Friday, March 28, 2014

Open Letter to a Backyard Breeder + News Updates

Welcome back, readers! Sorry I've been away for so long. Because I have been unable to write for a while, this is going to be a long blog! You've been warned :)

For those of you who are new here, let me say "Howdy! Thanks for coming!" I'd also like to warn you, though, that this blog is not all rainbows and sunshine. I swear frequently. I talk about neglectful owners, abusive trainers, and backyard breeders who are making the horse world a worse place to live in. I do praise the good guys, and I do promote rescues and good horse care practices. I also provide a lot of education and entertainment... but I do so with a wicked tongue and no tolerance for excuses. I have great respect for the regular, honest, hard-working men and women of Wisconsin who do so much to give their animals and families decent lives, so I have very little empathy for those who don't even care to try. This is not a gentle blog.

Now then, before we get started with the main event, let me catch you up on lots of news:

Additional information about the EHV-1 outbreak has been published, and I encourage you to read it.
EDIT: I just found out that there may be cases in Iowa now. Read more here.

After my blog post about a two year plan to stop neglect in Wisconsin, a bunch of us horse welfare folks got together at a meeting to talk about what we could realistically accomplish. Naturally, we spent a bit too much time swapping horror and success stories, but we have some definite goals. A hay bank, a low-cost gelding clinic, low-cost euthanasia services and much more were discussed. The newly-named Wisconsin Equine Coalition will be meeting again in April, with representatives from at least three Wisconsin horse rescues. I am priveleged to be working with some truly amazing people with many years of experience in the rescue world.

 Barb Thiry's most recent hearing didn't happen, due to a mix-up. Previously, she fired her public defender and played sick at the most recent court appearance, and so no motion was put forward regarding the horrific pictures of dead animals taken at her previous farm. She has somehow managed to keep paying the court-ordered fees for the two neglected stallions, and so there is still a possibility they could be given back to her. The rehabilitated mares are still up for adoption via Dane County Humane Society.

The final pre-trial hearing for Michael Feist took place today at 10am. He'll have a preliminary hearing on May 5th. He has still not been charged with threatening the deputy with a sledgehammer.

Micheal's wife Brenda Weierke-Feist has still not been charged with anything, despite the fact that she lives at, helps run, and co-owns the ranch where the dead and starving horses were found.

The Feists are still trying to sell off some horses, but they are opening Otter Creek Ranch back up for business on April 1st, clearly the WORST EVER April Fool's joke. Yes, they will be offering trail rides to the public. I have offered to donate a large vinyl banner warning people not to do business with them, if any landowner in on Feist's road will agree to put it in their front yard. Speaking of doing business, despite having massive problems feeding all of their starving, wormy animals this winter, the Feists are breeding MORE. They are now offering kittens, guinea pigs, and rabbits for sale via their Facebook page.

I shouldn't keep banging my head against walls,
I'm starting to do real structural damage to my house.

Several other Wisconsin neglect cases have popped up recently, no surprise to any of us. I think I already mentioned the Sean Legault case on my Facebook page, there's the Green County case that has been going on for at least a decade, and I've just heard about two more places where horses are starving and nothing is being done (the WEC is looking into these).

I'd like to address a quote in this article about the Iowa County case involving cows and hogs (the horses were reportedly fine, which I find unlikely):

"Reports of dead horses found in Green and Lafayette counties as well as the dead cows and hog found on the Nelson farm show how some animal owners don’t understand the costs involved, especially during a rough winter, [officer] Michek said. 'The tough part is, people hate to give up on their animal ownership,' he added."

This is bullshit. Neglect is not about some sort of misunderstanding about finances, and it's not a casual mistake made by people who aren't really to blame, as this officer suggests. Neglect is about a lack of empathy. You see your animal starving, and you don't do anything about it. You don't ask neighbors or rescues or authorities for help, you don't euthanize it, you don't give it away, you don't sell your personal stuff to pay for feed or vet bills, and all because you're too selfish to end its suffering. You ARE to blame. You want to keep it but not take care of it. That is the real truth.

