Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Clydesdales, BK, Coyotes & More

Howdy folks! Did you enjoy the Superbowl? Boy, wasn't it spectacular when, in third quarter, the lineback punted the fourth down over the 42nd goal line and...uh...

Yeah, I know shit about football.

But I appreciated the adorable Budweiser commercial with the fuzzy Clydesdale foal! Awwww. If you missed it, you can watch ABC's brief documentary on Budweiser's breeding program here. WOW, those facilities are incredible. I'm pretty sure those plushy box stalls are bigger than my entire apartment. Don't even get me started about the picture-perfect pastures. And did you see the manager's office?! Wouldn't you like to have that job? Of course you would. Fun facts: Clydesdales have been a symbol for the beer company since 1936, and the smallish breeding program has been in existence since the 40s.

The nation's love for big horses pulling beer wagons collided this week with its love for cheap, tasty meat. It just came out that a UK processing plant for Burger King meat was found to contain horse flesh. Ewww. Didn't I tell you this was happening?! (See my previous post on this.) However, no, BK did not release a horse meat Superbowl commercial-- that was an excellent spoof article though. And Burger King is claiming that the horse meat didn't actually enter into any of their restaurants, and there is absolutely no horse in American burgers whatsoever. Uh huh. Sure. The next time you chow down on a burger that costs less than a buck, just ask yourself where all that cheap meat is coming from, and where all those slaughter horses go.

Speaking of unnecessary cruelty, it's coyote-hunting season. Yes, it's time once again for people to shoot things they can't eat, with the help of dogs who get hurt, in the pretense that it's all very sporting and exciting. Here in Wisconsin it's open season on coyotes all year 'round, but late winter/early spring is their mating season, so hunters go after them now, when they're most active and can easily be tracked in the snow. Did you know that coyotes mostly eat pest animals, like woodchucks, rats and mice? They rarely go after larger animals. "But they ate my barn cat!" Well, if it was your beloved pet, you wouldn't let it live outside to be eaten, would you? Get another one. I can see hunting coyotes when they are waaaay overpopulated, but seriously, with dogs? That's just awful. More info here.


Speaking of dogs, have you heard the story about the redneck man and his "gay" dog? A Tennessee man saw his male dog humping another male dog, and immediately brought it to the pound, saying he didn't want the dog because it was gay. *facepalm* Really?! Even if this was a gay dog, instead of a dog just acting like a dog, so fucking what?! Because the dog was an "owner surrender" at a high-kill facility, he was scheduled to be euthanized almost immediately. Luckily, thanks to a dedicated shelter worker and the power of social media, he found a home with Stephanie Fryns, who is affiliated with the animal rescue group Woof Connections. More info here.

Did I mention that a Virginia pastor claims that he can "cure" people of being homosexual by having them pet and play with horses? I am not even fucking kidding. Dear human race: I quit.

That's it for today folks. Next time, I may or may not post my expose of Spirit Horse Rescue. I'm feeling spooky after being threatened with a lawsuit last time I called someone out on neglect, and that was one person, not a rescue with lots of supporters. What do you think?

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