Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's That Smell?

Update 12/23/13:

Great news!! Three of the five horses seized from Thiry in September have been rehabilitated by the Dane County Humane Society and are available for adoption! Lady, Ruby and Rebecca have gained a tremendous amount of weight and are much healthier and happier now. I very much hope that any doubters out there will now recognize that these horses were NOT thin "just because they're old/sick" (lame and utterly wrong excuses) but because of the awful neglect they experienced in Barb Thiry's hands. Lady in particular, a mare that was "too old" to gain weight, is doing so much better now.

The two stallions remain in foster care and may still be returned to Thiry after her trial is over, if she continues to pay the court for the cost of their upkeep. Thiry herself continues to deny that she ever did anything wrong. In an interview with the Clintonville Chronicle, she claimed, "I've been victimized by these bullies and then by the county who came and took my property and my animals." She has threatened to sue Waupaca County, has demanded the return of all of her horses by Christmas, and believes they are worth thousands of dollars each, despite their health issues and the advanced age of 3 of them. Read more about Barb Thiry's delusions here (scroll down a bit).

Update 11/13/13: Thiry gives up 3 horses, ordered to pay for the care of two more. Her trial will continue. Read more here.


Update 10/13/13:  See pictures of Barb Thiry's property in 2009 here. Warning: these disturbing images show unburied horse skeletons and other dead animals.



So did Barb Thiry follow the abatement order? Let's look at what Waupaca County told her to do:
  1. The stallion horse identified as B.B., that is singled out from the rest of the horses, must be provided with appropriate shelter by natural or artificial means as to provide protection from direct sunlight and/or inclement weather as well as a separate water source that is not encumbered by electrical fencing.  Sort of?? AFTER the abatement order deadline expired, Thiry gave him access to the small shelter. His water situation is unknown right now.
  2. The palomino mare identified as Lady is to be housed separately from the rest of the herd. She is to be provided with appropriate shelter, as well as fed and watered separately following the feeding regimen as recommended by your veterinarian Dr.Peter Drehmann. AFTER the abatement order expired, Lady was put into a corral with a tarp draped across one corner as a "shelter" so... I guess that counts?? The idea that she's being fed hay, soaked beet pulp, grain, and vegetable oil daily is ludicrous. Thiry doesn't even provide enough hay. Volunteers have reported that Lady's water bowl is frequently dry.
  3. The palomino stallion identified as Two Socks must be separated from the mares and provided with appropriate food, shelter and water. NO. He's still kept with his mother and the red mare.
  4. The above measures must be fully implemented within ten (10) days of the date you are served this abatement order addendum. That deadline would have been 9/16/13, and Thiry had not complied by that date... and STILL hasn't fully complied.

Barb Thiry failed to fulfill the most basic requirements of food, shelter and safety from danger.
 The abatement order didn't even try to force Thiry to provide hoof care, dental care, or medication (and of course she has not done so willingly). 
And what do the cops say? 

"Since this Abatement Order was served the horse owner has complied and had her veterinarian attended to the needs of the horses over the weekend. Law enforcement is continuing to address the shelter issue with the horse owner. This case is continually being monitored as closely as possible by her veterinarian and law enforcement. If the horse owner is found to be in violation of the Abatement Order appropriate action will be taken at that time."

 Phhheeew, do you smell that? Smells like...


What do they mean "if" the horse owner is found to be in violation of the abatement order? SHE IS!!

And don't feed me that crap about "the law takes time," and "this is complicated." Horses and other animals were seized in this similar case, and have been seized in many other cases like this one.The plain truth is that authorities just don't want to act.

So clearly, we should no longer waste time on the Waupaca Sheriff's Dept. They won't even enforce their own measly abatement order, much less actively protect the horses suffering in this case.

We need to go to the Sheriff's Dept. bosses. 
That would be the Waupaca County Board.

Chair - Dick Koeppen
(715) 823-6290

Vice Chair - Jim Loughrin
(920) 982-0600
or (715)

You can also write to them at
Waupaca County
811 Harding Street
County Courthouse
Waupaca, WI 54981-2012

And let's try these guys:
Waupaca County Advisory Committee on Criminal Justice
 Hon. Judge Hoffman, Mary Kay Poehlman, Connie Abert, Bill Lipschultz, Terry Brooks, Sherry Fisher, Pastor Greg Watling, Kip Morto. (I will try to get contact info for each of them personally, but right now I have to go to job #2.)

Ask these people, "Why isn't Waupaca Sheriff's Dept enforcing their own abatement order?"

Ask them, "Why isn't something being done for the horses in this case?

Ask them, "When will these horses be saved??"

If Barb Thiry has any say, NEVER. She sent this email to Mary of Saint Francis Horse Rescue. I think it really shows Barb's level of delusion:

Wowwww. Can you say...

