Saturday, March 21, 2015

Neglect, Karma, and "Bashing" Loeffelholz, Roelke & Bondowski

Happy Spring, ladies and gents. We here in Wisconsin know that the official date has nothing to do with the actual weather, but we can hope for the best.

Before I begin, I want to very briefly address two topics:

Some people have said that's it is "karma" that the two notorious Pleasant Prairie WI horse abusers were just found dead after a fire. I understand the sentiment. However, the idea that the universe or God or the devil has anything to do with justice in our mortal world is dangerous and utterly false. The only thing that guarantees whether or not a horse is saved, if an abuser is put on trial, or if neglect is allowed to continue, is YOU. You and I, our neighbors, our fellow humans are the only ones who can change laws, pressure authorities, lend a helping hand, donate hay, etc. We must not leave things up to karma, or to chance. God helps those who help themselves. WE must be the forces of kindness and justice. Remember that next time you hear about or see a neglect situation.

"Bashing on People Doesn't Help Horses"
I'm about to expose some neglectful Wisconsin horse owners on this blog post, and no doubt some readers will be upset about that. You should know, however, that it's not vindictive, and it's not because I think I'm perfect. Far from it! God knows I've been broke, depressed, and in need of a helping hand. I've had horses I should have done more for sooner. My farm is pretty rough. However, I'm not "bashing" on people who are just down on their luck, or just had one or two bad incidents. My posts are about the chronic cases, the ones who never learn their lessons year after year. The public  shouldn't be enabling people with a long history of neglect and hoarding, and I consider it part of my purpose to warn you about them. By giving money to these folks, by giving them sympathy, you may help a couple of horses for a little while-- but you also make it possible for the hoarders to continue hoarding and mistreating animals. And by NOT telling others about the misdeeds of scammers, abusers, and their ilk, you are harming horses. There's no need to gossip idly, but when you know something ugly, DO warn others nearby so that their hears and their horses aren't forever scarred by the evil they could have avoided.

OK, let's get started.

Atty Cynthia Fiene: Brooklyn Horse Abuser is Back!

Wisconsin attorney and horse rescue crusader Cynthia Fiene would like me to pass on a message to you all: the serial horse abuser Mary A. Loeffelholz (dob 10/1964) and Mary's daughter Melinda (Mindy) Gehin, are back to their old tricks again near Brooklyn/Belleville WI. You can read my original blog posts on their horrific deeds here and here, but here's a picture of one of their former horses that basically sums up the situation:

...and there are eleven horses like that on the property right now. I guarantee you, folks, the officials who have let this continue for YEARS will turn a blind eye unless we ACT. I know I am constantly asking you to call, write, and email about these situations, but public pressure is the only thing that seems to save horses from long, slow deaths here in Wisconsin. So please, please, contact one of the following people and say,

"Hi, I'm calling about the very thin horses near Brooklyn belonging to
Mary Loeffelholz and her daughter Mindy. What are you doing about this situation?"Call Patrick Comfert, Animal Services Leadworker: 608-243-0309
Doug Voelgi at Public Health 608-243-0360 
Dane County Executive Joe Parisi 608-266-2444
Town of Oregon executives Jerry Bollig 
608-835-7520 and Denise Arnold 608-835-3200

"Therapy Horse" & Others Allegedly Starved

April Roelke, residing on County Rd A near Grand Marsh WI, has been getting a lot of media sympathy over the death of one of her horses, Eagle. Eagle was found shot this week in his "pasture" (small front yard pen). No one knows if this was a revenge shooting (April apparently liked to trap and shoot neighborhood cats) or a "mercy killing."

Eagle was starving when he was shot. Even in the picture shown by the media, you can see how his backbone stuck up and the top shelf of his ribs were visible. Several people, including a neighbor, have told me that April has starved several horses to death over the past couple of years. Some of her own pics on Facebook seem to confirm this:

 While I do not condone vigilante justice, I don't think you should be donating money or horses to this woman. You might also want to contact Channel 3000 and tell them to delete or re-write their sob story. 608-273-3333.

