Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Bargain Bin: Cheap Horses

In case you thought I was kidding about the horse over-population problem, or how many cheap horses there are out there (so you DON'T need to breed more) today we're looking at what you can buy for less than $1,000.

First, I'd like to mention Midwest Horse Welfare, the best-run horse rescue operation in Wisconsin. They offer up horses I habitually drool over, for stunningly low prices. I'm currently wiping my chin over two appendix Quarter Horses there, both broke to ride, healthy, young and gorgeous for $400 and $500 respectively. I know that some people are shy about jumping through the hoops that a horse rescue has to put adopters through, but here's the deal: you'll never be lied to. MHW is non-profit and wants to make SURE the horse and adopter are right for each other, so they're not going to exaggerate training level, hide health problems or lie about age or temperament. They also promise to take back any horse that doesn't work out-- and they have. That kind of security is WORTH a few hoops. Anyway, check them and their bargain beauties out here: Midwest Horse Welfare

P.S. They also have this pony up for adoption right now:

OMG he's so cute I want to DIE!! Broke for pony rides, 13 years old, $200.

Secondly, I'd like to mention that the largest horse auction in my state happened today: the Tim Nolan auction in Marion, WI. Every year, twice a year, they sell hundreds of horses-- many of them for less than a couple hundred bucks. If you went this fall, I'm dying to hear how low prices were-- I'm sure they were terrible. The last time I went, it was all I could do to stop myself from bringing home a trailer full. I just can't go to auctions any more-- my hand rises of its own accord.

Now on to my favorite casual reading: Craigslist. I've collected for you a selection of fall bargains. All are under $1,000, all of them have some level of saddle training. None of them are owned by the same person, by the way; these bargains are happening everywhere on Craigslist in Wisconsin:

13 yr old TB/Dutch Warmblood cross, beginning dressage, hunter & jumper, good on trails too-- just $950. And probably less, since the ad screams, "ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED"

Why buy a foal when you can get a well-started youngster for less?

"3 year old sorrel mare for sale. She has been started with about 60 days on her now, going great. Will go through creeks, hills, brush, cattle...very willing. Lots of potential."

 "Sweet, gentle mare. She has been there and done that. Trails, Show ring and a mother. Great for farrier and vet. Coggins, 6way, teeth done about a month ago, feet and worming." She's ugly and 19 years old, but as a kid's beginner show mount and babysitter, she'd be perfect, and perfectly cheap-- they're asking $500 and would take less.

 11 year old registered AQHA red dun mare-- once broke to ride but has been a broodmare for a few years, so she'd need a refresher. Cute mare-- $600 or best offer.

My personal favorite: this grade palomino mare is young (only 4) but is very well broke:

"She stands tied, picks up all four feet, very easy to catch she nickers and comes right up to you. She rides western and bareback. She walks easily into and across water. She is used to both barb, and electric fences. She rides off alone and is used to being on the road with cars, tractors ect. You can use a snaffle bit or just halter and lead to ride. She also neck reins. Fancy has been on overnight camping trips and does well being tied on a picket line. She is open now and has never been bred. She also rides double."

How much? Only $800! Yes, for a COLORED, very broke, super cute, super sweet mare, who, judging by her video, has the patience of a saint. She was broke too early-- but looks sturdy. Bargain!!

11 year old halflinger mare; broke but needs work. Looks a little sassy, but very cute, and just the right height for a kid's horse at 13Hh. If you took this horse on as a project and finished her out as a kid's horse, you could easily re-sell her in spring for $1,200.

"we are asking $300.00 or BEST OFFER for her. she has to go ASAP."

(Not Pictured)         2 yr old very cute buckskin pony. 11 hands high. Four high white socks and a star. Super flashy. Welsh type with a lovely dished face and a kind eye. Very quiet and not easily spooked. I've been told that she has been saddled and had children led around on her. Seems unphased by pretty much anything. Loads well in a trailer. Good with her feet. Gets along well with other horses/ponies. Will make a very nice kids pony. $200 OBO.

Finally, here's a whole herd of free or very cheap horses:

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