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BEFORE you deal with any person, check their criminal record at: Wisconsin Circuit Court Access.
Just search for their name- it's free! You should do this before taking on a boarder, selling or adopting out a horse to someone, or hiring them as a trainer. Protect yourself and your horse! Do you live outside of Wisconsin? Many other states provide records as well.

The Unwanted Horse Coalition
Hay banks, low-cost euthanasia and gelding clinics listed by state here.
The Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign
Approved horse rescues can get free vaccinations for all the horses in their care, once per year. Generously sponsored by Merck Animal Health and the AAEP.

Buying a horse? Be sure to check out Horse Trader Tricks so you can protect yourself!

Find your local WI Humane Officer to report animal cruelty here. (If there isn't one, call a sheriff!)

Search for an animal shelter in your area here. Make sure to set the max distance of 25mi.

Do you need proof that it's a bad idea to start a young horse too early? Check out this article by veterinarian Deb Bennett, PhD.

" horse, of any breed, in any country, at any time in history either now or in the past, has ever been physically mature before it is five and a half years old..."
Dr. Deb Bennett's website, the Equine Studies Institute, is chock full of incredible information.

Hoof Explorer allows you to view the bones, veins, and other internal structures of the hoof and lower leg in 3D! It's a short download, and it's free.

Fleet of Angels is a nationwide horse transport network for at-risk equines. You can sign up to be an "angel" or try to contact one if you need a horse moved. Some angels offer emergency shelter for horses and owners; others offer free trailering within a certain distance for needy horses; some offer trailering for gas money.

Rescue Me is a website where people can post free animals in urgent need of a new home. You can sign up to get email alerts when an animal is posted in your area.

Dane County Animal Control: 608-267-1989 or (608) 255-2345 inside the City of Madison.

WI DNR Violation Hotline: 1-800-TIP-WDNR or 1-800-847-9367

Useful for reporting poachers, illegal dumping, drunk hunters, etc.

Animal Law (including neglect, abuse, inspections, etc) from the Wisconsin State Law Library

Find the normal temperature, heart rate, etc for horses here. For info on diseases and symptoms, try searching the Merk Veterinary Manual.

ASPCA Pet Poison Control hotline: (888) 426-4435 

Trailmeister, a nationwide guide to camping and trail riding with your equine buddy.

Talk to your state representatives about animal welfare issues! Find their contact info here.

Do animals suffer like humans do? Do they have emotions? Are they conscious beings? Start here.

Horse Training Videos by David Archer are a fantastic and FREE resource. Combing cowboy common sense with natural horsemanship (without the gimmicks) David is a very humane, very effective horse trainer with decades of experience.

How to Feed a Starving Horse pdf by the University of Tennessee
Rehabbing a starved horse is a delicate process. Feeding indiscriminately can kill.

Wild Mustang & Burro Adoptions
By the BLM. Online horse auctions (with pictures) occur periodically throughout the year.

Wisconsin State Horse Council
Organizers of the Midwest Horse Fair, horse show judge certification, educational programs and assistance. Their Equine Feed Bank (hay assistance) program can be found here. They also have an upper Midwest hay/forage sale list.
Midwest Horse Fair

Mane Dates lists many events happening in the upper Midwest. Since events are posted roughly three months in advance, you need to go into the archives to see stuff happening this month. Example: stuff happening in March is listed back in the January archives.

World Horse Welfare is a UK-based charity that helps working horses around the world. They provide great educational videos as well!

WI DNR List of Horse Trails and Campsites

Find your local WI Humane Officer to report animal cruelty here. (If there isn't one, call a sheriff!)

Hags on Nags is a fun group for women riders based in southern Wisconsin. 

Southern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association

Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Association
Distance Riding Association of Wisconsin

Plymouth Trail Riders Horse Club

Upper Midwest Endurance and Competative Rides Association  

Oregon Horse Association of southern WI

Three Gaits Therapeutic Riding Center  

Tri-City Riding Club (Kellner, WI) 

The Colorama, or Caroline Ride, is the largest annual trail ride in WI and features 3 days of hootin' and hollerin' fun to benefit the Lions Club.


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  1. also a great source of information on rescues is which has financial data and reporting of rescues. So donors can look at yearly financials to see where the dollars are going...nor NOT going!