Former Faux Rescue Seeks Homes for Horses

I am very glad that Cindy and Jim Bondowski are finally relinquishing their horses. Cindy is working closely with Kathy Bries, who has posted several ads to rehome the horses; you can see at least five horses below (click on the pics to enlarge). This is a fairly urgent situation, as the Bondowskis are being evicted and must be gone by April 1st. Call Cindy at 608-322-4068 if you can adopt.

Before you contact the Bondowskis, however, I feel that it's my duty to tell you how they got where they are. If they ask you for donations of any kind, or want to make a deal with you, please be aware of their history.

The Bondowskis, Jim and Cindy, used to have a rescue in Footville WI (near Janseville) called H.O.R.S.E. The "rescue" was more like a hoarding situation, with 40-60 horses on 3 acres.

I'm sure Cindy and Jim meant well to begin with, but they took on way more horses than they could take care of. Many local people reported thin, wormy horses with overgrown hooves on the property. Cindy purposefully bred a mare suffering with severe DSLD so her daughter could have the foal. Vet and farrier bills went unpaid, and though the Bondowskis asked for cash donations, they never got 501(c)3 nonprofit status. They maxed out retirement funds, credit cards, etc and were behind on their taxes. Jim collected disability, though he attempted to work as an untrained and unlicensed (illegal) horse chiropractor, massage therapist and acupuncturist. Those who saw him work expressed serious concerns about his methods.

In Nov 2010 Jim and Cindy had a big barn fire, in which 24 horses died. Also burned up were most of the tack and all of the hay. Many people volunteered to help, donated money and hay, and there were local fundraisers done for them. Weirdly,
the Bondowskis didn't want to give up any of the remaining horses, despite having no feed or shelter for them, and despite the fact that many highly qualified adopters volunteered to foster or permanently adopt them.

After receiving around $300,000 in donations, plus hay and tack, the Bondowskis moved to Coloma, Wisconsin. They stayed there for several years under the name Enchanted Oaks Ranch. Now they are  being evicted from the property.

NONE of that is the fault of the Bondowskis' animals, and I certainly encourage you to give one of their horses a good home if you can.
Again, I post this information strictly so that anyone who buys from them knows the full situation. This information has been verified by two horse rescues and is provided for your protection, not their harassment. For more information on adoptable horses, call Cindy at  608-322-4068. The Bondowskis currently live at W11687 State Rd 21, Coloma, WI 54930.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Rachwal's Upcoming Release, Violent "Horse Therapy" Practitioner James Kirsch & More

Hello friends! Just a heads up for those of you that are new here: any text that is blue and underlined is a link to another page. Sometimes it's a news article, sometimes it's proof of something I've stated, and sometimes it's just a fun thing to check out.

For example, if you're on Facebook, gallop on over to Tacky Tack of the Day. It's HILARIOUS. You have to ask to join, but I'm sure they'll let you in.

Now on to something much more serious. There are only 7 weeks left until Sterling Rachwal, serial horse rapist, mutilator, and killer, will be released here in Wisconsin. If you've read my previous post about this sick individual, you know just how it important it is to be prepared. While some offenders are incarcerated, do their time, and are released as changed people, Sterling Rachwal has a decades-long history of torturing horses and ponies. Every single time he's been released, he does it again. And again. And again. 1982, '84, '88, '93, '97, 2008, 2010. You can click the articles below for proof, and read more here. Wisconsin Circuit Court Access contains some of his more recent crimes.

Let's DO SOMETHING about this. If someone wants to start an online petition, I'm fine with that, but signing something on the internet is not nearly as effective as a good solid old fashioned letter or phone call.

