Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hero: Diane T Scumfuckers: Dunn County

UPDATE: More on this situation with video here.  Thanks to Mary of St. Francis Rescue for keeping everyone informed.



Once again law enforcement refused to lift a finger to help starving horses in Wisconsin until the last possible second, and then only because they were practically forced to. The horses pictured above and many more were rotting in a bleak cornfield in Dunn County, west of Eau Claire. There was no food, water or shelter for these horses. Among the corpses of the dead lay the dying. One of those still alive was a newborn foal, shivering and desperately seeking more thin milk from his malnourished mother.

The horses have been removed from the property. They were not seized as evidence, and only some of them are going to horse rescues-- the rest may be headed to slaughter or a family member of the abuser. No one is being charged. Only through the efforts of Diane T was something finally done about the situation at all.

Diane T. is a hero. She did what others did not. Many people must have driven past these starving horses. They continued to drive past as some literally dropped dead. Diane did not. She not only gave a damn, she perservered in giving a damn.

Instead of just calling authorities and shrugging off their apathy, Diane persevered. She called, waited, called again, waited, called again. She insisted on speaking to several people. She made official reports and insisted on a call-back. She contacted the HSUS and other large organizations. When police told her the horses had been removed, she went out and checked-- and called again to say they were still there, still starving. She INSISTED deputies come out and take pictures, and waited for them, then watched as they did so. She INSISTED deputies visit the house of the abuser, and drove by the house to make sure they did. When an investigation was FINALLY opened, WEEKS after Diane first reported skeletal horses with no shelter, she followed up and kept an eye on the situation, spreading the word to horse rescues and social media.

Super Kudos to Diane T
to Midwest Horse Welfare, who originally publicized Diane's letter and pictures (see them here)
to Saint Francis Horse Rescue who spread the word
to Twin Creek Visions Rescue who took in some of the horses
and to all those who actually gave a damn.

Pray for these horses, and for the strength to persevere in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

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  1. I am also sick to my stomach about this situation. If the owners cared at all (which they didn't) they would have ASKED for help a long time ago. These horses did not get this thin overnight. None of these horses had been handled at all and we heard they also had the studs crammed together in a round pen with other horses who were getting knocked down and injured. There is NO excuse for this type of hoarding. It's pure stupidity and is beyond evil. Thanks for blogging about it and thanks to Diane T for not giving up on it in spite of the poor performance by law enforcement in Dunn County!!