Thursday, August 30, 2012

Horse Fad Predictions: Hairless Horses & More

Months ago, I jokingly talked about how "wiener horses" could become a big fad. Certainly, we already have fans of dish-faces, curly coats, blue eyes, etc, just like in the dog world, where we've bred for every weird trait imaginable. But what about hairless?

Yes, there are hairless horses. The horse above is called "Harry," And I predict that, within the next ten years, we'll see a fad of these, just like the current Gypsy Vanner fad, or the old Chintagoue Pony fad. The only things standing in the way are that hairless horses tend to have many more health problems, including sun burn and skin lesions, and the hairless trait is hard to breed for. You can read more about hairless horses here and here (scroll down a bit) as well as the history of very hairy horses...

Other upcoming fads? Totally Fell Ponies. They're black, pretty, and have lots of hair, just like the currently popular Friesian, but they eat less and take up less space. Also like the Friesian, they have the "European" mystique.

What do you think will be the next big horse fad?


  1. Well in the 90's there were the "Quarter Paint Ponies" (I know its an oxymoron) But there was a big push for short paints like the quarter pony.
    Black and white paints, ugggh.. there was awful breeding there, strictly for color (another 90's fad)
    The 2000's brought the "lets cross two things together, start a registry and see how falls for the bait"
    Arapaloosa, walkaloosa, moresian, morab, percheron/appy, Pintoloosa, and (insert breeding here)=warmblood.
    Pygmy minis, mini/pony cross, zebra/horse/donkey/pony crosses (not all at the same time mind you)...
    So for the decade of 2010-2020...
    akhal teke/fresian crosses, fresian/gaited crosses (seeing some of those already)
    Red fresians, red percherons, "Sabino' ( read pinto marked)drafts (not clydes or shires-they already come premarked for sabino) "Sabino" marked QH's coming more into vogue, blue eyed pearly WB's, amber eyed palomino colored drafts, and more gypsy X (anything) with huge mustaches.

  2. *that was supposed to read *WHO falls for the bait*

  3. what does Linus II mean? please explain to me thank you.

    1. Linus II is the name of the horse in the photograph. The "II" (the Roman Numeral for 2) means he was the second horse named "Linus" in his family, after his father. The name would be pronounced "Linus the Second."