UPDATE: 3/11/15  Reporter Stephanie Hintz has decided to write about horse rapist/killer Sterling Rachwal's release. The story will probably be in the Manawa Messenger this week and the Clintonville Chronicle next Tuesday March 16th. Hopefully this will alert many more Wisconsin horse owners to the possible danger- and maybe even cause enough ruckus to get Rachwal put away again! Stephanie also believes Rachwal will have to serve 90 more days at a work-release site before he's totally free.

GOOD JOB all of you who shared this story!! Keep doing it and PLEASE contact at least one of the following people or agencies AT LEAST once per week. If you're not sure what to say, you can use the scripts I've provided below:

Honorable Judge Gary Sharpe
City County Government Center
160 S. Macy St.
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53702

Wisconsin Department of Justice
Division of Criminal Investigation
Administrator David S. Matthews
P.O. Box 7857
Madison, WI 53707-7857

Mendota Mental Health Institute
301 Troy Drive
Madison, WI 53704

Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services
Office of the Secretary
1. West Wilson St. Room 650
P.O. Box 7850
Madison, WI 53703


Hi, my name is ______________ from _________. I am calling about a public safety concern. Can I speak directly to [ Judge / Governor / Mr. ]  ______________ ?

You may be transferred at this point. If not, you can say "ok, can I please leave my message with you or someone else?"

I am very worried about the upcoming release of Sterling Rachwal.
Mendota Mental Hospital in Madison is letting him out on April 21st.
Rachwal has been sexually abusing, torturing, and killing animals for decades.
He sneaks onto peoples' farms with a knife and does terrible things, especially to horses.
Every time Rachwal gets caught, he does it again as soon as he is released.
Please do something to stop Sterling Rachwal from being let loose.
Many people besides me are really upset.
I hope I can count on you to keep my community safe.
Thanks for listening to my concern. I'll be following up with you soon.


Dear sir,

I am writing you today because I am worried about the safety of my community. On April 21st, Sterling Rachwal will be released from Mendota Mental Hospital in Madison. Rachwal has a decades-long record of sexually abusing, mutilating, and killing animals, especially horses. To do this, he has trespassed onto the property of local farmers. He has often carried a weapon. Every time Rachwal has been released, he has re-offended. Please, please, don't let this man loose again.
I am sharing my concerns with everyone I know. I hope I can count on you to protect my family, my neighbors, and the horses of Wisconsin. I will be following up with you in one week. Thank you for your time.

Name, City

Remember to stay polite but firm. Take a deep breath. Don't feel nervous, or weird about contacting these authorities. You are a concerned citizen with a very valid concern about your safety, and the safety of your neighbors and local animals. Don't put this off too long-- seven weeks is not very much time when it comes to the government and the justice system.

OK, let's move on to something much more positive:

Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary (AGES) is having a tack sale fundraiser on March 14th. It's open from 9am-4pm, and the address is W4985 County Rd FF, Elkhart Lake WI.

AGES has done some truly amazing work lately. Luna and Zariah were two mares running wild, with no source of regular food, water, hoof care, or vet care. Their people were feeding them old frozen bread. It took weeks for volunteers to capture them both, and it will take many hundreds of hours more to rehabilitate them. Check out AGES on Facebook and consider donating to them via paypal ( They also have some great horses available for adoption!

This is Zariah, before and after hours of careful de-burring. She has been neglected for so long that she has major hoof and leg issues. I am so glad she is finally safe at AGES.

Alright, let's wrap this up with a bit more news: 

-James Kirsch is infamous for beating and threatening his family. He has been in prison for domestic abuse (convicted three times). He's now running a horse therapy program called Wellness Health Ranch out of New Berlin, WI. The farm (not owned by him) is called 14 Carrots Stables. BEWARE this man. More info here.

-If you haven't already heard, Michael Feist, infamous horse abuser, was convicted of 34 counts of neglect/mistreatment. Four of those counts were felonies. He'll be sentenced June 2nd. I am so glad! Now we must hope that his horses are (finally!) taken away from him. You can read more on the case here.