And now it's time for another strong dose of no-excuses medicine.
A few days ago, a reader sent this screenshot to me:

I re-posted the photo onto the North Horse facebook page, along with this commentary:

"I'm glad the owners here seem to care about the mare, and are trying to feed her correctly. However, like Jeff Foxworthy says, you may be a redneck backyard breeder IF:
1) Your FARRIER is the one to tell you that your mare is pregnant
2) You didn't know your mare even got bred before he said so
3) You don't bother to get a vet out to do an ultrasound and check for due-date, twins, complications, etc"

"I doubt that the foal will be any great shakes, considering his mom's poor conformation (God only knows what his fence-hopper sire looks like). However, I hope the foal will be loved and kept safe by the people who accidentally created it. All horses deserve to be safe and loved."

Here's the message she sent me after I posted that:

I'm going to share my response to Mandi with all of you here. Not because she's a criminal (she isn't). Not because she annoyed me (so many others have said so much worse). Nope, I'm sharing this because what's going on here really epitomizes the mentality that has resulted in so many unwanted and neglected horses. It's also one of the things that has led to such a poor horse market.
This is a textbook example. We have all the elements here:
  • ignorance about a fairly common genetic defect in horses
  • ignorance about other basic information a horse owner should know
  • horse dealing
  • calling something a "rescue" when it's absolutely not
  • unwillingness to get proper vet care for a horse
  • a desire to create a foal, any foal, not for a specific purpose, not because the parents have great skills or conformation, not to improve a breed, but just because "I want to" and having a baby horse will be cute
Like so many others, Mandi has created a life without thinking much about the consequences. Her intentions were not even bad intentions. She just hasn't thought about what's best for the horses. That unfortunate lack of empathy is why tens of thousands of horses suffer every year. Even as we speak, here in Wisconsin and around the USA, many young horses are going through auction rings or being sold cheaply on Craigslist. With poor conformation, unknown bloodlines, and inadequate care and training, they are thrown into a world that, for the most part, does not want them.

Open Letter to a Backyard Breeder:

Don't flatter yourself Mandi. I didn't target you personally by showing people your post-- I target ALL horse owners who need to be hit with a clue stick. You just happened to provide a recent example. And now that you've shown just how ignorant you are, I'm happy to use you as a further example.

"We are not sure how far along she is" and "I say it's only a matter of weeks" and "I posted on here before asking about her condition" doesn't at all sound like you got a vet to check out your pregnant mare. It sounds exactly like you're guessing at what's happening with her pregnancy and asking random people on the internet for advice. But hey, feel free to post pics of your vet's ultrasound. I say with 100% sincerity that it would be a huge relief to me to be proven wrong, because then I would know your mare is getting what she needs to avoid the potentially deadly consequences of twins, mispresentation, etc.

As for the stud... wait, let me get this straight... you "rescued" a horse, held on to him a while, and then sold him again (to a person who didn't pay you in full) without gelding him? That's not a rescue, darling. That's rather unethical horse dealing.

"...but he only had one nut. I guess he was still able to make babies..."

I'm begging you to Google "cryptorchid" before you breed or buy more horses. Please please PLEASE study horse care some more. Yes, horses with one un-descended testicle, or a testicle trapped inside their bodies CAN breed. Cryptorchidism is a hereditary defect, and requires expensive surgery to fix. Your new foal may carry the genes for this, and if it is a colt, may suffer from the same condition.

"...we have WANTED A FOAL for awhile, now we're getting one. Its not an accident foal, it was planned."

So if you know you someday want kids, and then tomorrow you have a one night stand with a dude and wind up pregnant, you'd consider that a "planned pregnancy?" Look, stallions hop fences, it happens sometimes. But now that it has happened, please do what's right for the mare and her foal.

