Friday, April 12, 2013

The Wheels of Justice Have Flat Tires

A couple of quick news blurbs:

Flood warnings have been issued in parts of Wisconsin. Interview with a Wood Co horse owner here.
The horse camp at Black River State Forest will close due to lack of use. Story here.
An ex-Disney horse that used to pull Cinderella's carriage is being neglected in CA. Story here.

Now let's move on to the situation in Kenosha County, WI. 

Five horses have been found dead and 24 starved on property near Pleasant Prairie, WI. Story and picture gallery here. Article and video here. Did this come as any surprise? Hell no. This person's neighbors had been reporting neglect for over ten years. Are the police charging her? Hell no. Is that any surprise? Also Hell no.

You know that saying, "The Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly, but Exceedingly Fine?" Well that's bullshit. The wheels of justice are broken-down, rusty pieces of shit that grind about as well as my dead grandmother's busted dentures.

Let's move on to another case in point, the case of Sean Fucking Janas. You probably remember her from this post, but if you don't, she was the bitch who slowly tortured a dog to death over a year or so, while her boyfriend, a vet and neighbors allowed it to continue. Only after the authorities were literally handed a gift-wrapped confession did they prosecute her. They finally got around to actually charging and arresting her in October of last year, months and months after the horrible death of the dog.

Well guess what? She'll finally be brought to trial in May. She's pled "not guilty" of course. She's also thrown a hissy fit by "firing" her court-appointed lawyer and demanding a change of venue, so that maybe strangers in another town's jurybox won't hate her guts so much. More on that here. Remember folks, the most she's facing is five years in jail (I've predicted she'll get three months) and the dog's actual owner, Janas's boyfriend, hasn't been charged with anything at all.

Last example of the busted wheels of justice: Wilbur Schmoll. This Minnesota fucktard was charged with 25 counts of animal cruelty. 55 horses and ponies were seized from his farm, a couple of them so emaciated they had to be put down. That was in November of last year. Schmoll is currently free as a bird, and no date has been set for his pretrial or trial. Finally, guess what? The authorities sort of forgot to stipulate that he not have any horses on his property. Oops. The judge in the case amended Schmoll's release conditions, but not before at least one horse was found wandering in Schmoll's field. Not that this will stop Schmoll anyway; he claims to own over a dozen horses outside of Minnesota. The judge in the case says, "that's not my jurisdiction."

Oh, and of course I never did find out what happened to Joan & Kathy Khoury, or Carol Dobbelaire, the Minnesota Horse Council member in charge of their hay charity who starved her 15 horses. Probably nothing.


You can donate to the rescue taking care of Wilbur Schmoll's horses, Truhaven Ranch, here.

Stonehedge Farm is currently taking care of the Kenosha County horses, I'm sure they'd appreciate donations. At the very least, drop them a thank-you note. Not every barn would step up and take on something like this.

Please do write a letter to the authorities presiding over Sean Janas's case, Judge Gregory Grau and DA LaMont Jacobson. They can both be reached at 500 Forest St Wausau WI 54403.

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  1. Found your blog a little bit ago, this is my 1st post.

    I think Im going to vomit. Reading all those stories...OMG....Im so sorry that your AC laws are so lax.
    Are there any groups organized and fighting to bring better laws to your region? Perhaps do a post about them, with contact info and the like?