-As part of his proposed 2015-2017 state budget, Governor Walker wants to cut funding to Wisconsin State Parks by 28%. To make up for that deficit, parks would have to increase their fees quite a bit-- or shut down. That would really affect public horse trails and horse camping facilities at places like Wildcat, Governor Dodge, Governor Knowles, the Northern and Southern Kettles, etc.

-Don't forget about Midwest Horse Welfare's big raffle! You can help by selling tickets to your friends at no cost to you, and of course by buying a couple for yourself. You could win big money!

- Two horses have been stolen from a farm near Fredonia. Here's what the owners would like you to know:

Stolen Horses!
Went missing between 3pm Monday March 2nd and 3pm Tuesday March 3rd, 2015 from
 6625 Clover Valley Rd. Fredonia, WI 53021 in Ozaukee County.

Horses are thought to have been walked down driveway. No fences down. No hoof prints in the snow leading away from the property. The only exit that wouldn't show prints is the blacktop drive. Possibly stolen by someone they’re familiar with as they can be stand-offish with strangers. Thief (/thieves) brought their own halters as nothing else is missing from the property except the two horses. The horses - unfortunately in this case - both trailer fairly well. They could have been loaded in less than five minutes.

 The responding deputy handling the case is named Parks. His work phone is (920) 946-9661. After the authorities have been notified PLEASE, call Luke and Laura right away. We are absolutely distraught over this. Luke waited 5 years to get Dusk, they love each other, and Pserina is the first horse we purchased as a couple and the foundation of our dream. Those two represent all we have worked for.
Dusk of Soltice (Dusk, Mika) - purebred Orlov-Rostopchin (Russian warmblood) mare
13 y/o - 16.2hh - 1200-ish lbs - black bay - both left fore and hind have very short white socks and white feet (just below fetlock and down on hind, halfway down pastern and lower on fore). She has a very small star in the middle of her forehead which is usually covered by her very long forelock.
Pserina Star (Pserina, Rina, Siri, Baby) - purebred Arabian mare. 10 y/o - 14.2hh - 850lbs+ due to pregnancy (due in July) - chestnut - both hinds have socks reaching about halfway up the cannon bone. She has a rather prominent star offset slightly to the left between her eyes and a stripe and snip starting about halfway down her face going down to the middle of her muzzle.

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned to North Horse.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kudos to These Ladies!

Howdy folks, I'm still around. I feel like I've been abandoning you more often than a PMU breeder dumps foals! (*bah-dum tsss*)

Seriously though, sorry for not writing more. As for WHY... I'm not sure how much to explain, because it sounds so dramatic, whiny and unbelievable. Well, OK, here: the short short version is that two family members died in a car crash. Another family member is dying of an unrelated thing-- I've been working at her business (on top of my other jobs) for several weeks because she needed to honor a contract. In the meantime, another family member had a baby, and is not doing so hot. Been trying to help there a bit too. Did I mention I got a dog just before all this happened? Oh, and guess what: Ruffi is back! Yes, my little bay filly is home again.

It's been almost exactly a year since I rescued her and her mom. I thought I had found her a great home, but about a week ago, her adopter called me and said she couldn't take care of her at the moment, and could I take her back for a while? Of course I said YES. So I went and got her. She's ribby, unfortunately. I got some story about a change in feeding program and blah blah. *sigh* Maybe it's true. They do seem like awesome people... but I won't be sending Ruffi back to them. Actions speak louder than words.

So, that's the short version of my crazy life at the moment. Obviously, there's not a lot of time or energy for me to blog right now.  Despite my absence though, you all continue to be super loyal readers, averaging about 6,000 views per month! Even through all the crap happening, I've got a big warm spot in my heart because of that. I know that you're reading, sharing, and advocating for horses.

Speaking of which, I've been keeping an eye on Facebook, and I've come across a REALLY sparkling example of horse welfare advocacy. I'd like to highlight that now, and to say "thank you!" to Bridget Achterberg. Her post and comments are extremely well-written, thoughtful, and amazing in general. Ditto for Erin Hopkins. I got their permission to re-post this. It's abbreviated (it was such a long discussion I had to chop parts of it) but all the good stuff is there.

