Saturday, December 15, 2012

Support Your Local Cyborg Horse

Did you ever have a life's dream?

You know, one where you worked hard, made your own way, and it turned out successfully and you got to live the rest of your life knowing that you made something that will last?

I think you have. Whether it was becoming a horse trainer, competing in high level shows, opening your own shop or running a marathon, we've all had a dream. For a lot of us, it didn't work out-- me included. We have pretty good lives anyway, with family we love and things we like to do... but through bad luck, lack of trying or talent or whatever, we didn't achieve that "big thing." We may never achieve that big thing.

But maybe we can help someone else achieve it.

Today I'd like you to support someone who has worked hard for many years, and needs just a bit of help to really get going. Erin Mehlos, fantastic author of the online Western/Steampunk graphic novel "Next Town Over," is all set to publish her first real book. Like, with hard covers and color pages and everything! It's written, and it's ready-- she just needs to get it published with the help of a couple bucks donated from a few supporters like you. You can donate on her book's Kickstarter page.

I've talked about Next Town Over before, but here's a reminder of just how awesome it looks:

Yep, pretty damn awesome. And that little snapshot doesn't even give you an inkling of how great the story behind the art is.

Did I mention that you get stuff out of this too? Yeah, this ain't no charity, it's a business deal with charitable aspects. You'll get stuff like digital copies of the book, all the way up to the hardcover edition, buttons, T-short and custom-made art just for you, of whatever you want! More money donated = better stuff, but I've got to say, it takes very little money to get some really sweet stuff. Erin must be eating an all-Rice-A-Roni diet to afford this.

The best part is, Erin is a local author, living right here in Wisconsin, and she a horse-loving-animal-rescuing-vegetarian-philanthropist. In short, she's the kind of person you want to succeed merely because if she ever makes it big, she'll be spreading her wealth around to worthy causes. On top of all that, she's just an awesome person.

Here's the problem though: Erin needs $6,500 by January 5th to make this work. She's already got $5,000, but that's having tapped out every one of her supporters. She needs YOUR help within 20 days!

I should mention, by the way, that the Kickstarter fundraising website is completely safe and legitimate. It's been helping small businesses get off the ground for quite a while now. Your credit card information will be safe.

So whaddya say, partner? Won't you please fund this dream?

Also, won't you please spread the word about this project? Just copy and paste the link to this blog, or to Erin's Kickstarter page, and post it on your website/facebook/myspace or whatever.

Erin's Kickstarter page:

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