Saturday, March 10, 2012

Very Cheap Foals

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This ad epitomizes exactly what the problem with backyard breeders is.

Good job, whoever bred these guys! They're being sold for the cost of a tank of gas. Does that make you feel good about the lives you brought into the world? What are these foals' futures going to be like, having had to deal with malnutrition, lack of handling and rock-bottom values at six months old? Was this worth endangering the lives of the mares that gave birth to them?

I'm also not too happy with the poster of this ad. I'd much prefer "a kind of a rescue" to really be a rescue. In other words, before you stick these poor foals on Craigslist, get that colt up to weight, geld him and get some halter training on them both! This isn't a rescue, this is dumping problems on someone else. However fugly these guys are, if they were at decent weight, leadable, wormed and over their winter fuzzies, they would have a much better chance of finding decent homes. And if the "rescuer" here can't provide those things, why did they bother taking the foals in the first place?!

Sad sad sad... there are just too many grade foals out there.

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