As you read for yourself, there were many great commenters in that discussion! Thank-you to them too! In fact, I'd like to say thank you to all animal welfare commenters and posters. THANK YOU for standing up for the voiceless! Thank you for saying something, instead of staying silent. Thanks for not shutting up, even though some people give you crap for what you believe. You ROCK.

I also want to thank Wisconsin horse people that have recently taken in neglected horses, including Tracy K, Liz H, Tracey B, and of course the wonderful equine rescues of Wisconsin. Special shout-out to Midwest Horse Welfare, which continues to go above and beyond the call of duty to help horses, and New Equine Resource. N.E.R will soon be hosting a herd of rescued mustangs-- check them out NOW if you're interested in adopting one! They will only be staying for a short time.

Before I close, I'd like to give you a few links:

The Windchill Bill has just been reintroduced, and now is the time to GET BEHIND IT! If passed, it would be a major step forward in animal welfare law here in Wisconsin. Contact your local legislators!

Erin's comment about breeding and warmblood registries is spot-on! Here's what I said in April 2013 about Oldenburgs: "How Breeding Should Be Done."

Here's a fun article, written by a vet on the topic of "horse communicators" or psychics.

There is yet another BLM mustang auction happening online right now. Minimum bid is $125, and they can often deliver to an area near you. In fact, there are already two mustangs in Mequon, WI! Both are 3 year old mares. Lots of color and a couple of cremellos available on this auction. There are many pregnant mares available this time too, though they can't be transported for you, you have to go pick them up.

Alright folks, time to sign off. Stay warm!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Best and Worst of 2014 + News

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and that your horses did too! It's now 2015. Before we get too far into the cold, cold new year, lets take look back at the best and worst of 2014.

By 2014, the Barb Thiry saga was winding down, and although it is still not resolved, the horses are safe for now (but I WILL be watching). We got a new baddie though! In February, we met one of the worst horse people in Wisconsin: Juslain LuMaye. I'm not sure how you could have missed that story, but if you did, you can read it here, and the follow-up here. The short version is that she's a "trainer" out to make a buck, regardless of who suffers. If anyone has any updates on the surviving horses, I'd be much obliged if you'd post them here in the comments. Fortunately for Wisconsin, Juslain has moved to Minnesota, where she has started a custom tack business called Wyoming Custom Gear. Hopefully she'll do less harm there. (Sorry Minnesota.)

Fortunately, there were also some truly wonderful people who helped horses in 2014. I named a bunch of individuals in my Equine Valentines post. Of course the many Wisconsin horse rescues did their part. We said hello to New Equine Resource, a brand new Wisconsin rescue. We said a fond farewell to Mary and Bill of Saint Francis Horse Rescue, who have (mostly) retired after decades of helping equines. (I hear new people may start up the rescue soon though!)

It's hard to recognize all those who fought the good fight, in big battles and in tiny ones. I think you know who are you, but I don't think you know how much good you do. So many of you deserve a medal. I'd like to thank Kelly, Faith, Karyn and Scott, Tricia, and many others... so many others. I couldn't fit you all in if I wrote for hours. Real quick, I'm just going to pick a couple of recent Facebook comments at random to celebrate:

Good job Beth! That's the best present to ask for!

Jessie was tireless in her efforts to educate people about the risks of breeding, especially breeding older mares. So many links, and so many comments on different forums. Thanks for trying to protect mares Jessie! 

On a personal note, in 2014 I brought home Ruffi and Riven, after a long struggle to get them away from their abuser. You can read the whole saga here. (Much love to Mary for the support on that one!) Ruffi got a new home with some really excellent people, kind and patient trainers who will ensure her future. Riven is still with me, and doing great.

