Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hate Mail

Well inevitably, as this blog becomes a bit more popular, I am getting a LOT more hate mail and nasty comments! I'd like to share some of the most amusing examples with you, and respond to a couple of accusations. I have allowed the following comments to be published, by the way, because I am not only fair-minded enough to allow criticism of myself and this blog... I am also delighted when one of my haters provides me, and you dear readers, with a good chuckle.

 Sometimes I don't approve comments (or "cements") in order to save someone from their own embarrassment. In the heat of the moment it is difficult to spell, or even make sense, and I understand that. However, "your a bog shot" was just too awesome to pass up.

My "A" bog shot, hmm... YES, that's it! This is now the official drink of North Horse! We'll start with lots of sour apple pucker schnapps, for the nice boggy green color and the sour faces of my haters, and because horses love apples (and I love schnapps), add 1 dash amaretto almond liqueur for that scent of cyanide, and top it off with champagne, because hey, let's celebrate the fact that there ARE good horsemen and women out there!
It's the North Horse Bog Shot!

 This next comment becomes really poetic. Strangely, weirdly, beautifully poetic. I think someone was aiming for sarcasm and missed, before ricocheting off of "crazy" and then hitting "cosmic hippy babble."

I love this next comment because it's so ironic. In order to comment on one of my posts, Blogspot requires you to do some fairly annoying bullshit. (Sorry about that.) So someone wasted the time to do that, in order to simply comment:

Barb Thiry of course is the notorious horse abuser you guys helped me raise a fuss about, eventually leading to charges being brought against her. If fighting to get horse abusers jailed is not having a life, I will gladly accept that fate! Usually, I don't bother to click the "allow" button for these types of boring insults. I published this one because, again, there's some delicious irony here. You see,the very next comment I approved was:

 Hah ha hah! I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't, of course.

Seriously though, there's a reason I pick on "backyard breeders" as well as confirmed horse abusers. Aside from usually committing sins of their own (like having barbed wire fences, breaking and breeding too young, not bothering with ultrasounds or vaccines or training, breeding lots more horses when there are already) backyard breeders are very often the reason that people like Barb Thiry get their hands on horses.

Next up, I'd like to address some concerns here:

HAh HA Ahahhaah hah hahh ha ha hah
 "I hope karma bits in in the poo poo"
Ohhh God, the laughing hurts
Ah, okay, I'm done for now.

Well, beginning at this comment's rational bit, let's talk about the issue of anonymity. 

I don't talk about my "secret identity" much because there are actual scary people out there, animal abusers I've pressured authorities to prosecute, or just wackos, that would like to physically hurt me or my animals. So yeah, I'm not likely to announce my full name and address every time someone casually demands it.

That being said, my "secret identity" is hardly secret! If you're a long-time reader, chances are you know who I am. I've posted pictures of myself and my husband, my art, and my horses. I've talked about my profession. I've attended lots of horse events and participated in rescues and fundraisers where my real name is announced to all and sundry. I will delete comments that have "outed" me (or other people thought to be me) for the express purpose of trying to get people to harass me... but again, my name is hardly a secret.

Maybe that's not quite enough though, considering the hilarious accusation in the comment above, particularly about "not doing anything physical" involving my animals. So I've created a new page called The Author to give folks a bit of my background.

Now let's continue in a serious vein for a moment...

The vast majority of the time, what I write about is pretty much what other people have already advertised about themselves. I just point out how obviously wrong it is, adding a little color commentary to the words and photos that are already out there. 

If you are proudly advertising your stud as HYPP N/H, if you are breeding a bunch of grade horses with poor conformation and keeping them behind barbed wire, if you are dumping your old horse free on Craigslist, if you are using harsh bits on your poor horse... then the problem isn't really my talking about it, is it? No, it's you doing it.

Well that's all I've got for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed the hate. Stay tuned to North Horse for more... Including a look at the Wisconsin Horse Council's controversial stance on the gaited horse abuse scandal.