Now then, here's the part where I provide some education along with my "harassment:"

-Mares can bag up four to six weeks before foaling, so if she just started getting bigger teats, she probably won't be foaling soon. Getting an ultrasound done will give you a more accurate due date. Knowing the due date is important, so you can be at the birth to watch out for complications.

-If you're unsure about the max time a healthy foal should take to stand and nurse, the latest time the mare should pass the placenta, symptoms of torsion or rupture of the uterus in the last month of pregnancy, what type of bedding to use or NOT use for the birth area, and about 1,000 other things, please do some reading. I'll provide some resources at the bottom. Even if you become an overnight expert, I highly recommend at least TALKING with a vet before this baby comes.

-One very important thing to talk to a vet about is vaccinations. Mares need some vaccinations during the later part of the pregnancy, even if they have had them previously, in order to protect the foal. In addition, the current outbreak of EHV-1 can cause spontaneous abortions unless a mare is vaccinated.

-Don't make the mistake of thinking, "Nature will just take its course and the birth will go fine." That doesn't always work with humans OR animals. If YOU would want prenatal care and a checkup before YOU give birth, if YOU would like a doctor or at least a nurse standing by when you give birth, please do the same for your animals.

-Doing what's right for your horses extends far beyond what we've talked about here. I'm glad you're excited to have this foal-- please make sure that your love for it doesn't end after it grows up. Great training, good vet care, good nutrition and an adoption or buy-back contract will help ensure that your new baby doesn't end up in a bad place, no matter how long you're able to keep it.

Yours very sincerely,

North Horse

Recommended Resources:

The Late-Term Pregnant Mare, Foaling and Newborn Foal Care by Thal Equine LLC Hospital, NM

What is a Cryptorchid? By The Horse

Pregnant Mare Care (a very brief guide but a good start, and very clearly written) by Magic Hollow Horse Farms

All of the excellent Cherry Hill books , which are available at your public library for free


  1. You are, by far, the most disgusting person on the face of this planet. This foal was not unplanned, the stallion was NOT a fence hopper. He was in with the mares, for a purpose. To breed. People like you make others hate equestrians. SMH.

    1. Ohhhh, so she was multiple breeding mares to the cryptorchid stud ON PURPOSE? Yeah, that makes it soooo much better.

      Also, hi again Amanda/Mandi.

    2. Not really, but you can believe whatever you want. TROLOLOLOL.

  2. This website is under violation of Federal Laws 66B and 965G. If this website is NOT removed within the next 3 days, the owner of the website will face a minimum of $500,000 fine and a minimum of 3 years in a Federal Prison. Please contact your local Supreme Court if you have any questions. Thank you.

    1. Um, check the FIRST AMENDMENT smart-ass... This website doesn't violate squat.

    2. It's just Amanda/Mandi pretending to be a cop or FBI or something. Those laws don't exist. Hah, as if the federal government would even care about this blog! It's adorable that she thinks I might be scared off by this though.

    3. Actually this has nothing to do with Amanda/Mandi. You really DO have an issue with assuming things and always coming to the wrong conclusion. =/

  3. While North Horse's tactics are a little "in your face", I completely agree with everything said. Maybe, next time black out the person's name when you re-post. That way, you can make your point without slandering.

    Ignorance has no place in the horse world, particularly when breeding. Education, education, education. Being a novice or beginner is fine-- but don't buy 100 horses, and don't breed more. As a upper level eventer, coach, trainer, owner and caring human being -- please people, buy some books, go to clinics, take lessons, and learn about your sport.

    1. Hmm, blacking out names WOULD cut down on the drama... but on the other hand, I almost always just re-post what people post publicly on the web, so they're putting their own names out there themselves. Plus, it's sort of a public service to tell people exactly who to avoid doing business with, isn't it? On the other hand, this woman isn't a criminal, she's just ignorant, so maybe she doesn't quite deserve the negative publicity. I'm a little on the fence here. Anyone else want to chime in? Well said by the way: "Education, education, education." Love it.

