Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Spring! Important Wisconsin Spring Horse Events

It's Spring! Hah hah ha, we wish it looked like that, don't we?


No, this isn't Annie-- she was even more muddy than this. My camera battery died, however.

This is the time of year when your boots are constantly caked with muck, your clothes are full of shed hair, your horse is full of dirt, and there's not much you can do about it. The good news is, you can finally jump back into the saddle, after a long winter of making excuses about how you just "don't have the time" to go riding in sub-zero weather. Hooray! Annie and I have had two rides already, and she was an angel-- despite not even being lunged beforehand. Let's hope that continues.

Spring Horse-Related Events in WI
  • Have you got your spring vaccinations, worming and new Coggins test done?
  • Have you bought your 2012 WI trail/park/camping passes? You can order 'em here.
  • A listing of WI country, district and state fair dates can be found here.
  • March 18th: "Mega" Tack Sale in West Bend, WI. 10- 3. Washington County 4-H. Info here.
  • March 24th: Tack Swap & Coggins Day at the Fairgrounds in Portage. Seller's table = $10, Coggins = $18. Free admission. Testing begins at 1pm. Walk-ins welcome.
  • March 24th: Open Fun Show at Mandt Equestrian in Oregon, WI. Info here.
  • April 14th: Another Open Fun Show at Mandt. Same deal.
  • Central WI Horse Sale: April 18th-21st. Held at the Clark County Fairgrounds, Neillsville, WI. Antiques, tack, vehicles, trailers, then horses and ponies on the last day. Probably the largest auction in the state. More info here.
  • Midwest Horse Fair: April 20th-22nd. Event schedule here.
  • Tim Nolan Arena Horse Auction: May 5th, Marion, WI. Probably the second-largest horse auction in WI. They usually have some tack before the horses. More info here.  
  • Partners for Progress Open Benefit Show: May 6th. Starts 8:30am. Details here.
  • Open Show Sponsored by Plymouth Trail Riders: May 29th. Plymouth, WI. Details here.
  • Oregon Horse Association Open Show: May 28th. Starts 8:30am. Flier here.
  • Another Central WI Horse Sale: May 19th. Critters only this time.
  • Dodge Co. Saddle Club Open Show: June 3rd. Starts. 8:30am. Just north of Beaver Dam. Info here.
  • Midwest Horse Welfare Raffle: This charity raffle started Mar. 2nd, and the winners will be drawn on June 30th at the rescue. Attendees will also be entered for door prizes, just for showing up. If you want to sell tickets to support this great charity, you can even win incentives! More here.

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