Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Pony for Christmas

 Howdy folks! Are you surviving the holidays? We're almost up to New Years Eve, so hang in there. If you're like me, you do love friends and family get-togethers, but you sometimes wish there was a time limit to socializing. Say, 40 minutes or so per event. My equally introverted friend Megan once had the greatest idea ever: a special "quiet room" at parties you could enter to decompress before going out to be bombarded by chatter again.

Speaking of Christmas excitement, Horse Nation recently posted a collection of videos of little girls getting ponies for Christmas. You can't watch 'em here.

Generally I have mixed feelings about these videos. Are those girls spoiled by getting ponies as gifts, or am I just weirdly jealous that as a little girl I had to slave away at minimum wage jobs to get my first horse? Are equines okay to "gift" anyway?

Most of these girls seem really, really surprised and break-into-sobs happy, but a couple of 'em seem to just believe getting a pony is no more than what they're due for being so adorable. They're happy, but not the kind of mind-blowing happy I would have been had I been given a pony at 10 years old.

Yeah, this is more realistic...

How about you? Were you ever given a horse/pony? Have you ever given one? How did it turn out?

My top "spoiled brat videos" this year are definitely this one and this one. Dear parents: grow some fucking balls. Your kid is going to grow up into an entitled asshole.

Actually I myself was rather spoiled this Christmas, with a mound of awesome retro presents, My Little Pony swag and an adorable llama ornament.

I should perhaps explain that my family has a tradition of giving meaningful ornaments that commemorate a special event or sentiment from the year. Therefore, this little guy (made with real llama wool) is commemorative of Nash.

One of the cheapest, but coolest gifts I gave this year was a batch of unicorn cookies, each lovingly decorated to the max. They were for my husband's co-worker, who has pulled some extra shift this year so he and I could have a day off together once in a while. She's unicorn-obsessed :)

What did you get for Christmas? Or more importantly, what did you give?


  1. Oh my gosh, those cookies must have taken forEVER to decorate.

    I gave my sister an antique vase that I think she'll really like. If she ever gets it. USPS, you SUCK.

    I am a little embarrassed to admit that I was given a horse by my parents when I was about ten. His name was Trigger. I loved him mightily.

  2. Aw don't be embarrassed-- if you loved him and appreciated your parents then it's not being spoiled.

  3. Way late on this, but re: the videos - the girls who were excited but not crazy-falling-on-the-floor-in-shock seemed to come from pretty horsey families. It looked like they were going into nice on-property barns and there were already a few horses in the family, so I'm sure it wasn't as nuts for them to get their own horse as it was for people like us who had to scrimp and save and whose parents didn't ride and didn't 'do' horses at all. If I had a nice six stall barn on my property and a few horses, and had a kid who rode and appreciated them, (and I magically apparently had money coming out of my ears...) I would totally get him or her an age-appropriate horse when I felt they were ready. And I guess when you grow up around horses, getting your first is 'OMG THANK YOU!' exciting, but not quite 'Holy shit you just changed my worldview, my mind is blown aaaauuughghh bananas' like it would be for some other kids.