Friday, June 28, 2013

Craigslist Day

It's Craigslist day, folks.

First of all, you might remember the filly I posted on the North Horse Facebook page yesterday:

 I had emailed the seller, expressing my concern that such a young foal was being offered for sale. Foals, of course, shouldn't be weaned until 5-6 months old, and this little girl is two months old.The seller sent me the following:

"We dont have room for her and didnt know the mare was breed when we bought her mom. we wont let her go till shes 4 months because shes still on the mare. I always wean babies at 4month but i will put them up for sale before then to get them sold."

The ad has since been removed.

Nice all-caps description. Are you shouting to be heard over your own stupidity? I'm assuming so, because in your other picture, your granddaughter is riding in sandals and with no helmet, on concrete. I'm confused though, what does "DON'T LOOK AT THE FENCE, (SMOOTH WIRE )" mean? You don't want me to look at your fence? Is the fence shy? Your horses don't look at the fence? Ohhh, I see, they don't have a tendency to break out of the fence. Could it be because there is a never-ending, founder-inducing field for them to eat inside the fence? "EASY KEEPER." Oh God. If this pony gets any "easier to keep" it will burst like an overcooked hotdog. *sigh*  Grandpa seller here actually sounds like a decent gentleman, and this is not a bad price for a cart, harness and pony. Can anyone give her a new home and a diet plan?

I am super glad that you took the time to fingerpaint your old mare for her sales picture instead of taking a real conformation picture. The pink blobs add immensely to her value and her dignity. I especially like the scrawled "bye" on her back, indicating you are deeply emotionally affected by her impending sale. The one tiny child leading the horse, upon which is mounted an even tinier child with no helmet, is also adorable. I am positive people will be lining up to buy this horse without even knowing her age, breed, height, training level, vaccination record, ground manners, etc, none of which you bothered to include here. Nope, the word "great" and a price tag of $900 says it all.

Is that stallion in an attic? Why? Is he hiding out up there? Is he the Anne Frank of pintos? I guess keeping his identity secret would be one reason you wouldn't describe his height, temperament, etc. Then again, you do list his name ("HOPPER") and the fact that he's registered, so maybe he's not hiding. If that is the case, please take him out of the attic and provide a conformation shot. Some people may care to know more about him than the fact that he "throws nice colored foals." (When you hear that phrase, do you too picture a stallion throwing a screaming, rainbow-colored foal like a football?)

Bad Picture Hall of Fame

I tell myself that these Craigslist photos of horses must have happened on accident. See, the owners actually wanted to take a picture of their gravel pile, lawn, stairs, girlfriend or old tire, and the horse happened to be there. Later these owners dragged out the photos to use on their sales ads. That's the only way these make any sense.


  1. My first thought on that Pinto stud was "is he in an attic?" but good lord "The Anne Frank of pintos" really had me giggling. As you can tell with all my posting I just discovered your blog...