Friday, June 1, 2012

House Bunny Needs New Home


Ms. Bunny's rescuers found a sanctuary that was willing to take her in. They got up at 4:30 am on work day in order to take her to K&R Small Animal Sanctuary in time for a spay and neuter clinic there. Hooray for awesome people! Of course, you can still adopt Ms. Bunny (now named "Granola"), or another small & cuddly critter, from K&R; check out their list of adoptables here.


Okay okay, this isn't a horse post... but hey, bunnies eat grass and are super cute, so that's close enough, right!?

This domestic rabbit was found in the west Madison (Wisconsin) area. It's obvious she was someone's pet; she's super affectionate and well-adjusted to being in a house. The people who found her have tried hard and failed to find her original owner, and they can't keep her in their apartment building, so she needs a great new home. Unfortunately, the local humane society has 25+ rabbits right now... so let's see if we can take care of this ourselves! There's no adoption fee, but a few restrictions.

Here's what her rescuer has to say about her:

"OMG, she is just amazing.  She hops over to you for pettings and rests her head on your leg and gives you bunny kisses.  She's just the sweetest thing ever.  She hops around behind you and hops circles around your legs when you try to leave the room." 

This bunny is partially house-trained; she pees only in her cage but does leave poop pellets on the floor (however, she could probably be trained not to do so). She's a female (a doe), age is unknown. We also don't know if she's fixed. She's almost certainly a Dutch rabbit or Dutch-cross, so this is as big as she'll get (about 5 pounds).

Adoption Requirements:
  • She's to be a pet only, NOT a meat rabbit or a breeder
  • Inside home only -- this bunny is clearly used to it
  • Needs time to hop around outside her cage daily
  • Needs lots of love and bunny kisses!
  • You need to live in WI or close to it. We'll transport -- but not waaay far away!
Bunnies do shed a bit, they need to chew wood, and they need their nails trimmed, but they very rarely need a bath. They eat Timothy or grass hay and veggies, and are very low-maintenance as far as vet care. They are pretty sensitive to heat, however, so air conditioning is a good idea. Pet rabbits live for about eight years, but some live as long as 10-15 years.

If you're interested in adopting this sweetheart, please email me at and put "Rabbit" in the subject line. If you're comfortable, please include a phone number. I'll pass your contact information on to the rabbit's rescuer!

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