Monday, July 15, 2013

Hay & Heat & More

I found $2.00/bale hay. It's just grass hay, but still!
I spent all evening putting a bunch up, so I'm tired this morning, and that means a picture post today. Enjoy these funny pictures of the hot mess that is July, and don't forget to keep your critters cool and healthy in the heat with lots of cool water to drink, sprinklers, electrolytes, salt block, etc. You might also want to check these out:
  • Top recommended long-lasting bug sprays for horses: Endure, Absorbine, SWAT, WIPE, Pyranha
  • Riding & Surviving in the Summer Heat by Donna Murphy- an easy and informative read.
  • Spontaneous combustion in hay can cause huge barn fires. Read this for prevention tips!
  • Here's a great article on how to cool off a hot horse in competition, by endurance riders and vets.
Don't forget, I'm still looking for photos of your horse for a celebration post on the less-than-perfect-but-still-awesome horses we love! Send 'em to

Oh, and what do you think of a "Most Wanted" list? I'd like to take all the names and photos of the horse abusers and bad trainers I've listed on past posts, and put them all together. Maybe you could add to that list?


  1. When I ride my mare on hot days, I hose down her legs, rump and chest before we ride and then she gets a nice chilly hosing after we're done. Followed by a bit of protesting from the fly spray.

    Also, isn't giving Gatorade to your horse like really bad?

    1. Cold hosing is a great way to keep horses cool, glad you take such good care of your mare!

      Gatorade isn't great for horses, but it's not terrible either. Horses working in heat can benefit from the electrolytes of course, but Gatorade is also pretty high in sugars. Electrolyte supplements specifically for horses don't have the sugar, and are actually pretty cheap.

      Some people use Gatorade powder in buckets to encourage their horses to drink the weird-tasting water away from home. They add a little to the water at home all the time, and then a little to the water in the strange place, and picky horses will drink water they would otherwise turn their noses up at. That's pretty important. The same effect can be achieved with vinegar, apple juice, molasses, etc.

      I should also add that electrolytes are unnecessary for most horses. Unless you're REALLY working a horse in the heat or otherwise stressing it, access to a salt block, water and food are usually enough. It's also theoretically possible to over-feed electrolytes and cause an imbalance.

      Wow, I think I rambled a bit there. The main point is Gatorade is probably no worse than the occasional peppermint stick :)

    2. Thanks! Her owner says I spoil her too much, but hey, she's old and she's got manners, so xD

      I'd read that drinking it caused imbalances, but people made a huge deal over it so I got the impression that it was like pouring poison down their throats, haha. I don't mind the rambling, I learned something! :D

  2. Thank you for the pics.. I needed a good dose of early morning giggles as I am up at 5 am.. bleh!!