    2. If it were me, I'd leave in the names of all the serious abusers and asshats, like those in the first bit, especially the ones who are being charged with abuse or who are in the news (or who should be reported), but black out the names (or at the very least the last name) of those who aren't as bad, have just done stupid things, or who are ignorant. That way it keeps people informed about the important ones to watch out for, but it keeps things from getting overly personal with those we don't. We still get the relevant information and the story, but we avoid some of the unnecessary harassment.

  4. What I don't get is the fact your targeting people but you yourself remain anonymous.. it takes so much guts to sit behind a computer screen and talk crap.

  5. You should see some of the crap that's posted on the Minnesota Horses Facebook page. All kinds of BYB there... and no one can handle any kind of criticism

  6. No Mandi Packer. You are, by far, the most disgusting person on the face of this planet. It is bad enough that you have ignorantly bred your horse with a sire that possibly has cryptorchid. Please do us all a favor and don't breed yourself. And just by looking at your facebook picture you would have to find someone with the IQ of a goldfish. What are you even?

    1. You know what's funny? You believing everything you just read. I won't breed myself, I don't want to. LOL. I don't like kids. Or stupid people, much like you. IQ of a goldfish, no no dear. That's more or less you, mine is fine. (: What am I? Human. Not a monster like you idiots. Lol.

    2. I don't see you proving that you aren't a backyard breeding idiot. You dumb redneck. First you say that you don't know what has become of the stallion saying that he could be wasting away because you don't talk to the girl that bought him. Then you say that you sold him to a very nice young girl because you like making people happy. How about you stop making excuses, educate yourself, and take care of your horses. Just by typing in Mandi Packer on Facebook search it shows me that you live in Tigerton WI. Which I discovered is in the same county I live in, Shawano County. I'm sure I could figure out where these horses are and snap a few pictures of their conditions. Along with writing personal concerns for their well being and send them to the Shawano County Animal rescue. Maybe you should think about educating yourself a bit better.

    3. She has proved it, considering none of this is true. You morons are sitting too high on your pedastols to realize you're being fucked with.

      Oh they have been called, but not because of their horses. There's two other horses there, the neighbors have called them because of the owners lack of care. The people who do take care of them, feed them, etc is Mandi and her family. Because I know her personally and how passionate she is for animals. You people make equestrians look bad, by posting this kind of bullshit. Also STEALING posts/photos from another website that you had NO permission to take.

      You all are taking something she posted to prove a point, way too far. Just grow the hell up already.


    4. Amanda, you do not have to pretend to be somebody you are not. Or is this the Federal Agent Amanda/Mandi...

    5. This doesn't change the fact that she is a backyard breeder.

  7. Thank you North Horse. I love your common sense, and as a responsible adult who practices responsible, compassionate animal husbandry with ALL of our species here, I COMMEND you for standing up to these half-assed wannabes. THANK YOU for having a BRAIN!!!!! =D

  8. Replies
    1. Preach amd keep making yourself look stupid! Go go go!

    2. Thanks! I've been doing it for three years, and will be doing it for many more :)

  9. Hiya, its the "redneck" here. Its amazing what people will believe on the internet, its also pretty funny. You know, haha. People are so gulliable, and willing to go to these lengths(like above) to think they can be all high and mighty. Well, no. I'm sorry, but it doesn't. The fact that you have targeted multiple people from a group on Facebook, is downright pathetic. Especially when you don't know each and every fact. You think I would tell you the truth? LOL. Okay, we'll let you believe what I spewed out, to prove a valid point. I've heard about you, and this blog and wanted to see it for myself, and here I am. HAHA. People like you believe EVERYTHING you are told! Its sad! Yet hilarious, and all your little followers are the same. That makes it even more funny.

    Putting that aside, you really should think about what you're doing. Some people on here, like the ones that have been on the news I can see why you would post them because they are truly bad people. Other people, from that group, you are doing nothing. Not helping, in any way, shape or form. You're critizing them, and kinda acting like a cyber-bully. That's as bad as actual bullying. I'm against these kinds of things. Its about as bad as being horrible to your animals/kids.

