Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beus Ranch: Hateful Assholes Breeding for HYPP



These asshats, these fuckwads, are proudly advertising their stallion as N/H for HYPP. Yes, they're actually advertising this horse's genetic disease, as if it were the same as being homozygous for fucking gold-plated brindle coloring.

Is it because the stallion is so incredibly good at a discipline that it's somehow worth it? NO. He's only two years old, with two minor halter awards under his belt.

Yep, of course he's in halter. He's got the HUGE body of a corn-gulping beef bull and the incredible muscling that only daily seizures can provide, thanks to HYPP. On the tiny feet of mini pony. If he survives the seizures, he's bound to go lame from laminitis or arthritis or both. And he's passing these traits on to his babies.

I hate you, Chad and Tiffany Beus. I hate you, Ross Roark.

Did you know that humans can suffer from HYPP too? Aside from the paralyzing muscle spasms, sufferers have described HYPP symptoms as including body aches, migraines, permanent partial paralysis, trouble breathing, feelings of panic, a weak heartbeat and trouble swallowing. And while having HYPP does seem to boost human muscle bulk, just like in horses, humans also report sudden attacks of weakness from "aborted" HYPP attacks. And after 50, the muscle bulking no longer happens and the disease leaves them with permanent weakness. Eventually HYPP leaves some humans so weak that they can't climb stairs, or even have to use a wheelchair.

HYPP horses can also die from suffocation when their diaphragms become paralyzed.

And you, Chad, Tiffany and Ross, YOU are purposefully breeding horses to suffer this fate. You're also hurting the humans who have to watch their horses suffer. You may even cause the death of someone, someday, when their muscle-spasming horse collapses on top of them.

And I can only assume you know how evil you are being, because of what's in your breeder's contract: "In The event a foal is found to be HYPP- H/H Mare owner may rebreed the following year for a $500.00 chute fee."

So clearly, you recognize that HYPP is bad. Bad enough to give your clients a $1,250 discount...

...on the next breeding to the same HYPP-carrying stallion!!


Check out this video of an HYPP attack. It's only a fairly mild one, but I would hate to have it happen to me. The horse twitches uncontrollably, visibly agitated. Does this look fun to you? Is this worth a few halter trophies?

More quick facts on HYPP:
-diet can only partially control symptoms, and in many horses, can't control them at all
-attacks are triggered by almost anything, including exercise, too much rest, diet, cold, heat, touch, treats & stress
-there is no cure or treatment for HYPP
-a horse can go for years with minimal symptoms, then suffer a fatal attack
-there's no such thing as a "non symptomatic" N/H or H/H horse

More information on HYPP here.


  1. These breeders are the pond scum of breeders. Knowingly going into it with HYPP and thinking it is their God given right to do so. Sickening. Just sickening!!

  2. Holy shit that horse is UGLY!!

  3. ...the sick thing is, THIS is what is WINNING in the halter ring. Overmuscled pigs on posts with teeny double ott hooves.

  4. crazy they do the same thing with dogs they take a perfactly healthy animal and destroy it by cross breeding ın-breeding and line-breeding until the animal is deformed and retarded .All done for the love of money.

  5. I have a HYPP N/H horse, not by choice, the stallion owners lied and switched paperwork with a different colt when they were born, so he wouldn't show any Impressive bloodlines. Now I have a "big dog" that has daily attacks. What really makes me mad is when people say, "oh I have a HYPP horse, but he's never had an attack". oh really?
    Are you around your horse 24/7? Can you see all of his muscle groups - even the ones inside his body? wow - if you can then you must have x-ray vision! Stupid people, stupid breeders.

  6. Chad Beus is a jerk for many reasons.... here is another.... http://www.deseretnews.com/article/379340/SANDY-MAN-DENIES-KILLING-KING-ELK-IN-YELLOWSTONE.html?pg=all

  7. Chad Beus criminal poacher scumbag.

  8. He is featured on The Autopsy Files, Season 1, Episode 5. He murdered a magnificent elk named Charger in Yellowstone park. He lied about it but got caught in his lies! He is a lowlife and waste of humanity. His wife married this criminal poacher and he still continues to do use animals in a disgusting way to make money. All of this speaks volumes on what type of human being she is.

    1. Just watching that episode. Makes me sick that he has a website for his ranch with his apparently'perfect' family. Wonder how in earth he is allowed to be in the care/ownership of animals after his poaching. Boycott this asshole.

  9. This fuckwad should never have been allowed to have his own children. Genetic fuckup that he is, he's most likely teaching his own kids that poaching is okay (he's been convicted at least twice for poaching).