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Rachwal's Upcoming Release, Violent "Horse Therapy" Practitioner James Kirsch & More

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Now on to something much more serious. On July 20th, Sterling Rachwal, serial horse rapist, mutilator, and killer, will be released here in Wisconsin. If you've read my previous post about this sick individual, you know just how it important it is to be prepared. While some offenders are incarcerated, do their time, and are released as changed people, Sterling Rachwal has a decades-long history of torturing horses and ponies. Every single time he's been released, he does it again. And again. And again. 1982, '84, '88, '93, '97, 2008, 2010. You can click the articles below for proof, and read more here. Wisconsin Circuit Court Access contains some of his more recent crimes.

Let's DO SOMETHING about this. If someone wants to start an online petition, I'm fine with that, but signing something on the internet is not nearly as effective as a good solid old fashioned letter or phone call.

GOOD JOB all of you who shared this story!! Keep doing it and PLEASE contact at least one of the following people or agencies AT LEAST once per week. If you're not sure what to say, you can use the scripts I've provided below:

Honorable Judge Gary Sharpe
City County Government Center
160 S. Macy St.
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53702

Wisconsin Department of Justice
Division of Criminal Investigation
Administrator David S. Matthews
P.O. Box 7857
Madison, WI 53707-7857

Mendota Mental Health Institute
301 Troy Drive
Madison, WI 53704

Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services
Office of the Secretary
1. West Wilson St. Room 650
P.O. Box 7850
Madison, WI 53703


Hi, my name is ______________ from _________. I am calling about a public safety concern. Can I speak directly to [ Judge / Governor / Mr. ]  ______________ ?

You may be transferred at this point. If not, you can say "ok, can I please leave my message with you or someone else?"

I am very worried about the upcoming release of Sterling Rachwal.
Mendota Mental Hospital in Madison is letting him out on April 21st.
Rachwal has been sexually abusing, torturing, and killing animals for decades.
He sneaks onto peoples' farms with a knife and does terrible things, especially to horses.
Every time Rachwal gets caught, he does it again as soon as he is released.
Please do something to stop Sterling Rachwal from being let loose.
Many people besides me are really upset.
I hope I can count on you to keep my community safe.
Thanks for listening to my concern. I'll be following up with you soon.


Dear sir,

I am writing you today because I am worried about the safety of my community. On April 21st, Sterling Rachwal will be released from Mendota Mental Hospital in Madison. Rachwal has a decades-long record of sexually abusing, mutilating, and killing animals, especially horses. To do this, he has trespassed onto the property of local farmers. He has often carried a weapon. Every time Rachwal has been released, he has re-offended. Please, please, don't let this man loose again.
I am sharing my concerns with everyone I know. I hope I can count on you to protect my family, my neighbors, and the horses of Wisconsin. I will be following up with you in one week. Thank you for your time.

Name, City

Remember to stay polite but firm. Take a deep breath. Don't feel nervous, or weird about contacting these authorities. You are a concerned citizen with a very valid concern about your safety, and the safety of your neighbors and local animals. Don't put this off too long-- seven weeks is not very much time when it comes to the government and the justice system.

OK, let's move on to something much more positive:

Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary (AGES) is having a tack sale fundraiser on March 14th. It's open from 9am-4pm, and the address is W4985 County Rd FF, Elkhart Lake WI.

AGES has done some truly amazing work lately. Luna and Zariah were two mares running wild, with no source of regular food, water, hoof care, or vet care. Their people were feeding them old frozen bread. It took weeks for volunteers to capture them both, and it will take many hundreds of hours more to rehabilitate them. Check out AGES on Facebook and consider donating to them via paypal ( They also have some great horses available for adoption!

This is Zariah, before and after hours of careful de-burring. She has been neglected for so long that she has major hoof and leg issues. I am so glad she is finally safe at AGES.

Alright, let's wrap this up with a bit more news: 

-James Kirsch is infamous for beating and threatening his family. He has been in prison for domestic abuse (convicted three times). He's now running a horse therapy program called Wellness Health Ranch out of New Berlin, WI. The farm (not owned by him) is called 14 Carrots Stables. BEWARE this man. More info here.

-If you haven't already heard, Michael Feist, infamous horse abuser, was convicted of 34 counts of neglect/mistreatment. Four of those counts were felonies. He'll be sentenced June 2nd. I am so glad! Now we must hope that his horses are (finally!) taken away from him. You can read more on the case here.

-As part of his proposed 2015-2017 state budget, Governor Walker wants to cut funding to Wisconsin State Parks by 28%. To make up for that deficit, parks would have to increase their fees quite a bit-- or shut down. That would really affect public horse trails and horse camping facilities at places like Wildcat, Governor Dodge, Governor Knowles, the Northern and Southern Kettles, etc.

-Don't forget about Midwest Horse Welfare's big raffle! You can help by selling tickets to your friends at no cost to you, and of course by buying a couple for yourself. You could win big money!

- Two horses have been stolen from a farm near Fredonia. Here's what the owners would like you to know:

Stolen Horses!
Went missing between 3pm Monday March 2nd and 3pm Tuesday March 3rd, 2015 from
 6625 Clover Valley Rd. Fredonia, WI 53021 in Ozaukee County.

Horses are thought to have been walked down driveway. No fences down. No hoof prints in the snow leading away from the property. The only exit that wouldn't show prints is the blacktop drive. Possibly stolen by someone they’re familiar with as they can be stand-offish with strangers. Thief (/thieves) brought their own halters as nothing else is missing from the property except the two horses. The horses - unfortunately in this case - both trailer fairly well. They could have been loaded in less than five minutes.

 The responding deputy handling the case is named Parks. His work phone is (920) 946-9661. After the authorities have been notified PLEASE, call Luke and Laura right away. We are absolutely distraught over this. Luke waited 5 years to get Dusk, they love each other, and Pserina is the first horse we purchased as a couple and the foundation of our dream. Those two represent all we have worked for.
Dusk of Soltice (Dusk, Mika) - purebred Orlov-Rostopchin (Russian warmblood) mare
13 y/o - 16.2hh - 1200-ish lbs - black bay - both left fore and hind have very short white socks and white feet (just below fetlock and down on hind, halfway down pastern and lower on fore). She has a very small star in the middle of her forehead which is usually covered by her very long forelock.
Pserina Star (Pserina, Rina, Siri, Baby) - purebred Arabian mare. 10 y/o - 14.2hh - 850lbs+ due to pregnancy (due in July) - chestnut - both hinds have socks reaching about halfway up the cannon bone. She has a rather prominent star offset slightly to the left between her eyes and a stripe and snip starting about halfway down her face going down to the middle of her muzzle.

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned to North Horse.

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