My personal favorite North Horse blog post of 2014 was on March 28th, "Open Letter to a Backyard Breeder," which resulted in easily the most hilarious comments ever seen on North Horse:

...and then much further down:

Yes, this lady really did pretend to be from the Feds in order to try to intimidate me into taking down my post. It's amazing what shady people will try!

Speaking of backyard breeding, here's one I just saw on Facebook and can't resist posting:

Most of you already know exactly what I think about this crap, but sing along with me anyway:

- A grade 2 year old stud colt with a hernia is not worth $2,000, not even with magic Friesian blood

- Shame on Excalibur for breeding Friesian + Andalusian + Thoroughbred just 'cuz it's trendy

- Capone may be sweet, but has anyone bothered to look at his conformation? The pic ain't much.

- Grade school level science tells us that if you mate Horse of breed A to Horse of breed B, the offspring will almost certainly NOT be a 50-50 hybrid of A and B. Genes can be dominant or recessive (that's why human children usually look or act more like one parent than the other). This colt could genetically be 76% TB. Forget that "half Friesian" stuff, this guy is a mutt. Nothing wrong with mutts, mind you, I own mutts-- it's just that this guy shouldn't have been bred, and shouldn't breed unless I'm missing some truly incredible conformation and talent he has.

- I'm glad the seller wants to be "very picky" about Capone's potential new owner... but I wish she would have GELDED him and gotten his hernia fixed BEFORE listing him for sale!! Somewhere out there, someone equally ignorant is looking at this ad and thinking, "Ooo, I could keep him intact and breed him to my TWH mare for a gaited Friesian-Thoroughbred-Andalusian-Walker!!" *facepalm*

OKAY folks, time to wrap this up.

Brief news Updates:

If you bought any Gastrotec equine anti-ulcer meds, return them or throw them away-- they were recalled. *sigh* Darn it, we would all like a less expensive alternative to UlcerGard, but I guess this isn't it.

I'm not sure what exactly is going on in this case, but it smells bad to me. Sounds like neglectful assholes being all indignant that the authorities finally took their starving critters away. What do you know about this?  Couple Sues Ashland County for Euthanizing Donkey, Horse. I think once we know this was justified, we should write authorities and tell them "thank you for doing the right thing." It's rare that cops do this, and when they do, we need to make sure they know we appreciate it!

Just a reminder, horses do get infected with rabies, as this recent case shows us, so don't skip vaccinations!

One more thing: I have created a Wisconsin Horse Events calendar. However, I don't have nearly all of the important stuff on there. Help me out! Tell me about events WI horse people should know about. Shoot me a date, time, and brief description here, or at, or on Facebook.

WI Tack Sales, Clinics & Horse Shows 2015


Do you have an event you would like to see listed here?
Email it to or comment below.


Jan. 6th      Plymouth Trail Riders club meeting Racer's Hall W4408 Cty Rd C, Plymouth

Jan. 10th    Hags on Nags annual meeting & breakfast potluck. 9am 
                   Johnston Community Center, 9937 East County A, Janesville WI 53545
Jan. 11th    Oregon Horse Association meeting & potluck 1pm 5594 Alpine Rd Brooklyn 
Jan. 11th    Midwest Horse Fair clinic participation applications due. More info here.
Jan. 11th    Southern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association Annual Meeting at DNR HQ                          in Eagle, WI 10-noon, all are welcome!
Jan. 13th    Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm
Jan. 17th    Hags on Nags book club meeting & lunch 11am. Read WILD by Cheryl Strayed.
Jan. 18th    Jefferson Co 4-H Tack Swap fairgrounds 9-1:30  Admission $1 or can of food.
Jan. 18th    Midwest Horse Fair equine fashion model search application due. Get it here.
Jan. 25th    Kenosha County 4-H Tack Sale 9-1  Admission $2
Jan. 25th    West 20 Beat the Heat Winter Show Series (first show) 10am East Troy WI
Jan. 25th    Hags on Nags: Mustang Mania. S91 W39091 Highway 59 Eagle, WI 
Jan. 27th    BLM online mustang auction starts
Jan. 31st    Dodge County Horsemen’s Tack Swap & Craft Sale, “Introduction to the World of Model Horses” Juneau Community Center– 9am-1pm


