This is an unbiased look at horse slaughter from both sides.

Over and over again, the following cycle happens here in America, and over and over again the process fails to solve the problem of unwanted horses.
Horse slaughter advocates decide to open some new horse slaughter plants. However, once again they fail to address concerns about sanitation and safety. Because horse meat is less valuable than beef, corners are often cut, leaving carcasses and offal to rot in horse slaughter plants. There are many other concerns; just one is that horses excrete far more blood than cattle, which in the past was often simply dumped into lakes and rivers and onto fields. Horse slaughter advocates seem coldly indifferent to the cruelty of sending horses, which do NOT react like cattle, through the traditional slaughter process. It is well known that horses are flighty, spooky animals who are more likely to be injured before being killed. Speaking of cattle, horses are often trucked in to slaughter plants in low-ceilinged cattle trailers under poor conditions, with no food and water, over several days. In addition, absolutely no mention is made of how horse slaughter plants will ensure veterinary drugs won't wind up in the human food chain. This valid concern (valid because it has happened!) has led many European countries to consider banning the import of American horse meat. Finally, horse slaughter advocates often refer to horse slaughter as a "necessary evil," but do nothing to educate the public about how over-breeding and poor breeding lead to too many unwanted horses.

Anti-slaughter advocates see the horse slaughterers getting busy, so they get busy, and propose legislation like this bill, hoping to make horse slaughter for food illegal in America once and for all. However, once again these advocates fail to address the question, "what else do we do with these horses?" No legislation about low-cost euthanasia or gelding clinics is proposed, no restrictions on breeding, no proposal to fund horse rescues, no nothing that might address the root of the problem. When horse slaughter does not exist at all, many argue that the value of horses has no bottom, since a horse is not even worth the price of meat. When horses are valueless, the whole economy of the horse world may suffer.


Meanwhile, over-burdened, under-funded agencies are left to deal with the actual horses. Private horse rescuers, who receive no government funding, struggle to pay the hay bills and turn away horses by the dozen. Even the Federal BLM struggles to find cheaper and cheaper land to warehouse mustangs on. Thousands of these mustangs, which cannot legally be slaughtered (some of which wind up slaughtered anyway), nonetheless have to be rounded up periodically, lest they overpopulate. So they spend their entire lives in huge corrals, neither wild and free, nor owned and well-cared-for. Even while American taxpayers shell out millions every year to warehouse these mustangs, the horses receive only the bare-minimum care necessary to keep them alive, often in bleak conditions and with no vet care. Untreated injuries, overgrown hooves and fighting are rampant.

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  1. I am new to your blog, but that is a very well written piece and really gets to the core of the issue. EDUCATION!

  2. I wish more kids were interested in riding or owning horses . Most kids want a horse but can not afford them or have the means of taking care of them. So video games, I pods become the norm, Maybe more advertising and getting more people exposed to it. I hung out at a riding stable every summer and practically every day when I was 13, 14, and 15 years of age. Those were some of the best times in my life. Horses are truly a blessing, I have 5 of them I ride myself. But it does seem like once you get one, it is hard to get rid off and I somewhat feel horses like one owner. We need more riding trails, stables, and kids!

    1. Chris horses are not affordable
      I used to slave away for free just so I could touch someone else's horse.
      The biggest problem for me was not the horse but where to put it its so bad that I have to have a liscence just for a dog in some neighborhoods
      Having a lawsuit wild nation has killed ownership of larger animals.
      There was going to be a nice neighborhood to live and keep horses but some ambulance lawyers flooded them with legal paper about safety and more bullshit. So finally pretty homes were made communal stables but guess what to much safety precaution and bullshit paperwork made it to expensive to allow horses.
      Fuck them fuckity fuck! I used to draw all over their bastard faces in the phone book

  3. With mustangs we should do the same thing breeders of camaruege ponies do. Round them up and sterilize horses unfit to breed sell some and let the rest back in the wild.
    We can not penalize overbreeding because then we get into over reaching laws
    However banning people from owning animals and give jail time to people who have neglected or abused horses is more reasonable.
    We can ban people from computers so why not animals?