It's clear to me that Thiry is obsessed with the idea that her horses are valuable, and that various people are out to steal them. It's ridiculous. Other than to save them from their misery, no one "wants" her horses. They represent thousands of dollars in rehab costs. And for what? They don't have good conformation, the mares will probably have foals and so adopting one means all the cost and time that entails as well, and it's doubtful they were ever broke to ride. Even if they were, they've clearly not been ridden in months or years. We know that the young stud, Two Socks, isn't even halter broke!

If anyone really wanted that kind of horse, well, they are everywhere. They are almost literally a dime a dozen. Check these out:

If anyone wanted a registered Tennesse Walker for cheap, they would buy this gelding for $300-- AND he's healthy! Only 6 years old and "price negotiable!" Why on earth would Barb Thiry think anyone would want to "steal" her starving racks of bones, even if they are "gaited" as she claims, when this horse is available?? $300 wouldn't even begin to cover the cost of rehabbing one of Thiry's malnourished horses.

Or maybe you'd rather have a horse with breathing problems, sort of like the one Barb has? Here's a free registered AQHA mare with breathing problems, suitable for pony rides. Only 4 years old, tsk tsk. And here's a free Shetland pony, halter broke, only 8 years old and clearly in good shape. And here's a random grade horse, obviously too thin if you like 'em that way, also free. I could go on and on and on... but I won't, because there are whole Facebook groups dedicated to posting free and very cheap horses of all kinds. If you'd rather see them in person, just head over to the nearest auction! I heard horses went for $100 and less at the last Nolan sale. I know at the last one I attended in April of this year, there were studs with papers going for $10! No kidding, go read my auction report.

Ughhh, anyway... let's move on to some OTHER news, shall we? It seems to me that the badguys of this world already get too much press. Why should I let them take over my blog, too? I think this is the last totally-Barb-Thiry-based blog I will do, unless something major happens. I am NOT giving up, but I refuse to give Thiry more space in my heart and head than absolutely necessary. I will continue to post Facebook updates, and I will write short blurbs on every blog, and of course you SHOULD continue to call officials, sign the petition, and pray for the safety of the Clintonville horses. They may not be valuable... but they are absolutely worth saving. Oh, and don't forget to never, EVER use the services of Dr. Peter Drehmann, the cow vet that is supporting Thiry and saying these horses are healthy.

ANyway... on to goodguy news:

On October 6th, Saint Francis Horse Rescue is again hosting the kids from Camp Hope, a retreat for grieving children. Neither the kids or Camp Hope pay anything; Saint Francis lends its time and its horses for kids to ride, pet, learn about, and relax with, for FREE. However, Saint Francis does need volunteers! If you are available on October 6th, to lead horses, supervise children, or just help organize, please contact Mary Hetzel at

Touching stories are coming out of Colorado, as evacuating people choose to save their pets above anything else. Climbing into boats and helicopters with little room to spare, rather than grab wedding dresses or scrapbooks, folks are grabbing dogs, cats and even bunny rabbits. That's so awesome. Unfortunately, horses are not so portable. The Horse has a great article here on how horses are suffering in the fires and floods. There's another great article on animal victims here. But my favorite article coming out of Colorado has to be this one, where a total stranger opened his barn to those in need.

You can help horses in Colorado too! Go to the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank and donate! Or register with Fleet of Angels and offer your assistance with trailering or temporary shelter.

Our final feel-good story: a yearling colt decided to reach for the stars... by climbing onto his owner's garage roof! Don't worry, he's fine.

Stay tuned folks... North Horse will continue to bring you equine news.


  1. I'm surprised that all of the horses haven't disappeared yet.

  2. This is all so puzzling to me. How Barb Thiry managed to get away with criminal neglect and torture of animals for most of her life is beyond me but why would a licensed vet, Dr. Peter Drehmann, put his neck in the noose with her? What is he getting out of this? I know that people do feel sorry for her but to risk his career and reputation (assuming he has a good reputation that is) playing "hide the horse" with this woman shows a very big problem with his personality as well. There is always a pay off when people do things like this. We know Barb always mentions she has a big settlement coming in. She told us it was $300,000. Is Drehmann hoping to cash in on that? If he really cared about this woman he would have made her face the music with the Sheriff's Dept. and not enabled her to carry on apparently now on his property. These horses are still at risk. He said they looked "fine" on 9/1/13 when that picture was taken of the mare called "Lady". The picture that you see above on the right. I'd like to remind Dr. Drehmann that this is not going to go away just because you help her hide horses. She has done this for decades and will always get caught because this is the age of social media and in the end (and it will eventually end) she will be the crazy creepy lunatic who actually lived with two severed horse heads in Kewaunee County (you heard that right) and he will be thrown right in the mix with her. This I don't understand. If he cared about her on some very odd level he would put some conditions on helping her. That she seek help for her mental issues or else no help. The shrinks say two sick people WILL stay together just as two healthy people will. But a sick on and a healthy one will not. Which is Drehmann? You decide. Dr. Drehmann - YOU decide!

  3. I thought he retired years ago.

  4. Apparently he is not involved with Barb on this latest development. We do know that Lady is safe! He still has lots of explaining to do about why he gave her the green light to continue on with her neglect of the horses though.