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  2. Thanks for a good laugh N.H. Truly, it takes a bully and a creep to put out a blog this fantastic and even though Karma will bit you in in the poo poo we will all be here throwing back a shot of bog and enjoying every word of it!!! bwahahahahaha!!

  3. I agree you need a life, or that you need to put your sorry ass into this whole thing a little further. In order for you to have any right to "add colorful commentary" to people's lives then atleast take the time to learn their full story. The problem with you putting people's name out there and not your own comes with the same thing as you doing it with yours. Once again learn about the people you are talking about. Your filling people up with half truths and false accusations and then giving them a name to go after. But it just wouldn't be ok for someone to do the same to you now would it? The hate isn't just haters, but people who see more truth than just by looking at what you say, they see more to the stories and people's lives on here that you are out to ruin. There's two sides to every story, learn more of the other side before you put it on here and make yourself look like an ass.

  4. No hate here, just good vibes, I just like to converse with horsey folks.

  5. Iris, you speak much truth fellow flower child. LOL What N.H. Blogger (name withheld out of not so common courtesy) fails to realize is that when a person's name is posted on a public blog in connection with a negative and emotionally charged issue, that person is subject to whatever vigilante justice the "scarey people" out there deem appropriate. If the accusations made in such blog are false, then that person suffers unfairly.

  6. I have to agree. There are some bad people out there, but not everyone who is selling a horse is a bad person. I'm not saying that everyone on this blog is innocent, but it's important to realise that if you don't know these people, and it isn't totally obvious, that most likely they just are normal people who want good things for their animals. I think this blog could be great if it goes more after the real bad guys, not just people who don't know how to price or write a proper ad or take proper pictures. Also, the way you blast names out there does have a negative affect on these people, problems with people doesn't mean you should list their names and other personal stuff for anyone to see, unless of course there is the law involved because then it is obvious that something they have done or are doing is actually worth warning people about.

    1. Again, what I write about is what's already publicly available-- and usually it's what these people themselves have advertised! They themselves post pictures of mistreated horses, bad breeding practices, bad riding and training, etc.

      "Unless of course there is the law involved..."
      Wait, you think just because something isn't illegal, it isn't wrong??
      Puppy mills are legal. Twisted wire elevator bits are legal. Selling your faithful old horse to a slaughter buyer is legal. Purposefully breeding horses with genetic diseases is legal.

      I write this blog to shame those whose bad practices contribute to the suffering of animals. The degree to which they contribute to that suffering, therefore their relative guilt, is something I do talk about. For example, I've actively campaigned to have Barb Thiry jailed, versus others I've just attempted to shame, in the hopes that they clean up their act.

    2. That's not quite what I was getting at. I'm afraid that I don't have the best brain to hand connection. I don't know the right way to get across what I mean the right way, I don't want to make it worse as opposed to better! Ugh puppy mills and well most breeders in general is a long subject of needing to be put to a stop.

  7. I bet the haters come from a gardening blog where Crystal hangs

  8. N.H. the problem with illegal versus just wrong . . . just wrong is opinion. I agree that many of those practices are JUST WRONG - breeding poor horses - just because a stallion has balls doesn't mean he should be bred - just because a mare has an oven doesn't mean she should have a bun in it - BUT some of the people who breed poor horses are ignorant (and I don't mean that in a condescending way) but they just don't understand what is so poor about their horses - definately shouldn't be breeding horses at all.
    Puppy mills are a who 'nother issue - they are NOT legal - but the problem lies with the definition of "puppy mill" being vague and full of opinion.

    Nothing wrong with shaming people I guess if that's what you want to do - I, myself, are more of a reaching out to help sort of person. Although, I have to admit it leaves me drained but there is so many people to help and way too many people that stand and point fingers without lifting one.

    Daisy Boo - please make it clear for me - am I being labeled as a hater??? I'm guessing here because of the reference to gardening - which I fail miserably at LOL My profile pic is of a morning glory that I grew by myself - for some reason I can grow those without causing them sad slow deaths as I do with most other 'green' things - maybe they know that they are my favorite flower. Maybe I should go find this gardening blog - maybe I could learn a thing or two about getting plants to thrive as I do critters!

