Sunday, November 4, 2012

Random Updates

Mr. Strut's abscess seems to be better. I think. I was pretty sure it burst a couple of days after my farrier came, but after the initial ick, there seemed to be no leakage, and the "burst" areas above the cornoary band look almost totally normal. Is it just healing that fast, with minimal drainage hidden by the bandages, or is it not really draining? Well, Mr. Strut is certainly walking better, so for now I will tentatively assume the best, and keep slathering on the Ichthymol.

Do your horses eat pumpkin? Mr. Strut chewed on one a bit, but left it after three nibbles, and Annie was not interested beyond rolling the thing around. I've heard chickens LOVE pumpkin, and cows like it too.

My redneck trailer renovation is going well, thanks to the efforts of some dedicated menfolk. Below is the same room, first in rat-infested 1950s style, then torn apart, then beginning to be put back together. I've never been so excited about insulation before.

 The BLM has another online auction going on, and I LOVE THIS BURRO. Zomg just look at those big fuzzy-wuzzy ears and his adorable red-haired fringe and his tiny tiny nose...! The problem is not so much the $125 adoption fee, but the 11-hour-straight-one-way drive to the nearest pickup location. *sigh* Well, the BLM will have in-person adoptions in Marshfield WI in May. We'll see.

So, we're almost done with the elections!! Thank the Lord. I'm so sick of the political shouting, I'm seriously considering voting for the candidate that spams me with the fewest ads. By the way, I'm not going to endorse any candidate here. I considered doing it... but you know what? The winners probably won't give any more of a damn about animal welfare issues than normal, so this blog is officially neutral.

Right now, I'm working on a blog post about why politicians, law-makers and law-enforces just don't give a damn in general. If you were able to ask an Animal Control officer any question, what would you ask?

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  1. Hi! Glad to know the abcess is draining and almost done and over!!
    At the Taking the Reins competition they had the Wild Burro challenge, the competitors only had 30 days to work with their donkeys.
    A neighbor of mine has two of them, they gave them away at the end of their competition. All she had to do was fill out the adoption app and draw a pic of what her farm looked like.
    So there may be an avenue for you!