Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WI Abusers of the Month & Happy B-day ASPCA

Tarry Smithey and his wife Renee Smithey in Melrose, WI, neglected about 70 animals, including horses, chickens, mules and dogs, chaining them to walls or putting them in small cages with little food and no water. Article here. Another here.

Apparently the couple may have been living in the barn, since it was equipped with a bed and satellite TV. Which is pretty gross-- in some spots the manure was so high, the animals' backs were nearly touching the ceiling. Guess what their punishment is? Tarry is getting three years of probation and a $1,215 fine. Renee has been charged, but not sentenced yet. And though most of the animals were seized, they get to keep two dogs and two mules. What?! Why?!

Christ on a crutch, when are people going to get more than a slap on the wrist for this kind of crap?! If you're as unhappy as I am, you can contact the Jackson County District Attorney at 307 Main St, Black River Falls, WI 54615 (715) 284-0242. If you've got any room to take on one of the rescued critters, you can contact the local animal shelter (also in Black River Falls) at 715-284-0251. They don't have a website yet. They're on Petfinder, but haven't uploaded the newly rescued animals there yet obviously. Remember, don't yell at them, they have no legal power to investigate or prosecute abuse. That's the DA's job.

Oh, and "Tarry" isn't a typo, it's the way redneck parents spell Terry. Here's the lovely couple:

...ewwwww. Aren't they gross? Tarry was previously charged with theft, forgery and poaching. Renee apparently has mental problems...or at least uses that as a legal defense. Ok, let's move on to a happier topic:

 It's the ASPCA's 146th Anniversary! Wow. They were here before waaay the Humane Society! Founded in 1866 in New York, it was the first organization of its kind in America (though the RSPCA in Britain came first). They tried to stop cock fighting and animal vivisection (which was done without any anesthesia) and created the first ambulance service for injured working horses. They fought to pass some of the first anti-animal cruelty legislation in the U.S. Yay! Check out their blog here.

Hey folks, one more little note:

Wisconsin is under a burn ban because of extremely hazardous conditions. If you were thinking about doing a controlled burn on your pasture, starting up the burning barrel or throwing your cigarette butts on the ground, think again. Video here.

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