Saturday, August 10, 2013

The LEAST Funny Home Videos

Stupidity seems to be running rampant this summer in the horse world... and here are the absolute STOOPIDEZT videos to prove it.

Let's try to count the number of horrible stupidities in the following video and ad, shall we?


1) Riding a two year old
2) Putting a MUCH to big rider on a mini
3) Riding the mini in an oversized (horse sized?) bit
4) That bit is also a thin twisted wire snaffle
5) The first 15 seconds of the video is a shot of the horse's poll. Because it's the biggest selling point?!
6) The rider kicking the poor pony in the guts to make him move faster, and yanking on his mouth

Next up, two teenage girls that clearly do not want to live to be of voting age. To be fair, this is probably something I would have attempted at that age, had I not been busy doing other stupid things:

I know, I should stand my horse on painful-to-step on, loose gravel before I belly-flop onto him bareback!

You could try to count the number of stupid things in this next video, but you'd need an abacus. Just skip right to the top comment:

"We can only hope that by some miracle that horse will be taken from that environment where he is so abused and disrespected by complete ignorant idiots."

SO MUCH FAIL, especially just after the 2 minute mark:

Let's end on a positive note, eh? Here's a video of some silliness that is actually funny and charming:


  1. WHY oh why do people think it is ok to get on a mini that they probably weigh more than???
    And there is no need for such a harsh bit, if he ran away all she'd have to do is put her feet down and stop A La Flinstones.
    Drunk guy-glad he got thrown, total tool.
    Riding blooper girl is talented-she seems to have a talent for annoying every horse she gets on :-P

    1. Yeeeeaaahhh, I'm just going to have to start tracking down these mini-riding folks and then sit on THEM and say, "giddyup!" while spurring them in the guts. "C'mon, you thought this was totally OK to do!"

    2. I always say I think we should breed minis with little spikes on their backs to deter people from sitting on them.