Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Craigslist

These Craigslist ads are "wanted" ads for a change-- but if the type of ad has changed, the craziness has not. Click on 'em to make 'em bigger.

Ummmm, has this person not heard of "vets" before? Actually, I'm guessing they have, but are just plain too cheap to have one come they're looking for some farmer or cowboy to do it instead. Or maybe they've got a wild horse that no intelligent vet will go near. Or maybe they already owe too much money to the local vets. Whatever the case may be, holy hell, they suck.

Next up:

In my experience, even in this glutted horse market, there are two types of horses that are hard to find:

1) Really really well-broke horses. If they're out there, they're generally not for sale, or cost a ton.
2) 10-11 hand horses/ponies. This size is just hard to find. Plenty of big guys, plenty of minis, no shorties.

This poster is looking for both. No wonder they're having trouble! As for the lack of communication, yeah, Craigslist is well known for crap like that--- but I have a feeling the problems weren't just on one side. Would you like to deal with someone who writes angry, misspelled missives like this? Yeah, me neither. Furthermore, it's a sign of a lack of intelligence that this person is relying on Craigslist and auctions to find a kid's pony. How about talking to breeders, POA organizations, etc? Since it's a pony for kids, you know, small helpless precious people with limited skills, don't you think it would be worth it to check out some higher-priced options? Or hey, how about getting an older full-sized horse? There are a ton of semi-retired, dead-broke ex-show horses that would be perfect for kids.

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