    Oh by the way, I don't work at a party store nor am I a 'young mother.' See, when you assume things like this, it makes you look like an idiot. Assuming just makes me not lik people, and I already don't like people enough. I don't have any kids, and I'd prefer not having any while at this age. No, I would never have a one night stand, but thank you for basically calling me a whore. Its nice to know you think that. No I'm more of a one guy kind of girl, sorry to burst your bubble.

    I have proven my point. I heard about you, and wanted to see how fast you'd coming running after a post I made. Lol, well, I guess I was correct.

    Although, the mare really is due sometime by the end of this month, and not by accident. We were there when it happened, while we put the stud and her together. He has nothing wrong with him. Lol. He's perfectly normal, and a great horse other than he was kind of an asshole to the steers and the gelding that's also in there. I sold him because I feared I wouldn't have the time to train him, with working and all(not at a party store, it was actually a big factory), so I sold him to a very nice young girl. She was happy, I like to make people happy. I also like to milk a situation to see how far someone is willing to go, then laugh at them. Like this blog, and the kind of person you really are. LOL.

    Thanks for proving my point. TROLOLOLOL. Congrats on being successfully trolled. :D

    Have a nice day! (:

    1. LOL!! First you pretend to be a Federal agent in the comments, and now you're pretending you purposefully set up an elaborate ruse to lure me into posting about you? Dear me, you should write for the tabloids-- your lies are very creative!

    2. I think it's funny that someone who has a "Factory" job, has no time to take care of her horses, when I have two jobs, one a factory, and running my own business, have more than enough time to care for my horses, and other animals. When I do not have the time, I set it up to have family take care of my animal family. It's just funny how there is one excuse after another, backtracking, and finally lies to make yourself look better. And use a little more class, and not use swear words on here. If you don't like what is being said, don't post stupidity on the web. Then again, use what you know best, because you know what they say, Ignorance is bliss. You must be in perfect bliss. I do not feel sorry about you, or you being "trolled", I feel sorry for your animals and your family for having to put up with you.

  10. Ya'll motherfuckers need Odin. Although he'd probably send you to Hel rather than Valhalla. No mead drinking hall for yooou! (: Oh! Did you know, I'm Pagan! GASP!

    I swear like a sailor, you don't like it? Zero fucks given. Lol. Yes, North Whore, I mean...Horse, I can lie very well. I mean, obviously. Look at this shit. BWAHAHAHA. OH I JUST GOT A GREAT IDEA. Dude. Yes. LOL.

  11. Oh you work two jobs? COOL STORY, BRO. Aren't you suppose to be in the kitchen? Get off the computer. Lol. xD

    1. I am a man, and my business is running a Greek restaurant in DePere, so I am in the kitchen quite a bit. And the factory, I am assistant floor manager, so I am used to dealing with idiots quite a bit. My horses are like my family, my daughter is a veterinarian, so she is the best to take care of my animal family when I am away. I really wish that you would just let us get our grief out about you, without resorting to Odin or Valhalla. I think the only reason you know these terms, are your band choices on your Facebook, Amanda. Before you insult others, take a look in the mirror, if you can find one wide enough that is, and look at yourself long and hard, and ask yourself this. Why don't you take the advice that has been given, so you are not considered a backyard breeder anymore? That is all.

    2. I resort to Odin and Valhalla, because that's what I believe in. I just said I'm Pagan, but you probably don't know what that means. I still don't care. I don't need the advice, lol. I'm sitting here fucking with people to the point of childish insults and a blog post.

      My horses are fine, bro. Well horse, I have my own, the one I poosted isn't even mine. Ahahaaaa.

