Friday, January 17, 2014

We're 35th

Hello friends, enemies, and frienemies!

Let's start off today's news with a "fun" fact:  Wisconsin ranks 35th in animal protection. Yep, thirty-four states (or territories) do better than us-- including Texas, Indiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, Mississippi (THE poorest state in the nation), and Guam. Every one of our neighboring states (Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and Indiana) do better than us... and in fact Illinois is in the top three on the Humane Society's list! In fact, it's number one according to the ALDF.

I have no doubt that if the rankings were based solely on horse welfare, we'd be near the very bottom.

Speaking of neglect, let's go to a case update. You might remember the Idaho couple Sean and Bonny Black. If you don't, you can go back and read my blog about them here. The very excellent Rough Start Horse Rescue just published a great video showing their rescue of the Blacks' horses:

In addition, we have learned that there was a "trainer" at Mustang Ranch named Katelynn A. Vanderhoof. She was charged with animal cruelty along with the blacks, and was arrested ten days ago. This girl, aged 20, apparently moved in with the Blacks many months ago, taking her horse with her. Instead of doing any training, she let her personal horse and the Blacks' horses starve rather than contact authorities.

Ugh, it's time to move on to good news now I think.

Saint Francis Horse Rescue in Rosholt, WI has a brand new website! Go check out their horses-- adoption fees have been waived on several! You might also be interested in their Valentine's Day Cash Raffle. What a great way to gamble for BIG prizes while supporting a fantastic rescue!

Speaking of worth causes, don't forget that there are a bunch of 4H tack sales coming up here in Wisconsin! This Sunday the 19th is the Jefferson tack sale, the Kenosha tack sale is Jan. 26th, and February 16th is the Waukesha tack sale.

OK, let's end this blog with an eyebrow-raising story from Wisconsin's past:

Infamous Horse Thief Never Changed His Ways

Stay tuned for more North Horse!


  1. Wow so happy I'm in Oregon! 2nd place, woo!

  2. We here in Indiana may rank higher than you with regard to what laws are on the books but you have to actually ENFORCE them in order for it to be meaningful. Most of IN won't enforce any of the codes with respect to traditional pets (dogs & cats). Trying to get action taken on a large animal case is a pure joke!

  3. Rough Start Horse Rescue is in no way "very excellent". They are small time, with hardly any true work ethic and they love to bash the "crazy horse people" that allow them to continue. They bite the hand that feeds them!