Friday, December 21, 2012

News You Should Know

Hey, I hope everybody survived the storm! Things are looking bright and sunny in my neighborhood, but the roads still aren't clear.

I'm still working on the "Most Wanted" post, but I have a few news updates to tide you over. Hopefully you're snuggled up warm at home-- I'd hate to think you have to be at work today.

Miniature Pony Rings Bell for Salvation Army

Awww, so cute! Tinker the mini horse/pony has been trained to ring a bell, and did so on behalf of the Salvation Army in West, Ben, WI. ADORABLENESS. Article here.

Chloe's Killer Charged with Felony

Robert Price, the Commerce City, CO cop who shot a pet dog five times, while she was caught with a catch-pole and on her own property, has been charged with one felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals. Good.
Sandy Hook School Shooting

Every blog, news agency and two-bit radio station has had something to say about this tragedy, so I suppose I'm obligated as well. My response is just as bitchy as you'd expect: EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP NOW. Seriously, everyone is using this story to promote their views on mental health, guns, home schooling, religion, politics, video games, one-parent households, you name it. SHUT UP.

This tragedy should not be used to promote anyone's agenda. The bottom line is, awful, evil things like this have happened sporadically for years, in every country in the world, and no one is any closer to solving the mystery of why those killers sucked worse than the rest of humanity. No one can find a foolproof way to prevent bad things from happening in the future, either.

The best we can do is tell the media vultures to back the fuck off and give the people of Newton some space to grieve. We can do that by not watching more of the gore-fest on every channel. And let's not give the mass-murderer any more publicity. He's dead, gone to face ultimate justice. I'm sure some of his motivation for the heinous act was becoming infamous. Therefore, let's forget he ever existed. Maybe if we start treating these killers as forgotten trash, rather than semi-celebrities, that will take away some of the motivation for future murderers.

Trapping in WI -- Why You Should Worry

Hunting has been allowed on a very limited basis in Wisconsin State Parks for years. Now, however, more public parks will be open to hunting and trapping. Article here.

Yes, that's right, the next time you take your dog or kid or horse to a state park, you'll have to worry about leg hold traps, body grabbing traps and noose snares.

This is Otis. Short video about this incident by Otis's owner here.

Leghold traps aren't large or sharp enough to kill, but they can certainly fracture a dog or child's limb. Body grabbing and noose snare traps can certainly strangle a dog or child to death. The traps are legally allowed within 100 yards of public areas like trails, beaches and campsites. I don't like the idea that I have to be worried about traps anywhere in a public park.

Here's a great, illustrated PDF about how to remove a dog from all three types of traps.
Here's where you can contact the DNR to tell them how stupid it is to allow traps in public parks.

Next Town Over is Funded!

Local animal-lover Erin Mehlos WILL be able to get her awesome Western/Steampunk graphic novel published. If you contributed, you are my hero! Page here.

Pets and Christmas

Remember folks, puppies, kittens, ponies and horses are NOT good Christmas presents. Any breeder that advertises his/her animals as "great presents for Christmas" are probably ones to stay away from. Animals are not things to give, but family members to be committed to. Now, if the whole family has planned it out for weeks or months, done the research and agreed to chores and care expectations, feel free to go get a furry friend to share your holidays. Otherwise, don't do it.

Spread the word that pets aren't presents by saving the pics below and then uploading them to your own blog or Facebook. More great advice about pets at the holidays here.

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