    1. You are so right, in so many ways.

      Not everyone agrees with my tactics, and that's OK-- I understand they seem harsh to some, and I don't disagree that I'm "being mean."

      I DO reach out, quite a bit; if you look back at my previous blogs, you'll see that I visit libraries and schools with my pony to talk about animal welfare, I participate in rescues, and I have a whole section about the importance of reaching out to ignorant people under my page about neglect (on the top there).

      And you know what you are absolutely, 100% right about? This comment:

      "...breeding poor horses - just because a stallion has balls doesn't mean he should be bred - just because a mare has an oven doesn't mean she should have a bun in it - BUT some of the people who breed poor horses are ignorant (and I don't mean that in a condescending way) but they just don't understand what is so poor about their horses - definately shouldn't be breeding horses at all."

      Many people would disagree with you... but not only are you RIGHT, I think you would be even more right to spread that message as far and wide as you can. Have you thought of starting a blog?

  9. N.H. I own a quarter horse stallion that has bloodlines to die for - we quit standing him to outside mares because I got tired of trying to educate people about what is a good horse and how to properly raise a foal to someday be a good horse - I'd hear through the grapevine how their colt from MY stallion was a little nasty asshole - I'm sorry but even when I didn't have much time to work with our foals - you could always walk out there and do whatever you wanted with them. And colts need to be cut before they are getting too sassy. Anyway, the studly boy has been 'retired' for years now - he's a pet and a riding horse - he's grey and has cancer - he's 21 - don't want to geld him because he isn't an asshole stud - ANYBODY can walk in my pasture and love him up - that's not an invitation LOL stupid people would stub their toe and sue a landowner.

    As far as starting a blog, I don't know - my computer time is sporadic and I dont know if I'd keep on top of it. LOL So for now, I'll just share on your blog, if you don't mind.

    1. I had a friend with a stallion like that once. He was a gorgeous grey Arabian and a true gentleman. His owner had the space to keep him securely away from mares, he got along fine with geldings, and he died at age 32, still a stallion.

  10. One day you will piss off the right people and they will out you like they outed Fugly. All her skeletons were let out of the closet. She may have done some good in this world but her lack of credibility bit her in the ass. I've read several things here that miss the truth. I'm sure most of the info is correct but the inaccuracies stick in my mind more. Good luck with your crusade.

    1. "Skeletons in her closet?" I'm not aware of any. She did own a stallion, and after her tirades against backyard breeders, that rubbed some people the wrong way... Otherwise, what exactly made her less credible? She had always worked very hard to personally rescue horses, donate to horse rescues and educate others.

  11. Fuglys whole array of inaccuracies are available online to anyone who wishes to seek them out and do their own research. You yourself gave her the description of lawyer. Paralegal Secretary is a more fitting term I believe. I have spotted many facts that are fudged in your blog the same as hers. If you wish to be taken seriously, try harder at presenting the truth without embelishment or inaccuracies. Better reporting can only further your cause. Fugly bacame a laughing stock when her shady life was blasted all over the internet. Try to avoid her mistakes in the future and I think you have a shot at accomplishing some good in the hobby horse industry. Keep presenting false information and anyone with a google PHD will spot your errors and ignore your message.

    1. Fugly did not become a laughing stock and does not have a "shady" life and just for your information not everything you read when you GOOGLE someone is accurate either. I believe this blogger does an excellent job of presenting facts and makes people smile on occasion, too! Keep up the good work North Horse and keep telling it like it is!

    2. Can you find fugly's law degree anywhere? She doesn't have one.

    3. If there are any inaccuracies in my blogs, it's not "embellishment" or "fudging facts," it's just that even the best journalists sometimes make mistakes.

  12. I like your blog, keep going. You speak for those who cannot speak, we need to keep speaking for them. Some of that hate mail was incredibly funny, cheers (with a bog shot) ;-)