Friday, May 4, 2012

Find Mylie A Home! + Entitlement Sucks

This is Mylie-- and she needs a home!

Many blogs feature adoptable horses from rescues. It's awesome-- but a little unfair. Horse rescues do work incredibly hard, and they deserve help and respect. But usually, they already have a support network. What about individuals?

I'm not talking about every Joe Shmoe that wants to "rehome" (sell) a horse because their daughter grew out of her pony phase. I'm talking about the honest, hard-working people who have opened their homes to a single animal in need, and don't want to make any profit. These people don't have highly visible, popular websites. They don't have 501(c)(3) status. They're getting no deals from vets or trainers, and they're generally not part of the rescue-involved "scene." They're just people trying to do the right thing. That's today's featured rescue.

This Quarter Horse mare is a gorgeous bay, fully broke, sound, healthy, and young (seven). She's also nice and tall at 15.2 hands. She's had her hooves, vaccinations and worming done. She's located near Markesan, WI. And she's free!

There's one problem: Mylie is a bucker. Not always, and not a bronco-bucker, but not for a beginner.

Her owner Todd says he has ruled out saddle fit problems, back injury or pain, teeth problems, rider error, and in short, everything he can think of. Todd got sold a lemon, but unlike many people, he won't send her to auction, he won't dump her on a dealer or an unknowing newbie, he won't give her away to just anyone, he's going to keep her until she finds a really suitable home. That's awesome.

Here's what Todd has to say about the bucking issue:

"She is a nice girl. She will saddle and take a bit fine. She will at times buck after first mounting or anytime while riding. It is not the aggressive bucking but a back step buck up and you can be thrown. It seems to be a fear or panic response to things. She can be ridden and before us had two young children riders but SHE IS NOT SAFE for a child and I will not market her as such. I want her to go to someone who has desensitizing training or experience with troubled horses and has the time she needs. She can appear perfect and sound and so I fear if in the wrong hands she would be remarketed and sold for profit and someone would end up hurt."

There are those of you that might complain that Todd needs to spend some money on training. That might be true if this was just a simple issue. The way Todd describes it however, it's a dangerous habit that may or may not be fixable-- meaning, even if he had the expertise or money to train her, he may never be able to fully trust Mylie. I can empathize with that. I had an Arabian cross gelding that was a fantastic horse-- except that he was hot, hot, hot. Fast, spooky, pushy and dominant, he scared me to death, and after a year of trying, I was simply not comfortable with, or capable of, doing more with him. Even if I had sent him to a trainer for 365 days, his personality was such that I would never have felt safe riding him. Likewise, Todd just doesn't feel safe riding Mylie...but he's not dumping her either!

Mylie needs a great home with someone who can work on her issue. Is it you? Are you one of those go-get-'em riders with training expertise and a little taste for thrill? Do you have experience working on bad habits? OR, do you need a gorgeous, sound young pasture mate?

See Mylie's Craigslist ad here, or contact Todd at -- but be warned, Mylie is only going to go to a GREAT home!

P.S. Todd says he's been getting a ton of criticism from all sides. Undoubtedly, there are those who are telling him to just shoot or euthanize poor Mylie, and those telling him he should keep her forever and ever and ever regardless of his safety. What really made me angry, however, was one response to his Craigslit ad, also posted on Craigslist:

Is this a scam (markesen)

Date: 2012-05-03, 3:04PM CDT
Reply to: see below [Errors when replying to ads?]

Theres an add for a free horse and I went to see it and I wasn't given it. I think it's a scam!!!!!!!! I wasted my day and so I don't want anyone else to waste theirs. I was told that she was rideable but told I couldn't ride. The guy who showed her got up and rode but when I asked why I couldn't i was told because she is unpredictable. So what she is free and I should have been allowed to get on her. I was told I wasn't a match for her because she needs an experienced handler. Why? I think this guy jusst wants to waste peoples time and has nothing better to do.

Isn't that the most bratty, entitlement-filled thing you've ever read?!  I just had to respond:

To the person complaining about not getting the free horse:

- They rode themselves and didn't want YOU to ride because of the possibility of a lawsuit if the horse injured you.
- They didn't give you the free horse because they obviously thought you were not going to be a good owner
- It's THEIR horse, and they have the right to decide who to give it to-- i.e. a GOOD home
- This whiny, entitlement-filled ad PROVES you are not going to be a good owner
- If you want everything your way, try actually paying for a horse

Okay folks-- spread the word! Find Mylie a home! I have faith in you :)  Don't forget to watch the Kentucky Derby tomorrow, Sat. May 5th! It will be on NBC at 5:24 pm central time-- but if you want a preview of the horses and jockeys, you should of course tune in earlier.


  1. She could be cold backed. I've had lesson horses that needed to be lunged to " work out the kinks ". I think society is afraid of life. Bucking happens. Not all the time, but it does and if you're a horse person you need to deal with it. Not necessarily Todd, he's doing the responsible thing. But riders in general.

    I taught at a riding school where any spooky crowhopping mareish nippy horse was sent to an auction. Because the owner could be sued if she knowingly put a child on a "unsafe" horse. Yet the students only learned to ride broke broke horses. After a while your not learning anything. IMO.

  2. Good point, PPP. Horseback riding isn't for the faint of heart! Even the gentlest horse acts up sometimes. I've often said that in riding, it's not "if" you're going to get hurt, it's when!

    I wonder what would happen if someone with your brave attitude tried Mylie. Maybe her "habit" would stop once she had a rider who consistently rode the bucks out. Why not contact Todd and see?

  3. I think I truly KNOW This mare... I think I am the one who started her nearly 2 years ago!! She was named Willow then, was purchased by a green/beginner rider/owner, and she was supposedly green broke.. more like started..
    She was great on the ground, lunged like a dream but she would crank around her tail, her ears would lie flat.. and she would give this twisting buck, even at a trot and you were OFF... she decided to sell this mare as she was dangerous. She does have a back issue, slipped disc or something. The owners AND this Todd.. probably haven't spent the money for x-rays or the other ways to check.. to truly see if she really is alright or not.. she would probably make a great driving horse, or a broodmare if you were into breeding grade horses...
    This mare shattered my shoulder. I really REALLY would reccommend a pre purchase even if she is free!
    Take a look at these pics, that is THE same face!!