Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brief Updates- Mylie, Crundwell, Nash & Derby Death Goof

Mylie the bucking QH has found a home with an experienced former trainer in Shawano, WI-- and one of our readers, Carol, thinks she recognizes her as Willow, a horse she once worked with! Carol, Todd says Mylie has been evaluated by a vet and a vet tech and didn't have a back problem like Willow may have had, but would still like to figure out if they are one and the same horse! Did Willow have one white rear sock? To me, these ladies do look pretty similar (they even have the same expression!)-- though Mylie (on the right) might have a slightly longer and narrower face, what do you guys think? Carol, please email Todd at -- he'd love to be able to pass on any information about Mylie's past to her new owner/trainer.

Rita Crundwell, the famous Quarter Horse breeder from Dixon, Illinois, plead "not guilty" to embezzling $53 million from the city. I wonder what her defense will be? "Oops, I slipped, and the money just fell into my purse on accident!" The clients who signed up for a breeding, a foal purchase, etc with Crundwell are worried about what's going on with the seized champions-- but it seems as though the U.S. Marshall are handling it pretty well, hiring people to sort out who's in foal, which trainers need to keep getting checks, etc. Which pisses me off. How is it that officials can't seem to bother seizing starving or tortured animals from any given hoarding case, because paying for their "expensive" care "is a burden," but suddenly those same officials can afford to throw gobs of money maintaining this rich bitch's huge herd?

Next, it appears I was mistaken when I said that there were no injuries at the Kentucky Derby; one man was found murdered in the stables area. The press, including Yahoo News's front page, started calling him a "groomer." LOL. Sorry to make light of a sad situation, but I can't help it. Dear reporters: this wasn't a dog show. This stuff reminds me that, though you and I are immersed in the horse world, others find even the basic terminology confusing. Even my husband regularly confuses "halter" with "bridle." Still, one would hope that a major news source would get it right...

Finally, Nash the llama is doing great in his new home. Jennifer tells me that he adjusted well to being introduced to the whole herd, and only had problems with the aggressive dominant male. Rather than deprive Nash of his new family, she booted the bully into the "old lady" herd where he won't cause trouble and left Nash in with the big herd. Yay! Nash likes to chase Jennifer's dogs, but still doesn't spit, and his nose is doing fine. Jennifer is awesome.

Okay folks, I'm going to be pretty busy this weekend, but stay tuned, because great posts like "WTF Watertown Humane Society?!" "Stupidity is International" and "Annie's Birthday Prize Giveaway" are coming up!


  1. North Horse. i had emailed him when I first saw the ad several weeks ago. And the pic of Willow/Mylie that I took with her former owner.. the mare has her head more forward, on the shoulder of the lady who did love her.. but with her husband thrown and needing back surgery, me thrown and having to have a titanium shoulder joint... The mare just was not safe....

  2. I don't know of any e-mail sent to my husband that said they knew this horse much less one with a picture attached. Please be aware that makes me a bit suspicious of you. But I do know it may have gone to spam. Now as to Mylie. I do not believe her and Willow are the same horse. My husband however, would like to hear from you and compare what is known to find out indeed if she is or not. Mylie has been evaluated and examined by profesionals and we are aware there are imaging machines that could have been used but we were not refered to have any. Mylie was purchased as a childs horse and indeed two young girls rode her. At our farm there was no inital problem with mounting her or riding. This behavior started out of the blue and we could not allow a child on her. Why she was ever marketed to anyone as a safe horse I do not know. I would ask that of the owners you knew if it is Mylie or not Willow should never have been sold to a beginer or someone when you all knew she was a dangerous horse. I put the shame on people such as them. Not on my husband or myself for trying to find her a home after we have given all the information we can. We believe our horse Mylie can be worked with and so does her new owner and trainer. When we know you will also know as we will keep an update to this Blog. We stand behind the old time values and we will never sell or give freely any animal that we are not truthfull about. My husband is a" by his word " and " handshake" type of man.