Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Minor Drama Everywhere

How does a horse get stuck in a tractor tire?! No one seems to know, but they got it out. I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that the incident took place in West Virginia.

 Amish man Samuel Borntreger of Edgar, Wisconsin, has created a Midwest Harness Racing board game. There should definitely be more horse games out there, so yay for that... harness racing isn't my favorite equine past-time though, because horses tend to get chewed up and spit out by the industry.

Speaking of chewed up and spit out, actor Johnny Depp got a bit trampled while filming "The Lone Ranger." Video here. He's bruised but okay. I'm impressed that he's doing his own stunts, including riding horses at high speeds... but I'm still not excited by the movie. It looks corny. Aside from the bird on Depp's head, the Ranger's horse Silver has been shown standing on tree branches, jumping off cliffs and running along the tops of train cars, as well as through the train itself. Uhhhh, what?! I guess he's a magical horse? By the way, Depp's "saddle" was specially made to make it look like he's riding bareback. At least, to those folks who have never seen actual bareback riding.

When was the last time you saw a huge, tall macho cowboy cry? One Colorado man did in this video, after being told he would be reunited with his horse, Banjo. Banjo got lost in the shuffle during the fires and evacuations out west, but now he's safe again. Awwww. *sniffle*

In Facebook drama news, Shanyn Seaver from the U.P. of Michigan posted her two yearling ponies on the Unwanted Farm Animals page. She was immediately called out for not feeding them. Others defended her, saying the ponies weren't thin. She says they just look thin because of their shaggy hair placement. I think they look half-starved, especially the one on the right. What do YOU think? If you want two free yearling ponies and are anywhere near the U.P, contact her.

Next up, back in April someone at the Midwest Horse Fair snapped these picture of a horse scheduled to go on border patrol during the fair. She just published the photos. Some are saying the horse was much too thin to be ridden. Others are saying he's lean, but ok. I think this horse does look VERY under-muscled to be carrying a rider. Lean is fine. Having no muscle in the top-line, hip or legs is bad.

 OK, I've got to wrap this up. Finally, here is a picture of a horse clipped into a giraffe pattern. Have a great Wednesday!

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