Sunday, January 29, 2012

Llama Update

I was all set to go to the llama's farm after work and talk to the farmer myself, when I got a message from Skyla. She wanted to talk to me about the llama. It seems she's had a change of heart: she does want to move the llama after all. Well, sort of.
She still doesn't want to traumatize it, so her plan, basically, is to go out and make friends with the llama until it trusts her enough to follow her into a trailer. *massive eyeroll* Apparently, she's willing to let me help with this... some day. She's in no hurry to do something for the llama-- when I told her I could visit immediately after work that very day, or any time Sunday, or any time Monday, she claimed tiredness, a lunch date with her daughter, the desire to go to a log cabin expo, and the need to walk her dog. I reminded her that the llama was out there in the cold, with no food, shelter or water. She responded by saying that the llama had survived this long, and well, she was worried too but there was nothing she could do and she would just have to "give it to the Lord." We finally decided on late Monday morning. She cautioned me very strongly not to go out there without her.

I am beyond frustrated that this lady wants to help the llama-- but only on her terms, after her own fun is done. "Give it to the Lord" is a lazy, self-serving justification for not getting off of her ass sooner. It's sort of like saying, "Well, I am worried about those starving children in Africa, but I just spent all my extra money on a new convertible, so I'll just have to give it to the Lord."

I'm willing to play along until this Monday. After all, I don't know these farmers personally, and I don't want to jeopardize a chance to save the llama by offending Skyla, and thus perhaps the farmers themselves. I don't yet know how close they are. Monday will give me a chance to meet the farmers myself, scope out what the situation would be for getting a trailer in there, and estimate how hard it's going to be to catch the darn llama anyway. With any luck, and a lot of help from Dad, I can organize a rescue that very afternoon-- whether or not Skyla thinks it will be "traumatic" or not.

The most traumatic thing happening here is that the llama is still out there, hungry and cold.

More updates coming soon.

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