Sunday, July 7, 2013

What's Wrong with this Picture? A Basic Horsemanship Quiz

Earlier this year at Midwest Horse Fair, I attended a wonderful little seminar called "What's Wrong with This Picture?" It was a great reminder that, over time, even the best riders can get sloppy about basic horsemanship skills... so we need to keep practicing them! To that end, today I present to you a little quiz.

There are at least five things wrong with this picture. Can you list them all? Answers posted next time.


  1. Both straps are not right, one is to short and the other is not tight. I would add another blanket under the saddle, and even the blankets better and pull the saddle up forward.

  2. Either I should worry for my horsemanship, or it's because I ride English, but I haven't the foggiest idea. Looks like a Western saddle on a horse, haha. The only problem I usually see/know of with Western is people messing up the back cinch, but it looks fine to me. You don't have one of those giantly thick pads under the saddle, is that one?

  3. I'm thinking that the front girth is too short, the back one needs to be taken up a notch and I don't see a connector between the two to keep the back one from moving backwards and causing this horse to become a rodeo bronc. What is up with the back of this saddle? It is either too small for the horse or needs to be repositioned. This kind of saddle blanket I don't use alone, I always put a thicker pad next to the horse and this kind of blanket over it. That way I don't have to worry about wrinkles/folds being created and causing sores.

  4. Some great answers so far! There's still one thing no one has mentioned yet though...

  5. I can't believe no one has mentioned the saddle looks like it is sitting right down on the withers and is that a latigo for a rear cinch on the front?

  6. Well from what I see..
    1- to me the off side billet is not the correct type, it seems more like one you would see for the rear cinch.
    2- the blanket is too thin
    3- the blanket is no pulled up into the gullet...
    4- The saddle is not the correct fit for the horse... at least to me.
    It is too far down on her withers, thus in my mind too wide.
    5- the rear cinch is too loose you can have it snug to start as the horse moves it will loosen
    6- The rear of the saddle sticking up could be endemic of the saddle not fitting in the first place

  7. There are no hobble on the fender/stirrup.