Friday, May 11, 2012

Mary Loeffelholz the Scumbitch Update

I recently posted about Mary Loeffelholz of Belleville, WI and her herd of starving horses. Looks like with all of the media coverage, officials are finally getting off of their asses: they convinced her to surrender seven more abused equines.

Of course, that still leaves five in her care-- and they're still not pressing charges against her. Which is just super super awesome, considering the fabulous pictures we now have of the horses, and this video of her trashy, danger-filled property.

 I guess the problem is that Mary's relatives are claiming they own, or part-own, the last five horses, and they've been moved closer to those relatives, in New Glarus and Belleville.

Uh.... so?! I just don't understand. Let's say this was a case involving humans. Mom abuses her kids for years, people call her out on it, so she ships them to Dad's house -- and the authorities just throw up their hands and say, "Oh, well, there's nothing we can do now!" Bullshit!

And it has been years that this abuse has been going on. Andrea Loeffelholz, Mary's sister-in-law, saw one horse sink chest-deep into the mud and die in 2008. Back then, Mary's defense was that, "...her veterinarian had determined that the horse died after developing colic from being exposed to the mud and water." OMG this "vet" is totally incompetent!!

Another quote from the local newspaper: "...But she was defiant, saying she’s been raising Saddlebreds for 20 years and that her family rode them in 4-H and showed them."

Dear Scumbitch: I don't care if you won a gold medal in Olympic Dressage, single-handedly saved fifteen foals from a fire, and bred a herd of magical pegasi. Even if your past horsey exploits were absolutely wonderful (which I doubt) it doesn't mean everything you've done since then is too!

*sigh*  Anyway, it's important that we start to concentrate on helping those that have been saved. Dane County Humane Society was already dealing with eight horses surrendered to them by a homeless man. While some of those are already in foster homes, DCHS just does not have the resources for fifteen more horses!

Here's how you can help:
  • Text "DONATE HAY" to 80077 from your mobile phone to donate $10 to care for horses in need.
  • Mail checks payable to "DCHS" with "help the horses" in the memo the main shelter (5132 Voges Road, Madison).
  • Make an online donation.
  • To physically donate hay, regular-sized halters, leadropes, brushes, or salt blocks, call call (608) 838-0413 ext. 100. Stuff should be in decent condition; hay should be good quality.
  • Apply to foster a horse.
  • Adopt one of the six available horses from the homeless case. (The others aren't ready to be adopted out yet, and won't be for a good long while.)
I'm personally strapped for cash at the moment, but I'm going to see about donating some hay.


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  2. Hey, do you know where she is? She owes us money for hay she picked-up well over a year ago. WI Circuit Court Access doesn't have any other address than what we have.

    1. I'm not sure, but here are some places you can start:

      Mary A. Loeffelholz's address as of 2008: 129 Green Street, Belleville, WI 53508. The address in Ccap, 230 E. Pearl St. Belleville, is probably more recent though, so if she's not there I'm as stumped as you are.

      Her daughter's address as of 2012: Melinda “Mindy” Gehin 427 River St #6, Belleville, WI 53508.

      It appears that Mary A. Loeffelholz may be using her daughter's last name sometimes (calling herself Mary A. Gehin). Or maybe Loeffelholz was her maiden name and she was using that. At any rate, both names came back with the same birthdate and phone number, 608-424-3483. Mary A. "Gehin" was charged with a traffic offense on 02-20-2012 and did live on Pearl St then.

      If you're calling or knocking on the door, I would fully expect someone to lie to your face and say Mary L doesn't live there, when in fact she still does.

      (Please note that there is also a Mary G. Gehin living in Belleville, who has a different birthdate than Mary L. No idea if she is a relation, but she appears NOT to be Mary L herself.)

      Mary A. Loeffelholz may also be using the aliases Mary A Hobson and Maryann Loeffelholz.

      Farm where Mary Loeffelholz's horses were originally kept: 480 County Highway D in Oregon. This property is actually owned by Charles and Andrea Loeffelholz. I believe they are the ones that actually reported the neglect case, so even though there is a relation there, they may be willing to help track Mary down.

      Lawrence and Gail (Loeffelholz) Rose own the property next door. However, they actually live at N9001 County Highway O in Greenwood, WI. Again, definitely a relation but no idea what kind.

      Lawrence and Gail were, for some time, allowing Linus Loeffelholz to keep horses there. Linus Loeffelholz lived at 122 School Road Apartment #103 in Belleville, WI as of 2009. He ALSO never paid for some hay and got himself sued for over $800. The hay sellers were B&M Auctions. Try contacting Jim McNeill, who usually handles the hay and was listed on the lawsuit as the plaintiff: 608-938-4822. Otherwise the main office's number is 608-328-4878.

      All of the above is public info, so don't be afraid to use it. I wish you the very best of luck.