Monday, January 23, 2012

Uncle Jimmy's Swinging Balls

I love my local feed store.

 It's got dead animal heads on the walls, straw bales out front and a barrel of free, un-shelled peanuts you can dip into if you're feeling peckish. On any given day, there might be big dogs walking around the aisles or live chickens stacked in crates. It's not the fake-country of a Ponderosa steak house. It's real.

Today while picking up some feed (and admiring the huge collie in the aisle) I found THIS:

Yep-- and let me tell you, Uncle Jimmy's balls are BIG. About the size of a small cantelope. I love the very farmer-esque sense of humor. Of course, I just had to get one. We'll see if Annie likes licking them or not! You can buy 'em here, or wherever uncouth farmer stuff is sold.

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