Saturday, September 8, 2012

Scum Breeders (?), Lol Pics & Purple Carrots

Apologies for the late post again! I've been busier than usual. It really looks like my dream is coming true-- I'm going to be moving to my family's farm, where my horses are boarded!! soon as the rennovations are complete on the 1951 mobile home out there.

 Uh yeah, it's gonna be a while. Uck. I'm not sure how I feel about living in a trailer, but Hell, I guess I'd live in a shack in order to live in the country with my horses. Actually, this entire front end is now a gaping hole, so there's been significant progress already.

Anyway, let's move on.

I ran across a Facebook group listing grade/part Arabians for sale in OH, IN and MI. One poster, Sheri Mose, had some very interesting things to say about an Arabian breeder in MI. When another group member asked about the possibility of tracking down a certain horse, Sheri said that the stud in question had been neglected and then dumped by his owner, Sandra Bristol.

Apparently Sandy bred Egyptian Arabians in Michigan, possibly around the Rapid River area, and maybe  was a neglectful, abusive scumbag breeder. If you know of anything that either corroborates Sheri's story or proof that Sheri is simply launching a character attack, please post!

I have another story of this kind, but one I'm far more sure about. I've though long and hard about writing about her, and I think the legal trouble I could get in is less important than warning folks. However, I want to hold off a bit longer until I make some more phone calls. For now, let's just say that I highly recommend staying away from Michele Macha, a breeder and trainer in Lena, WI.

It's the weekend, so let's inject some levity, eh? Have a great day or two off!

Purple carrots? Yep, this article explains how they were the norm not long ago, until orange became the popular color!

Now then, how about some more lol pics?

Multi-colored carrots
Stupid bit, Awesome mask!! Just don't bring him near any mirrors-- he'll spook!


  1. Hey be a bit careful about living in a mobile home in winter. Make sure you have pipe warmers on the pipes and that you have the underneath part really well insulated. Pipes in those can freeze, esp. in WI winters.
    I friend of ours puts the blue or pink insulation board up on the outside held in place with hay or straw.
    I lived in one in my early teens and the pipes froze bad. I live in one in NV though...
    I love purple carrots, haven't eaten one though.. and
    bad arab x breeders.. they are a dime a dozen. We just got a mass email about a bunch of egyptian arabians being given up/sold due to a divorce up north.

  2. I have a two-fer for you...
    one is a bad breeder (to be)
    "She is approx 6 yrs old, has foaled once, with an easy delivery. I rescued her about 3 yrs ago and had a year of training put into her. She is very willing to learn and will do what you ask of her. The other is a bay Q/H who is a stud colt, 2 yrs old (he is NOT the mares son)"

    And the other is a lawsuit just waiting to happen

    it has a broken tree but can still be riden in and its nice for brakeing horses and stuff

  3. Wow this is already pretty old but wanted to assure everyone any statements made about Sandra Bristol aka Rapid River Straight Egyptians of the Kalkaska area are more than factual. And recently heard of her trying to extort money from a horse she gave away due to her neglect for her injuries and then came back and demanded FIVE Thousand dollars on a mare they have cared for for 14 years!!! She was even in a northern mi newspaper showing how horrible her neglect was and how she was rehabbing. So even after all these years the screwing people who dealt with her continues. If anyone needs proof or collaboration write me for details and I'll gladly share.