Monday, May 6, 2013

Annie's Birthday Prize Contest!

UPDATE: The contest is now closed... no one won because no one entered. :(


Hey folks! Sorry for the length between posts. I've been battling allergies, getting in a ton of riding and gardening and cleaning and... yeah, basically IT'S SPRING and I can barely contain myself (or stop sneezing). So, on to the good stuff:

Every year I celebrate Annie's May birthday by doing some kind of contest or giveaway, and this year's contest is extra-specially amusing!

The Prize:  $25 CASH and $25 donated to an horse-related charity of your choice!

The Contest:  Horse stackers! The bizarre world of the internet has given birth to a new trend: stacking stuff on pets. Stuff on cats, stuff on dogs, the more stuff and the higher the stuff, the better! Horses have been woefully absent from these funny photos and it's time to fix that. Your job is to stack stuff on your horse, take a photo, and send it to I'll post all photos on the blog. The most impressively stacked horse WINS! Let's see how calm and willing your horse is...and how creative you can be!

The Rules: 

1) Safety first. It's probably better not to tie your horse for this, just in case he/she has a bad reaction. Have someone hold him/her OR be your camera operator. Don't stack stuff that would hurt your horse if it falls. Don't stack your horse with other animals. If your horse is very spooky, maybe this isn't the contest for you.

2) No cheating by attaching stuff using tape, bungee cords, twine, etc. Stacked stuff needs to stay on by itself. However, you CAN use a saddle as your base, with fastened girth.

3) Be creative! Height is less important than overall cool factor.

4) The deadline to send in contest photos is midnight on Memorial Day, which is Monday May 27th 2013. I'll pick a winner within two days. I'll email the winner and ask where you'd like your prizes to be mailed.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! It's probably only fair that I go first with an example though:

Happy Birthday Annie!

Update on the Pleasant Prairie, WI neglect case here, including video.

REINS therapeutic riding center in Sheboygan, WI has gotten a grant from the Wisconsin State Horse Council.

Jamie Koy, an Illinois woman, has been arrested again for starving horses. This is what happens when there are no real penalties for animal abuse: repeat offenders, repeat suffering.

Ellie Mae and I are still working together to overcome her little quirks. Those quirks largely disappear when she's with another horse. My husband led Annie and I rode Ellie on a little trail ride, and Ellie didn't mind traffic, running water, a dog, a deer crashing in the woods, etc. She's wonderful! Ellie and Annie are now very close.

Sam the pony has learned to duck under the fence wire of the "short pasture" fence, giving him full access to the lush grass in the big field. I'm going to try a muzzle next. He has learned to carry a bit of weight on his back and take a saddle pad with a loose girth. The farrier is coming out today to trim everyone but especially Sam with those long toes.

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for more North Horse in the next few days.

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