Sunday, May 6, 2012

News Updates

It's time to give you some updates on past stories, as well as inform you of some new ones!

In the Kentucky Derby yesterday, I'll Have Another came from the 19th post to battle for the win, by a length and a half. It was the 5th fastest Derby in history, the horses hovering at speeds of around 34 miles per hour. Wow! In comparison, most of our trail ponies do about 25 mph at the gallop, 30 tops. Click this link to watch the Derby videos. The favorite, Bodemeister, got stuck in the pack, and my own picks failed! Well, that's why I don't gamble. Thankfully, there were no falls or injuries.

As a couple of readers kindly mentioned: Cyndi Plasch, the trainer who beat a reluctant-to-load horse with a wiffle bat at the Midwest Horse Fair, will be cited for her actions. The fine is only $429, but that along with the media backlash might make her think twice about using stupid, abusive training practices in the future. By the way, I think I'll retract what I said about wiffle bats probably not hurting too much;  in the vastness of the internet, I found this picture of injuries sustained during a wiffle bat fight:

Rita Crundwell, a famous Quarter Horse breeder, has just had her horses seized. A while ago, she was found to have embezzled $30 million from the city government of Dixon, Illinois-- an amount that's now been updated to $53 million. She used the money to build a huge show-horse empire, an incredible ranch, etc. Another article and video here.

Remember when all those wild animals in Ohio were turned loose, and officials had to shoot them? Well, among the dozens of lions and tigers and bears (seriously) kept by that crazy old dude, a few survived-- and thanks to Ohio's still-lax animal laws, his wife is taking them home (from decent homes in zoos) to live on her farm. Not only are officials worried about another escape, Mrs. Thompson probably isn't going to take any better care of them than her negligent, abusive husband. The animals were definitely not well cared for before he let them loose, then committed suicide-- how is this chick going to do any better by herself? She's now got a bear, three leopards and a monkey. Hooray. And no, I don't like that 50+ animals were shot, it's terribly sad-- but when you have that many large starving predators on the loose, you can't wait around with humane traps and hope that no schoolchildren get eaten. Blame the Thompsons for being fucking stupid hoarders. Also: no, I don't agree with keeping big cats as pets. It's cruel, dangerous and often results in exactly this:

A little girl's show saddle and two show bridles were stolen from her family's locked trailer at the Midwest Horse Fair this year. How goddamn awful is that? Since it was a 12 inch saddle, the thief had to know he/she was stealing a kid's saddle. Please keep a lookout for this tack, and contact the Dane County Sheriff if you have any information on it (or saw someone carrying around bolt cutters at the fair):

- 12 inch Billy Cook Show Saddle, with a Billy Cook Leather front girth.
- Dale Chevez Bridle with show bit, Drop V front browband and silver tipped silver curb chain, had white barrel reins on at the time.
- Dale Chevez two eared bridle, square silver around the ear pieces, silver and gold tint to it, silver down both cheeks, also had silver tipped circle y curb chain and show bit, with black braided strap attached at bit end, with Circle Y split Show reins.

Wow, that's a lot of depressing stuff in a row, isn't it? How about a lighter note? I just saw this "bling" headstall on Craigslist for $200. Now that's tacky! Can you say, "Las Vegas whore?!"

How about another Craigslist ad? This idiot would like to free-lease his horse to you... in exchange for you training it. *sigh* Mister, there are dozens of cheap or free horses out there that just need a little training. No one wants to do your work for you in exchange for no money, then not get to keep the horse. Just shut up and shell out a couple hundred bucks for an actual trainer.

Hey, speaking of cheap or free horses that just need a little training, check out this bargain! Mercy the Morab hasn't been ridden much, but she's far from untouched, and I'm sure with a month or two of refreshers, she'd be fantastic! What a pretty girl. Only $200 on Craigslist.

Next, the saga of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation continues. The New York-based organization had been investigated in the past for neglecting its rescued horses, but this time the authorities are finally getting serious: the New York Attorney General is actually suing TRF. Good! These 1,000 + horses are spread all around the country, and are getting minimal care while the directors of TRF get cushy salaries. Bastards.

Finally, this is a very interesting article on what defines a "smart" horse. Is it really a horse who is obedient and willing? Or is it the one who throws a fit when you clip him?

Whew, that was a lot!

One last note before I go: I'm looking to attend a horse auction soon, just for kicks and giggles. Anyone know of one I should go to?

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  1. Auctions.. there was a very sad one this last weekend at Francis Pony Farm in Janesville off of Hwy 11... 3 horses..
    one was a LOVELY palimino and white pinto/paint filly 2 yrs old, registered pinto though.. shown in halter at shows... sold for about 230.00, a 4 yr old quarab mare ridden on trails- 290.00 (I think). And a 14 yr old arab mare, well broke went for i think 310 or 320.00
    There is one in Jefferson at the Fair Grounds this saturday You can go here to get the PDF catalog too.

    AND Seriously HAVE to share this.. PLS cross post!!
    PLEASE CROSS POST.. this is SOO wrong! Massive horse neglect in Oregon WI Please contact THIS person's supervisor!!
    Patrick Comfert- a public health official. He is responsible for not allowing the horses to be removed when the attempt was made and has been the official in charge of the situation.
    According to Ms. Fiene, he was seen in the field with Mary Loefflehoz the next day ,amid these dreadful conditions and starving animals , laughing and joking with her. Here,folks, is his superior's #-243-0360, one Doug Vogel. Here is the# of Dane Cty. Exec. Office-266-3197. also an effective,perhaps the most effective, call to make.