Feb. 10th    Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm

Feb. 14-15  Barrel Racing and Pole Bending series Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI
Feb. 15th    Three Gaits Therapeutic Horsemanship volunteering information day
                   10am - 4pm, Stoughton WI. Lunch provided. To R
SVP, call (608) 877-9086

Feb. 14th    Columbus WI model horse show, sleigh rally, bobsledding, skijoring
Feb. 15th    Waukesha County 4-H Tack sale 9-2  Admission $2
Feb. 21st    Showtime Arena tack sale 10-2 (no admission fee) & Fun Show 4pm
Feb. 21-22    Barrels and poles at Chism Trail Ranch 
N1198 Liberty Road, Merrill, WI

Feb. 21st    Stateline Equine Education workshop 8:30-3  Bristol, WI  Fee about $30
Feb. 21st    West 20 Beat the Heat Winter Show Series (second show) 10am East Troy

Feb. 22nd   Rock County 4-H Tack Sale 9-1 Admission $1 Janesville, WI
Feb. 28th    Heartland Stables Beat the Blues Winter Series, Custer WI


Mar. 1st      Washington County 4-H tack sale
Mar. 6-8      Illinois Horse Expo at IL State Fairgrounds, Springfield
Mar. 7th      Winnebago County 4-H Tack Sale 9-3  Oshkosh, WI held at
                   Sunnyview Expo Center/Fairgrounds $1 admission

Mar. 7th      Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association Pizza Dinner Rocking K Ranch
Mar. 8th      Menomonee Falls Saddle Club 50th Anniversary, Sussex WI  (12n-4pm)

Mar. 10th    Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm
Mar. 14th    Heartland Stables Beat the Blues Winter Series, Custer WI

Mar. 14-15  Barrel Racing and Pole Bending series Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI
Mar. 16th    Midwest Horse Fair camping applications and payment due. More info here.
Mar. 21-22  Pam Bound 2 Day Barrel Racing Clinic Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI
Mar. 21-22     Barrels and poles at Chism Trail Ranch N1198 Liberty Road, Merrill, WI
Mar. 28th    West 20 Beat the Heat Winter Show Series (third & last) 10am East Troy



Apr. 14th    Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm

April 17, 18, 19 
Midwest Horse Fair 
Want to put your stud on Stallion Avenue? Info here.Interested in exhibiting a horse? Look here.Interested in having a booth at the fair? Look here.

Apr. 18-19   Barrel Racing and Pole Bending series Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI

Apr. 21st     Horse rapist, mutilator and killer Sterling Rachwal to be released today.
                    Get more information here.

Apr. 25th      Little 1 Open Horse Show Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI
Apr. 25th      Registration form & payment due for Three Gaits Therapeutic Riding                                       Registered level Therapeutic Riding Instructor certification course, certified                            by PATH.
Apr. 24-26    Minnesota Horse Expo Minnesota State Fairgrounds St. Paul


Plymouth Trail Riders show?  W4408 Cty Rd C, Plymouth
May 1-2       Dena Kirkpatrick Barrel Racing Clinic Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI
May 1-2       Hags on Nags Kentucky Derby Camping 
W830 Little Prairie Road Palmyra, WI 

May 9-10     Barrel Racing and Pole Bending series Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI
May 9th       
West 20 Open Pleasure Horse Show Series first of 5  East Troy WI

