Monday, March 4, 2013

Color for Your Monday Blahs

Ugh, it's Monday and it's still too damned cold. I could bombard you with more news articles, or talk about the over-vaccination debate, or do another confo clicnic... but you know what? That's just too much thinking for today. Let's sit back, relax and look at pretty horse pictures for once, okay? You can also check out Zelda the Zorse's facebook page for more cool pictures and some sassy comments.


  1. Some of those are really nifty looking, that last one is adorable and awesome. I admit, I do like the brindle coloring on horses.

  2. OMG! The melanistic zebra has my freaked out until that last feathered foal. I'd love to find out more about that foal-!!

    1. I wish it were real, but I believe the foal's "stripes" were created with a clippers. His dull brown baby coat was shaved away to reveal his true black coat beneath. If you look, the brown is much fuzzier and overlaps the black in places.

      Sort of the same thing is going on with the black and white Appaloosa foal, but it's natural rather than man-made-- his white "eye goggles" are only temporary, and he will eventually grow out to have a lot more white on his face. For some reason the fur around foals' eyes changes color first, no idea why.