  12. Hey North Horse. You can't fix stupid and you can't slap it out of them either. These lowlife backyard breeder types always have: 1. Horses that should never be used for breeding due to bad confo or disposition; 2. Excuses for their breeding of said horses; 3. A brain the size of a chick pea; 4. Lots of little friends (even if they are just in their own heads) to come to their defense. Keep up the good work and keep on exposing these idiots so the rest of us can make a note. Odin gonna send you to hel rather than Valhalla..... :) Anonymous number 4, 5, 6 or whatever.

    1. I wish you could slap it out of them, but with a frying pan to the temple.

      1. There's nothing wrong with my horses. How times do I have to point that out?
      2. I don't make excuses. I do lie though, and very well might I add.
      3. This response you made is invalid.
      4. I don't have a lot of friends, I dislike people a great deal. I don't need idiots as friends. I'd rather be alone.

      Please try again.

    2. Thanks! LOL yeah, you're right about not being able to fix stupid!

  13. There is little that can be done to prevent cryptorchidism. Because many people feel—but so far no solid proof—that it's genetic, they believe cryptorchids that can reproduce should not be used for breeding purposes. However, the argument is, because there are a number of reasons why cryptorchidism occurs, until there is evidence that it is truly genetic, it's reasonable to use them as breeding stock. Your arguement is invalid.

    Just proves that you don't do your research... and thst you're an idiot.

    Then again, the stallion was perfectly normal, other then being thin when I first got him and not too fond of people, but that's what I fixed.

    Also, I sold him because I had to. I didn't want to. So again I say, get ypur shit straight. Your making yourself look very stupid. Which, by all means, is fine with me. (:

    1. I think you are the idiot my dear, with your lack of correct grammar, and poor spelling. Your statement above looks like it was copied and pasted. No originality with today's generation, I tell you. I remember 30 years ago, we didn't have much of ultrasounds, and all of that fun stuff, but we still have our Veterinarian come out to check our horses, instead of farriers, to tell us how far along our animals are. You re a repulsive little human being, and I am sincerely happy I do not have to see you. I hope you rot in Hel, Miss Packer.

      Angela Rose-Smith

      I really think you should quit now, while you are at this point, instead of having people threaten to take your animals...

    2. Yeah, threaten to do nothing because there is nothing wrong with the horses. This post was a hoax, and you all are just the butt of the joke. Taking it way too seriously. Yeah, don't preach to her about her grammar, please. Just stop.

      Either way, she'll be the bigger person and walk away. This blog will probably soon cease to exist. She will go on taking excellant care of her animals, as she always does. You people are too damn stupid to realize that, well its not our fault.

      Keep talking shit, and getting more threats, lawsuits, etc like you told her you get. Its pretty pathetic people have to do that, and you're too stupid to realize the damage you're doing. And you don't care. Stealing is illegal, even in this case. Those photos belong to her, not you.

      I know you, hon. You spoil your horse like she is your own daughter. 22 years old and that horse doesn't look a day over 17. You are a great person, don't let these pathetic worms insult you. (:

    3. Yes, yes. I know. I'm going, deleting this from my history and moving on with my life. It was funny, well it still is. Gulliable people. *Shakes her head.*

      Also, unless you actually BELIEVE in Hel, do not refer to it. If you're not Pagan, just don't. Kthnx.

      I'll let them have their fun ....while it lasts. C:

      I really think you should quit now, while you are at this point, instead of having people threaten to take your animals..."

      Okay, seriously? This blog has a thread about hate mail, lawsuits, death threats and threats against her horses... obviously never made her quit.

      I'm going to, because I'm not immature and I don't usually hold grudges against people. I see what she is doing, trying to help animals. I admire that. I'd like to let bygones be bygones, but its too late for that now. I am against animal abuse, neglect, etc and would never imagine doing that to my animals. Its why I/my family take care of the other mare and gelding that are with my mare and the other mare. I chose a career to help animals, so I don't see why I would ever want to hurt them. Some people, yes. Animals, never. Whether or not you believe what I am saying, considering this entire thing was fake(the post with the pictures that is), is your choice.

