Friday, January 6, 2012

My Little Pony!!!

Of course, I'm a HUGE fan of the new My Little Pony show. It's cleverly written, beautifully animated, and some of the songs are really great. It's such a good show, in fact, that its biggest fans are college-age males (and of course 20-30-female-somethings like me who grew up obsessed with MLP). In turn, that fan base is so rabidly excited about the new MLP, the internet memes they spawned have started showing up in mainstream media. If you haven't seen it, give it a try!

Of course, my favorite pony is Applejack, the down-home country girl with the can-do attitude. She's also a palomino, like Annie! Speaking of which, if you feel the compulsion to pony-ize your own equine, you can use General Zoi's Pony Creator and make all your dreams come true! This is Annie and Mr. Strut, My Little Pony style:

Her "cutie mark" (butt symbol) is a white rose, symbolizing innocence and happy love (and of course my last name). It wasn't possible to get her markings exactly correct, the settings wouldn't let me inflate her head to appropriate size, and I couldn't resist adding jewelry...but yeah, I think this is pretty accurate :)

This is Mr. Strut-- he's either grumpy, sad, or annoyed (it's always hard to tell). His symbol is the Confederate flag, appropriate for an old-school southern gentleman like himself...and possibly because he's a bit racist. I can totally see him yelling at people. Bad Mr. Strut. He's shorter than Annie, with more delicate ears. In real life, his mane and tail really do have streaks of silver.

 This is me as a pony. I think I've captured my uncoordinated enthusiasm well. I stuck to earthy colors; blue, green, yellow-brown-- but I made them a bit brighter. My cutie mark is the symbol for geocaching, and is also a symbolic representation of the initials for my alter-ego, The Green Traveler.

 ...and this is Mike! He's fairly hairless in real life, and always a snappy dresser. Also, he's a little sinister, way buff and has a great butt.

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