Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Goodguys: Todd, Carol, Mary & At Ease Veterans

It's not often that this blog gets to congratulate people. We usually have to read about one more story of shitty behavior, neglect or ignorance. But goodguys are out there. There are people right now, right here in Wisconsin, who are doing wonderful things for animals. They don't get any recognition, except from a few close friends who have almost stopped thanking them because their goodness is so frequent as to have become commonplace.

Well today, North Horse recognizes a few of these Goodguys. They are:


Todd and his wife aren't a rescue, are not vets, and probably don't have any more spare cash than the rest of us. Yet they help critters when it counts most. Todd was first featured in my blog about Mylie. Mylie found a great new home. Recently, Todd and his wife saw one of my recent blog posts about free horses needing homes, and went and picked up this poor two year old pony near Beaver Dam:

Todd says, "She is very underweight. Her bones are all showing and her belly is extended with worms. This woman tried to say she was healthy with hay belly and instructed us not to feed her any more hay. WTF. Her hooves are very overgrown. Her 'sunburn' may have started out that way but she has open sores and lacerations and we were told because she is being bitten by their other horses. She is now being treated for lice. Her fur is even falling out and her main and tail are covered in burdocks. Matted down to the flesh. This woman's excuse was she bought a brush but it did not work at getting them out. Her excuse for not medicating her sunburn.....'it's winter and you can't wash or use medications on a horse in winter.'"

This fucking genius bitch was Angela Krueger.

The pony, renamed from Willow to Autumn, is now under the care of the Berlin vets, is on medication twice a day and is on a special feeding program. Todd would like to thank Laura Orton of the Berlin Veterinary Clinic for all her help, especially coming out without an appointment.

Todd told me, "I am so glad your blog is out there to get information passed and because of it , in this case, a horse was saved."

Nope, I just re-post Craiglist ads. YOU saved Autumn, YOU are the hero!



Carol, a long-time reader of NorthHorse, rescued a young paint gelding this last fall from a truly stupid bitch who had starved him to the point of hip-jutting, backbone-popping skeletonization. 

Did Carol post all over everywhere, trying to get donations or praise? Nope! I only found out about her generosity by stumbling upon her Craigslist ad, where she was skillfully, responsibly trying to re-home the newly rehabbed paint. Only after I mentioned the ad in a post did Carol come forward with this heartwarming story in the comments. This cutiepie is now in a new home, hundreds of pounds heavier and much, much happier thanks to Carol. You're a hero, Carol!



For decades, Mary ran Saint Francis Horse Rescue and Retirement. She found a home for Diego the black stallion (now gelding) last year. Recently, Mary and her hubby understandably had to retire from the rescue business. Yeah, right.

Despite her "retirement," in the last couple of months Mary has taken on two more horses in need. 

One, a fine old gentleman named Warrior, is a 26 year old Thoroughbred who had been starved by his bastard of an owner. Warrior is descended from Bold Ruler and probably once raced on the track, only to be doomed to an awful death. Fortunately, an angel named Sarona bought Warrior away from his abusive owner and gave him to Mary. Warrior was incredibly thin, but is now doing much, much better in the loving hands of his rescuers.

Warrior's story is incredible, but here's a story I think is under-rated. You see, not all rescues keep track of their former horses, much less take them back when necessary. Mary does BOTH time and time again. A big red dun gelding named The Cool Sweep, AKA Charlie, was underweight and needed to come back to the rescue. Did Mary turn him away? Nope. Despite being retired and taking on the financial burden of rehabilitating Warrior, she took him in again.

Oh, and did I mention she also just took in a mule that I may be falling in love with?


Finally, I'd like to mention some other kinds of heroes.
Freedom Stables near Deerfield, WI, has been running a program called At Ease for veterans for a while now. The program helps veterans, especially disabled and depressed ones, find a sense of purpose and community. At Ease was selected to be a part of the President's inaugural parade this past weekend, and boy did those veterans show up in a blaze of glory! Despite near-constant problems they made it, and proudly showed what old campaigners, both human and equine, can do. We salute you! Read more here.

Above, Stacy Lindbo,left, of Madison riding Chavez and Patty Roelofs riding Zippy proudly make their way towards the White House.

So remember folks, there ARE Goodguys out there, helping the helpless every single day. Thank them when you see them!

If you have a story about a hero in your neighborhood, send it to and let me give him or her some recognition.

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