Sunday, September 2, 2012

Craigslist Game!

This game is called, "How Many Stupids?" List all the utterly idiotic statements and/or awful care-taking practices in this ad! I found 12-- can you find more?

image 0

"5 year old Arabian Stallion. He has been in same spot most of his life. He was halter trained at one point but hasn't had a halter on him in a few years. He is a great horse. Never had any problems with him. He'd make a great horse if you have time to break and train him. Very beautiful horse. He loves to lay on the ground and stretch out. Loves his basketballs and his paper bags. He has not been around any other horses in 4 years.

We are planning to travel and are looking for a good home for him. I can whistle for him or call him by name from anywhere and he'll come running. So tell me what kind of home you have for him. He's only been in a trailer once when he was about 6 months old.

To RE Clarify a few things: He is Arabian. He is not registered and has no papers. I've never been interested in the "resale" value of an animal. I'm not desperate to get rid of him. He's safe and content where he is.

He would be a great horse to be trained for a riding stable. He's not a huge horse so, once trained, he would be great for kids or adults.

For more information, Please email me."

  1. No information on height, health, ground manners, Coggins, etc etc
  2. Nice pic of him rearing... and biting something?!
  3. Not even halter broke, in a year where broke horses are going for meat prices
  4. Uh, "loves to lay on the ground?" Great, I like to sit on my ass. Give me a medal!
  5. Loves basketballs? Is he training for the NBA?
  6. Loves paper bags?! Like, over his ugly face or what?!
  7. Totally unsocialized-- no equine contact since he was a yearling
  8. "So tell me what kind of home you have for him" ...uh, a better one than yours?!
  9. Doesn't trailer
  10. Not gelded, registered, halter broke, broke or apparently handled in any way-- in short, the least desirable horse EVER
  11. Has an owner not interested in the "resale value" i.e. general well-being, of a horse
  12. Not huge = for kids? HAH HAH HA HA HA

If you thought that was fun, check out this ad ("I have a 2 yr old paint stud that we got as a pasture mate for our younger filly...") and this one! Tell us how many stupids YOU counted!

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