Everhart herself admits that she's running a for-profit operation. Click on any picture below to see it full size.

I hope that this is the last blog post I will have to do on Amanda Everhart. The whole thing sickens me. In cases of neglect, an argument can be made that the perpetrator is suffering from a mental illness, or was simply ignorant of proper horse care. Everhart seems to be fully aware of the harm she is inflicting, and is simply outright lying for her own profit while convincing others to pity her. It is so morally disgusting that I can't even find words to express my contempt.

Edit: Over 21,000 views in 3 days. Great job sharing, guys. Here's one more thing to share: a great petition that might help change the way WI law enforcement understands animal neglect. It was written by the young lady who originally broke the story of Phoenix being so thin. Please sign and share!


  1. Good to see a new post! Too bad it's her again. :( This makes me mega ill.

  2. All three temporary restraining orders mentioned in the article were DISMISSED by the judge. From what I understand from someone who was AT the courthouse, the vet was Solverson's in Westby WI and apparently Amanda produced a letter from Susan Wellman, who runs ASAP in DeSoto, stating that the horses were fine (I am paraphrasing - I wasn't there and I didn't see the letter). Susan Wellman is another shady character - do not trust her either. Amanda also stated that she had done her 501c3 paperwork in January but 'someone stole it out of her mailbox'. It would be interesting to see the court transcripts.

    1. Hello anonymous..........ASAP and MHWF never ever ever has endorsed this person or her supposed rescue in any way shape or form. We have had only negative dealings and have been involved with law enforcement in efforts to help horses in her possession. We were established in 1994................and have only the best interest of the horses at heart. We have been in regular communication with Dr. Budzak in efforts to recover Cassie both before she left Everhart's residence and after. Any $$$ raised through ASAP goes directly to care of horses in sanctuary or waiting for homes. Please get your facts straight.

    2. Hello Anonymous - if Susan did not write the letter I apologize and retract. However, ASAP does not have a good reputation amongst local horsepeople either, most notably with the experiences of former foster homes. I won't go into it here because this needs to be about Amanda. So I do retract my statement above but I will attempt to get the court transcripts. My information came from someone who was in the courtroom during the restraining order hearings, so if Amanda lied to the judge about it there's another strike against her.

  3. I know the wellmans for a long time number one they are legit have all th he papers 2 if a horse comes in they have a qualified vet come in and keep all the document on everything that they have done and oh yea they didn't just pop out of nowhere amanda is just a horse flipper not a true rescue

  4. Amanda Everhart, Chris Bourne, Jo Jo Everhart and every other 8 alias this woman uses is just a big time scammer. She's had gofundme accounts begging for money for her 3+ service dogs and asking for money to raise her endless supply of children. Daddy was going to prison for a long time. She claims to always be pregnant which must be really hard to barrel race a horse?!? Hmmm.... as this article says she plays the victim for EVERYTHING! She's been caught in several lies, fraud and obstructing police that it's crazy. Madison police know her VERY well for all the scamming she does. Be very careful when dealing with woman. She will snap like the crazy idiot that she is.

    Vernon Co Sheriff will get to know her well. I read the "harassing me" article whrn it first came out. Police and the reporter have no idea how to do backgrounds on the people they write about. If she's residing in Vernon Co now thank God those of us in Dane Co who have been scammed for yrs by her get a break!

    Have fun with this one!! She's more than a handful

  5. Huge Scammer! Well known in madison and surrounding areas! Very manipulative, know this crazy personally, unfortunately.

  6. She has a bad reputation in the dog community!!!! Awful person if everything I've heard is true!

  7. Some people need to come with a warning sign on their forhead, and Amanda (or whatever name she's going by now) is the perfect example!! She had me fooled at once too

  8. Amanda has been an the ultimate scammer for years, she's possed as a surgeon, a professional tattoo artist, dog trainer, claims to have owned a junking business, and a series of other things. She's done many go fund me pages, claims she's been beat, robbed, her dogs are ill this that and everything else. All she wants is money and for people to give it to her. And now she claims she owns a horse rescue. She honestly should not own animals. She went from flipping dogs in Madison to flipping horses. She's a disgusting person. And it's disgusting how she manages to fool just about everyone. All she is, is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  9. She has also said that she has cancer and doesn't have long to live and has set up some go fund me pages for that as well!! I have reported MULTIPLE go fund me pages of hers and they refused to delete any of them. They just say that they have no evidence that the pages are fraudulent! This heffer needs to sit down some where and get a job and stop trying to steal money from innocent people!!

  10. Is someone investigating the ranch to make sure the horses are being treated right and fed? My heart breaks for the horses- My fist clenches, for miss JoJo

    1. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers aren't usually very educated about animal neglect, especially in horse cases. Extra unfortunately, Amanda seems to have pulled the wool over the eyes of the local sheriff, and there is no Animal Control/Welfare agent for Vernon county. If you want to help change these things, sign the petition I have added to the bottom of the blog post.

  11. I have heard reports of her threatening to shoot her neighbor's cattle over a fence dispute.

  12. Just found her on Instagram.. Name is Wisconsin Horse Rescue.. her BIO literally says "Wisconsin's #1 Horse Rescue".. what a joke!

  13. I signed the petition and got a letter back stating thank you but nothing said anything is being done to change the laws

  14. She has been around long enough I think everyone has had a situation with her she tried to sell us a puppy , then I found out was stolen from someone

  15. I really hope she gets put away soon. Either a mental instution or in jail, either way she wouldn't be able to harm any more animals or people.