Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bad Broodmare Conformation

I don't think I've met anyone, anywhere in this horse world right now who believes that the horse market is doing well. Everyone seems to know that there are too many horses, too few buyers, and not enough cash or jobs in general out there. And yet some people still continue to blindly promote bad breeding. Here are a few broodmares that should never have been bred:

This poor creature is from Iowa, and is currently on the Madison, WI area Craigslist for $3,500. I swear to God, her rear legs seem to be shriveling up in pain. Those pasterns are so upright, I think they could actually be retractable-- they might just sort of slot up into her cannons like the legs on one of those pop-up canopy tents. And they match her ugly upright shoulder. But, uh, nice muscling I guess? Is that HYPP or a lot of workouts? I'm betting HYPP, because she has Impressive in her line twice. Nice of the sellers not to mention whether they've tested her, eh? Her compatriots on the ad aren't great either...

If you detached this mare's limbs and covered them with gravy, you'd have the world's biggest turkey legs. What's with all that meat on those thin legs?! It's like some horses are purposefully bred for the slaughter industry-- they go lame fast and then there's a LOT of meat there. I know this is sort of fashionable in the QH world right now, and not everyone will agree with me when I saw this is pretty terrible. But let me give you one last illustration of the problem. I've taken this photo and then cut out much of the "middle" legs, then put the "meat" directly on top of the lower legs. I did NOT change the proportions in any way. This shows you just how much weight is being put on such tiny surfaces, especially in front, where a horse carries most of its weight:

That's what we call a recipe for lameness. This otherwise pretty lady is from Iowa and is now (thankfully) too old to get in foal, but her owners in Neenah, WI, and her previous owners in Iowa apparently got a good number of foals out of her.

Our last stop on this tour of despair is Mosinee, WI, where a young lady named Kasandra is currently breeding and training. She looks to be roughly fifteen, but don't worry, she's already got herself TWO stallions to breed her mares to! One of them is a very crappy-looking cremello, and the other is an average-looking paint. Surprise surprise. But we're focusing on mares here...

This is Blanco, one of Kasandra's "best ridding horses." Yup, she's being ridden... at two and a half years old. She's not bred... yet.

...and finally, this is Ruby, Kasandra's first horse. Ruby has got a steep croup, weak hip, non-existent loin, tied-in-at-the-knee legs, and God knows what else. Of course Kasandra has bred her at least twice. On Ruby is Kasandra herself, with her infant daughter. Notice how no one is holding the reins? And neither mom or kid has a helmet? And this mare is totally unrestrained, in what looks to be a backyard? This mare isn't the only thing that shouldn't be breeding...

Ow Ow Ow Ow OW my brain is BLEEDING...


  1. North Horse and those who read this blog.. PLEASE pass this on..
    I have been a huge fan of the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation.. but this is just WRONG...

    A good friend who I house/horse sit for, I have done this for the last 2+ years, She has had to have surgery for torn rotator cuffs, and had a broken or fractured rib...

    She had a horse, a gorgeous palamino that apparently has a mystery lameness, the vet just cannot find the cause, but its been there for a few years, AND she

    foundered (rotation of a bone in the hoof called the coffin bone) it is excrutiating to a horse for a LONG time...

    They donated the mare to a local well known theraputic riding center,, .

    they had to return her as she came up lame and the vets were very stumped, several hundred dollars later

    she could only be a companion, she will buck due to the pain if ridden for any real length of time.

    So they waited to take her up the the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, a well known and very much accredited horse rescue, they were on a waiting list to bring her there.

    Last Saturday they traveled some 3+ hours to get her there by 11 am (per the MHWF) request/demand.

    I love checking out their website and forum...

    I found that they are totting Cassie (the mare) as a good reliable trail mount, with no mention about her lameness issue, or her previous founder, or that she has and will buck some one off due to the pain.

    PLEASE email or call these people Karen at: and Scott at :

    Or call them 715-884-2215.

    I just cannot believe they would do this, I am truly appalled.


    1. Hi Carol, thanks for posting! I will absolutely be calling Scott on Monday to check into this. Do you know when Cassie foundered, and when she was donated?

  2. She was donated last saturday the 9th and I think she foundered a year and a half ago, before christmas 2010.

  3. Hi Carol,

    Scott at MWHF says that Cassie has fully recovered from the founder and any other issues, and has been passed by a vet as sound. She's being ridden daily, and is now tentatively adopted. I know that foundered horses do recover (mine has), so I think she's okay. I have a lot of trust in MWHF. Scott also said that the original owner was okay with the adoption description as it was, and that anyone who inquired about or adopted Cassie would get the full history of her past health issues.