Thursday, November 8, 2012

License to Kill: Joan and Kathy Khoury

Today I present to you a case that makes me so hair-tearingly angry, I've come up with a fabulous idea: the Vigilante Law. If you want to do away with badguys that aren't getting what they deserve, you apply to become a goverment-licensed Vigilante. You must take a morality test, one that involves a long period of community service as well as a written exam and a psychological evaluation. If you pass, you pay a fairly large fee, say $1,000. Then you get to kill three people per year. Any three you want, any way you want: you are licensed to kill, and exempt from any prosecution whatsoever. Your license gets revoked if you do any major property damage, or harm any innocent bystanders.

Dammit, elect me President and I will make this reality!

The ones that have got me so angry this time are Joan and Kathy Khoury, of Sagola Township, the Yoopers (that's the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, or UP, for all you non-northerners). These bitches starved 30 horses, 15 dogs and 14 cats. Some of them were suffering from open wounds, massive infections and fractured limbs. Back in July, a saintly woman named Danette Johnson was driving down the road, saw loose horses, and then stopped-- and actually did something. She called the cops, helped to herd the starving horses to a safer location, and pushed the authorities to prosecute the owners. Full story and video here.

Joan and Kathy "voluntarily" surrendered all their animals, and were later charged with neglect. This fall, they were due for sentencing. (Way to go on actually prosecuting these guys, Dickinson County!)

Now, you would think that these ladies would feel some modicum of shame over what they'd done... or at least have the goddam sense to act like it. BUT NOPE:

 Yep, that's right, they dressed up as a judge and a prisoner, and posed with a "horse" for Halloween, then posted the pictures on Facebook. They were openly mocking the justice system, and making a joke of the horrific cruelty they had visited on their animals.

Scumfucking Uber-Shitty Bitch-hags
Another good citizen reported the photo, and the blessedly sane and responsible Dickinson County authorities actually delayed Joan and Kathy Khoury's sentencing until November 12th to take this crap into account. Full story here. Video below.

If you'd like to help the horses in this case, or maybe even adopt one, you can send donations to Piper's Rescue Ranch, where most of the seized horses went. There are lots of pictures of them on their Facebook page too. Currently, the Ranch is seeking to raise money to buy a permanent farm. The rescue is run by Carrie Cramer, and you can contact her at:

Pipers Rescue Ranch
N5406 Co Rd 577
Wallace, MI 49893