Saturday, January 5, 2013

OMFG: Craigslist, Saddle Thieves, 12 Free Starving Horses & More

There are a billion things to talk about today, because I've been lazy about updating lately. Somehow, the days have just flown by.

What the HELL do you mean it's 2013 already?!

First up, we have this amazing Craigslist ad. 2 free blind horses and one non-blind one for $200. Highlights from this ad:

- the first blind horse "can be broke to ride," and would make, "a great kids horse."

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-the second blind horse "is APHA registered, and homogenized." Homogenized, huh? They do that to milk, sounds like it would be painful for a horse.

-the $200 horse is a two year old grade paint mare that has been "cosmetically injured," and, "She is dainty, but not small boned. [edit: WHAT?] 13.5 hands, and I'd say she will mature to around 15 hands, give or take." Give or take what, magical growing powder?

*sigh*  Despite the stupid factor here, the person writing the ad actually sounds like a fairly decent human being who saved these horses from an auction or an abusive scumbag. I just wished they had saved horses that would be more desirable for potential adopters. If you want to run a retirement home, fine, save all of the disabled horses you want; if you are trying to "save" horses then re-home them, blind ones are not the best choice.

Speaking of horses that need homes...

Some douchebitch lady here in WI, either Crawford or Walworth county, has a dozen starving horses she wants to get rid of. She's willing to give them away for free, I guess, if someone will take them off of her hands before the 12th. After that, she says she will sell them to a meat buyer. I don't yet know the lady's name/phone number, the location of the horses, the horses ages or anything, but I'm working on it. Apparently the person in the know on this situation is Marj of Beyond the Fenceline Equine Rescue. You can try contacting her yourself at or (920)290-2199. 

If you're not ready to take on a starving horse right now, but still looking to lend a helping hoof, Blue Spring Farm has a barn fire in early December and needs your help. No horses or humans were hurt, but they lost everything, including hay, grain, tack and equipment. Check out their website and ask 'em what you can do to help.

On a more positive note, some really stupid thieves got their just desserts this week.
Mike Southworth of Pell Lake, Jasmine Ingersoll of Lake Geneva and Shawn Mercier of East Troy stole 12 saddles, plus other tack, on December 30th. 

Ten of the saddles were taken from Dawson's Creek Ranch near Lake Geneva, a very very nice stable. At least one of the thieves had been there previously for a barrel racing competition, and knew the layout of the barn. They knocked over the security camera, snuck the tack out through a back cornfield, and drove away.

Immediately, the farm owners got on the telephone, made a stolen tack Facebook page, posted on Craigslist and used any other channel they could find to broadcast the theft, posting pictures and descriptions of the missing tack.

Less than 48 hours later, the crooks were arrested, thanks to a Columbus, WI tack shop and barn owner. The stupid thieves had contacted him about selling their ill-gotten gains almost immediately after stealing the stuff. They claimed their uncle had died and left them the tack, but they had no idea what it was worth. The tack shop owner thoughT, "Yeah, sure, 12 saddles that you have not clue one about?" He called a friend, who had seen the story on social media. He then called the police, and they arranged a sting. The three dopey crooks were caught red-handed trying to sell the stolen stuff. They're currently out on signature bond.

DUHHHHHH. Idiots. At least one of them was semi-familiar with the horse world, but she couldn't be bothered to do a little research on the saddle brands, or figure out a better place to sell 'em than a town a couple of hours away?
In addition, these were distinctive saddles. They'd been personalized, and some, like the barrel saddle belonging to Dawnson's Creek Ranch's owner Heidi, were custom works of art. Can you say, "highly recognizable?"

Thieves Jasmine Ingersoll and Mike Southworth are only 20 years old. Wow.

Read the full story and catch the video here.

Oh hey, speaking of tack, don't forget about the 4H Tack Swap at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds! It's on Sunday Jan. 20th 9am -1:30. It's probably one of the largest tack swaps in the state, and of course they'll have refreshments! Sorry, vendor booths are all sold out. More info here.

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