Friday, October 28, 2011

Impossible Dreams?

This is hopefully the start of a great adventure-- but it may end up being a narrative about just how badly I fail. Either way, it should be entertaining! This blog will focus on many horse-related things, but its ultimate purpose is to act as a logbook of my journey towards the ultimate goal: The Tevis.

My Mission: Successfully complete the Tevis horse endurance race, a 100 mile journey over some of the roughest terrain in the USA, in 24 hours. Do this by 2015.

The Challenges:  Annie, my horse, may have unresolvable health issues from past neglect. She's also barely trained to ride, and more suited to being a cow horse than a super athlete. Her rider, ME, is just as bad-- I'm 60 pounds overweight, not terribly knowledgeable about "real" riding and utterly inexperienced when it comes to hard-core training in any field, human or equestrian.

The Path: To get to the Tevis race, we'll have to seriously get in shape, work on our technical riding skills and successfully compete in other endurance events for the next three years.

Let's Get Started!

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