May 10th     Mother's Day Open Horse Show Woodside Ranch, Mauston WI  9am  $4/class
May 12th     Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm
May 16-17   UMBHA-IBHA Show and All-Breed Show Jackson Co Fairgrounds, 
                    Black River Falls, WI  $10/class or $50/day unlimited classes
May 16-17   Showtime Arena Open Fun Horse show Deerfield, WI
May 22-24   Hags on Nags trail ride at camp Ukarydee 2017 Cumberland Ave., Arkdale, WI
May 23-24   Wisconsin Ranch Horse Show Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI
May 25th     Boots, Bits and Spurs Invitational Barrel Race Showtime Arena Deerfield 
May 28-31   Three Gaits Therapeutic Riding hosts Registered level Therapeutic Riding                             Instructor certification course, certified by PATH
May 31st     
Fox River Saddle Club Open Horse Show at West 20 ranch, East Troy


Jun. 8-11     
Teen Barrel Bootcamp #1  Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI

Jun. 9th       Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm
Jun. 14th     Open Pleasure Horse Show Series 2 of 5 at West 20 ranch, East Troy
Jun. 16-18   Teen Barrel Bootcamp #2  Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI
Jun. 20-21    Wisconsin Ranch Horse Show Showtime Arena  Deerfield WI
Jun.  21st     Fox River Saddle Club Open Horse Show at West 20 ranch, East Troy
Jun. 27th     Jean Cyra Memorial All Breed Open English Horse Show hosted by                                            West 20 ranch, East Troy
Jun. 28th     Jean Cyra Memorial All Breed Open Western Horse Show at West 20 ranch


Jul. 11-12      UMBHA-IBHA Show and All-Breed Show Jackson Co Fairgrounds, 

                      Black River Falls, WI  $10/class or $50/day unlimited classes
Jul. 14th        Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm
Jul. 24-26      IBRA State Finals 
Showtime Arena  Deerfield, WI

Jul. 26th        Horse Power Healing Center Open Benefit Horse Show 
                      at West 20 ranch, East Troy
??                  Three Gaits student horse show


Aug. 6-16      Wisconsin State Fair  640 S. 84th Street, West Allis, WI

Aug. 9th       Fox River Saddle Club Open Horse Show at West 20 ranch, East Troy
Aug. 11th      Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm
Aug. 15th      Showtime Arena All Breed Open Horse Show  Deerfield, WI
Aug. 16th      Open Pleasure Horse Show Series 3 of 5 at West 20 ranch, East Troy
Aug. 22-23    
UMBHA-IBHA Show and All-Breed Show Jackson Co Fairgrounds, 

                      Black River Falls, WI  $10/class or $50/day unlimited classes
Aug. 28-30    Hags on Nags trail ride and camping, potluck, etc. Wildcat Mountain State                             Park E13660 State Highway 33, Ontario, Wi.


??                  Three Gaits Dressage Show

Sept. 8th       Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm
Sept. 11-13   Showtime Arena 22nd Annual Barrel Blitz Deerfield, WI
Sept. 12th    WHC Championship Challenge Show  at West 20 ranch, East Troy
Sept. 13th    Open Pleasure Horse Show Series 4 of 5 at West 20 ranch, East Troy
Sept. 19-20   Showtime Arena  Sharon & Strome Camarillo Barrel Racing Clinic
Sept. 26-27   Showtime Arena Ranch Horse Show Deerfield, WI
??                  Midwest Horse Welfare tack sale and fun show


??               Three Gaits used tack sale 

Oct. 1-5      The Caroline Lion's Colorama (largest trail ride in WI) 
Oct. 9-11    Showtime Arena John Parks clinic Deerfield, WI
Oct. 13th    Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm
Oct. 24th    Open Pleasure Horse Show Series 5 of 5 at West 20 ranch, East Troy
Oct. 24th    Showtime Arena Time to Play Open Fun Horse show Deerfield, WI
Oct. 25th    Showtime Arena Open Fun Horse show Deerfield, WI


Nov.10th   Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting 7pm

Nov.14th   Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association banquet & silent auction 5:30pm
??             Heartland Beat the Blues open show, Custer WI


Dec. 8th   Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association meeting &Christmas party 7pm

Dec. 12th Hags on Nags Christmas party. 5:30 pm Butterfly Club, 5246 
                 East County Road X, Beloit, WI

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