Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kudos to These Ladies!

Howdy folks, I'm still around. I feel like I've been abandoning you more often than a PMU breeder dumps foals! (*bah-dum tsss*)

Seriously though, sorry for not writing more. As for WHY... I'm not sure how much to explain, because it sounds so dramatic, whiny and unbelievable. Well, OK, here: the short short version is that two family members died in a car crash. Another family member is dying of an unrelated thing-- I've been working at her business (on top of my other jobs) for several weeks because she needed to honor a contract. In the meantime, another family member had a baby, and is not doing so hot. Been trying to help there a bit too. Did I mention I got a dog just before all this happened? Oh, and guess what: Ruffi is back! Yes, my little bay filly is home again.

It's been almost exactly a year since I rescued her and her mom. I thought I had found her a great home, but about a week ago, her adopter called me and said she couldn't take care of her at the moment, and could I take her back for a while? Of course I said YES. So I went and got her. She's ribby, unfortunately. I got some story about a change in feeding program and blah blah. *sigh* Maybe it's true. They do seem like awesome people... but I won't be sending Ruffi back to them. Actions speak louder than words.

So, that's the short version of my crazy life at the moment. Obviously, there's not a lot of time or energy for me to blog right now.  Despite my absence though, you all continue to be super loyal readers, averaging about 6,000 views per month! Even through all the crap happening, I've got a big warm spot in my heart because of that. I know that you're reading, sharing, and advocating for horses.

Speaking of which, I've been keeping an eye on Facebook, and I've come across a REALLY sparkling example of horse welfare advocacy. I'd like to highlight that now, and to say "thank you!" to Bridget Achterberg. Her post and comments are extremely well-written, thoughtful, and amazing in general. Ditto for Erin Hopkins. I got their permission to re-post this. It's abbreviated (it was such a long discussion I had to chop parts of it) but all the good stuff is there.

As you read for yourself, there were many great commenters in that discussion! Thank-you to them too! In fact, I'd like to say thank you to all animal welfare commenters and posters. THANK YOU for standing up for the voiceless! Thank you for saying something, instead of staying silent. Thanks for not shutting up, even though some people give you crap for what you believe. You ROCK.

I also want to thank Wisconsin horse people that have recently taken in neglected horses, including Tracy K, Liz H, Tracey B, and of course the wonderful equine rescues of Wisconsin. Special shout-out to Midwest Horse Welfare, which continues to go above and beyond the call of duty to help horses, and New Equine Resource. N.E.R will soon be hosting a herd of rescued mustangs-- check them out NOW if you're interested in adopting one! They will only be staying for a short time.

Before I close, I'd like to give you a few links:

The Windchill Bill has just been reintroduced, and now is the time to GET BEHIND IT! If passed, it would be a major step forward in animal welfare law here in Wisconsin. Contact your local legislators!

Erin's comment about breeding and warmblood registries is spot-on! Here's what I said in April 2013 about Oldenburgs: "How Breeding Should Be Done."

Here's a fun article, written by a vet on the topic of "horse communicators" or psychics.

There is yet another BLM mustang auction happening online right now. Minimum bid is $125, and they can often deliver to an area near you. In fact, there are already two mustangs in Mequon, WI! Both are 3 year old mares. Lots of color and a couple of cremellos available on this auction. There are many pregnant mares available this time too, though they can't be transported for you, you have to go pick them up.

Alright folks, time to sign off. Stay warm!

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