Friday, May 25, 2012

Urgent: Stallion Needs New Home ASAP

Hey folks, once again I'm calling on you for help. There's a neglect case near my home in Wisconsin, and I'd like to get the horse out of the situation ASAP. Details below.


The stallion is safe!! For a full description of his awful past, pictures of his new home, etc, please visit my newest blog entry here.


Saint Francis Horse Rescue and Retirement has generously offered to take the stallion, balls and all, if I pay the owner and trailer him up there. He'll be safe by Monday! However, I do just want to double-check that Saint Francis is a good rescue. I'm sure they're saints just like their name, and Mary said all the right things on the phone, but you know...just in case. If you have any experience with them, please email me at or post in the comments below. If you think they're great, please send donations their way! They'll need it, because after seeing him and talking to the owner last night, this horse is more messed-up than I thought. More on that in another blog post.

There are still two horses on the property-- this stallion's dam, and their filly. (Yes, the owner allowed the stallion to breed his own mother.) They're in much better shape than the stallion (they're on pasture) but I've seen them with jutting ribs in the winter. Amos the owner says he might be interested in selling them. I may need help getting them out of there.

It really bugs me to give this abusive asshole any money, but since Animal control can't or won't do anything, I don't see any alternative. I did give Amos the phone number for Dane County Humane Society, and encouraged him to surrender at least one horse, but that's unlikely. Amos says he needs money, he doesn't even want to buy hay for the winter because he's short of money-- he complained about having to pay child support. Oh yeah, there's a ton more crap to tell you that I got from Amos, but I'll leave all that for another post.

DO keep an ear out for any information on backyard Mexican racing here in Wisconsin and just outside Chicago, and a Madison-area Hispanic trainer that goes by "Salas." Illegal drugs may be involved. Certainly horse abuse is! Go to the cops (I'll be doing so on Tuesday) or email me.

A huge thank-you to everyone who helped spread the word-- you are getting this horse out of here! Special thanks to Rae Miller, Midwest Horse Welfare, Becky Kubehl and everyone I called before 9am or too late at night.

5-6 yr old black TB/QH (??) grade stallion needs new home ASAP. He's halter broke, may be somewhat broke to ride-- was used in some sort of underground racing. Appears sound, between 14.1-15Hh, black with a little white on one foot. Almost certainly does not have Coggins or vaccinations. Hooves don't look terrible, teeth unknown.

He's currently being kept with little food, tied to the barn in a calf pen near Columbus (WI). The owner takes him out and ties him to farm machinery in a field in order to get him some grazing, but that's obviously not ideal...and the owner does not have hay. The stallion has minor injuries from escape attempts from his crappy pen. He's been jumping/breaking out to try to get to a mare across the road-- a mare he's related to and already bred once. I nearly ran him over with my car the other day as he ran across the highway. I can help with trailering. The owner is asking $200, I can help with that. Call your vet, your cousin, your trainer, etc, and ask them to email me at

No, Animal Control won't do anything, I've tried for months. They claim that a long as there's some regular food and water, they can't do anything. Ditto horse rescues-- they won't take on stallions and are full up anyway. I want to get this guy out of this bad situation, but can't take on a stallion myself. I do have one friend going to look at him tonight, but she's already got her hands full. Any and all leads on a new home appreciated. Thanks.


  1. St. Francis took in horses from the Trempleau county neglect/inbred multiple "wild/untouched" horse herd a few years back. Midwest Horse Welfare took in two as well. THey are an accredited rescue.
    I am helping a client find a horse and found two on their website I am recommending to him.
    I may be able to help with the mare or filly, but would either need to know what the cost is, Or help with the purchase price. I self care so have a lot of hay, and have space. But I am sure a lot of money may be needed for farrier and vet care.

  2. I've gotten to be familiar with St Francis through two separate paths. I adopted a horse (Aria) from Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation and learned that St Francis has teamed up with them in a few horse rescue cases. I also volunteer at a local equine assisted therapy facility in Shioctin (CHAPS) who has adopted horses from them as well. I've heard nothing but great things about St France. I've volunteered at St Francis and met all the horses currently at their facility. Mary, Bill, and their volunteers are very generous, and the facility is well-maintained. As Carol mentioned also, they have handled stallions and very difficult horses in the past and think this is a great place for this guy to seek safe haven while he gets care and finds a forever home. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks ladies! I also got a sterling recommendation from Scott at Midwest Horse Welfare. When I got to Saint Francis, I saw for myself that it was a very well-fun rescue. I'm so glad!