Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Craigslist Gems: Bread Horse, Faux Rescue & Assholes

Today we wander the wide world of Wisconsin's Craigslist postings. Some are silly, some are pathetic. Click each picture to enlarge the real ad. Enjoy!

A pure bread Arabian horse:

This family can't afford to keep their dog. They want you to foster it, for free, then give it back later, "whether it's three months or a year." They'll be conducting interviews to make sure you're going to be a suitable nanny.

Appleton Animal Adoptions is a "rescue" that just took on this horse. She's an unbroke, hard-to-catch, only-trailered-once 16 year old Arabian mare. According to her petfinder ad, she's just at "an okay weight." Her buddy is even more underweight, and also available. You can take either of them home after filling out a dog-based adoption application! You can also take home this unbroke Quarter Horse stallion! He's "out of champion raining lines." Dear AAA: you're not a rescue, you're a dealer. Please stop sending un-gelded, underweight and untrained horses out into the world.

...and finally, found by reader Carol:  
AQHA Mare Free to Good Home!

Unbroke? Check
Un-breedable? Check
Big body on tiny legs? Check
No Coggins? Check
No HYPP status? Check
Getting dumped on Craigslist by an asshole? CHECK

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