      Now, I hope you all have a good day. I'm not going to be crude, considering I have gotten many insults. People have opinions, everyone has one. Just like everyone has an asshole.

      Its nice outside, so go spend the day with your animals/family/etc. (:

  14. Amanda, now you are writing to yourself, or is that your mother, or useless boyfriend?

    1. LOL, it doesn't matter, it's soooo entertaining! I could ban her from here, but the entertainment is priceless.

  15. WOW!! this is amusing.. I like the way she changes her story, although she did prove herself to be a true BYB, a troll and if she is the person who says they are pagan or wiccan.. they are not a very good one.
    One of the first edicts is to not ill wish some one because it can come back to bite you quite a bit. And if she were a true pagan she would not risk the wrath of Epona.
    And one hopes that the "vet" will be willing to do surgeries on any and all colts by the One Nutted Wonder Horse, who was vicious to the gelding and the steers, didn't have any manners and was sold to some one who was probably told Mr. Nutty Nut was a gelding.. and turned out NOT to be, refused to pay any more money for him, from what I have read he wasn't trained in anything other than to be a One nutting breed muffin, so she was lied to about him and now refuses to talk to Mandy/Amanda... who as a last ditch effort says that the whole thing was a fake so that we can go on with our lives.. while she apparently cannot.
    TY North Horse!!! Love ya!

  16. Oh my goodness. What incredible silliness. Dear Mandi, you posted the photos of the mare with the story of her pregnancy on a public Facebook page. People were kind to you there but most of us hit our heads, sighed and clicked onward. What NorthHorse did is simply call you out and say what 99 percent of us wanted to and she did it well. Obviously you are a young child with very little education to understand and assume that any questioning or criticism demands defensiveness and horribly childish swearing.. Please go back to high school and finish then get out of the horse breeding and selling business before someone else gets hurt.

  17. North Horse - you rock! Thanks for speaking up for the horses.

  18. Whilst I feel that NH may have gone a little too far in this naming and shaming, you don't escape blame, Mandi. You blew it out of proportion with your outrageous reply, when you could have easily just divulged the facts.

    The fact that your story continues to change is also digging you a deeper hole. 'We were there when it happened, while we put the stud and her together.' Um, why, when you didn't think he could reproduce? And he was vicious towards other horses? Yep, that's a trait to pass on!

    Also, I'd be very interested to see conformation shots of your horses, to see just how good they are.

  19. This mare had her foal in the first few days of April by the way. Should be interesting if the foal will become part of this odd breeding program... It's a colt...possibly could end up being a cryptorchid as well. Here he is...cute, but apparently she has no idea what to do with a foal:

  20. I love you NorthHorse! You take the words right out of my mouth.

    BYB needs to stop... it's ridiculous. And what does paganism have to do with anything? Don't say Hel unless you "believe" in ?? That's like telling people not to say the names of wizard spells from Harry Potter unless you believe in them. None of it is real, so who gives a shit? Hel Hel Hel Hel. There.

  21. Update: The baby horse had to be put down. It was never able to stand at all. Something having to do with the tendons I think. The baby was like that for three or four months before Amanda Packer decided to euthanize it. Hopefully she learned her lesson, albeit a painful one. Don't breed your animals if you don't know what you are doing, and if you don't have the means of taking care of them afterwards.

    1. Thank you for the update. I feel just awful for the poor foal. Yes, you're right-- breeders who bring life into this world have a huge responsibility to do things correctly, and when they don't, tragedy often results.

  22. Mandi/ could you not see that really North Horse was just giving you advice? It probably could not have saved the foal, but at least you would have been a little more aware. But my question now is...why wait so long to put it down? A month when it never stood? That is more or less animal neglect. At least I would think, somebody feel free to correct me if I may be wrong, my knowledge of animal laws is limited and it varies in different states.

    RIP the unfortunate foal and I hope the mare is doing well and will have no more unplanned pregnancies.