Saturday, July 7, 2012

LOLZ for the Day: "Escaped Pet Turkey"

Quick funny post for today... Apparently a Madison resident was shocked to see an actual turkey running around, and quickly tried to find its "owner":

I wonder how animal control took that call?

"Uh, sir, you say it's a lost pet?"
"Yes, that's right. A brown turkey. Just walking around."
"Sir, you do realize that one of the native species of Wisconsin is--
"Are you going to help or not?!"
"...okay sir. Just... okay."
"And now I just saw a bunny run past! Who is abandoning all of these poor pets?!"


Now yes, it's a little unusual to see a turkey that close to the Kohl center, but on the other hand, I've encountered plenty of wildlife in downtown Madison. I've seen a muskrat swim past the Monona Terrace, I've encountered deer, a skunk and an opossum in the parking lot of MATC Truax, and it seems like there's a raccoon rooting through a downtown garbage can every other night. It's absolutely common to spot red tail hawks and even turkey vultures overhead in Madison. In fact, this March a deer actually broke into an office building in downtown Madison! Read the article here.

Newsflash: Nature doesn't understand boundaries! I can't believe some people are so disconnected...


  1. I live in a very urban neighborhood, and recently one of the neighbors posted an alert on our newsgroup warning of a HAWK!! She apparently called animal control to ask that they capture it before it made off with her cat. The poor woman was completely panicked. I'm not sure what she makes of the occasional coyote sighting around here.

  2. One of the sad things I see off the belt line are deer carcasses that have been hit.
    oh my.. I see a bunny better call the sheriff!!