Saturday, March 21, 2015

Neglect, Karma, and "Bashing" Loeffelholz, Roelke & Bondowski

Happy Spring, ladies and gents. We here in Wisconsin know that the official date has nothing to do with the actual weather, but we can hope for the best.

Before I begin, I want to very briefly address two topics:

Some people have said that's it is "karma" that the two notorious Pleasant Prairie WI horse abusers were just found dead after a fire. I understand the sentiment. However, the idea that the universe or God or the devil has anything to do with justice in our mortal world is dangerous and utterly false. The only thing that guarantees whether or not a horse is saved, if an abuser is put on trial, or if neglect is allowed to continue, is YOU. You and I, our neighbors, our fellow humans are the only ones who can change laws, pressure authorities, lend a helping hand, donate hay, etc. We must not leave things up to karma, or to chance. God helps those who help themselves. WE must be the forces of kindness and justice. Remember that next time you hear about or see a neglect situation.

"Bashing on People Doesn't Help Horses"
I'm about to expose some neglectful Wisconsin horse owners on this blog post, and no doubt some readers will be upset about that. You should know, however, that it's not vindictive, and it's not because I think I'm perfect. Far from it! God knows I've been broke, depressed, and in need of a helping hand. I've had horses I should have done more for sooner. My farm is pretty rough. However, I'm not "bashing" on people who are just down on their luck, or just had one or two bad incidents. My posts are about the chronic cases, the ones who never learn their lessons year after year. The public  shouldn't be enabling people with a long history of neglect and hoarding, and I consider it part of my purpose to warn you about them. By giving money to these folks, by giving them sympathy, you may help a couple of horses for a little while-- but you also make it possible for the hoarders to continue hoarding and mistreating animals. And by NOT telling others about the misdeeds of scammers, abusers, and their ilk, you are harming horses. There's no need to gossip idly, but when you know something ugly, DO warn others nearby so that their hears and their horses aren't forever scarred by the evil they could have avoided.

OK, let's get started.

Atty Cynthia Fiene: Brooklyn Horse Abuser is Back!

Wisconsin attorney and horse rescue crusader Cynthia Fiene would like me to pass on a message to you all: the serial horse abuser Mary A. Loeffelholz (dob 10/1964) and Mary's daughter Melinda (Mindy) Gehin, are back to their old tricks again near Brooklyn/Belleville WI. You can read my original blog posts on their horrific deeds here and here, but here's a picture of one of their former horses that basically sums up the situation:

...and there are eleven horses like that on the property right now. I guarantee you, folks, the officials who have let this continue for YEARS will turn a blind eye unless we ACT. I know I am constantly asking you to call, write, and email about these situations, but public pressure is the only thing that seems to save horses from long, slow deaths here in Wisconsin. So please, please, contact one of the following people and say,

"Hi, I'm calling about the very thin horses near Brooklyn belonging to
Mary Loeffelholz and her daughter Mindy. What are you doing about this situation?"Call Patrick Comfert, Animal Services Leadworker: 608-243-0309
Doug Voelgi at Public Health 608-243-0360 
Dane County Executive Joe Parisi 608-266-2444
Town of Oregon executives Jerry Bollig 
608-835-7520 and Denise Arnold 608-835-3200

"Therapy Horse" & Others Allegedly Starved

April Roelke, residing on County Rd A near Grand Marsh WI, has been getting a lot of media sympathy over the death of one of her horses, Eagle. Eagle was found shot this week in his "pasture" (small front yard pen). No one knows if this was a revenge shooting (April apparently liked to trap and shoot neighborhood cats) or a "mercy killing."

Eagle was starving when he was shot. Even in the picture shown by the media, you can see how his backbone stuck up and the top shelf of his ribs were visible. Several people, including a neighbor, have told me that April has starved several horses to death over the past couple of years. Some of her own pics on Facebook seem to confirm this:

 While I do not condone vigilante justice, I don't think you should be donating money or horses to this woman. You might also want to contact Channel 3000 and tell them to delete or re-write their sob story. 608-273-3333.

Former Faux Rescue Seeks Homes for Horses

I am very glad that Cindy and Jim Bondowski are finally relinquishing their horses. Cindy is working closely with Kathy Bries, who has posted several ads to rehome the horses; you can see at least five horses below (click on the pics to enlarge). This is a fairly urgent situation, as the Bondowskis are being evicted and must be gone by April 1st. Call Cindy at 608-322-4068 if you can adopt.

Before you contact the Bondowskis, however, I feel that it's my duty to tell you how they got where they are. If they ask you for donations of any kind, or want to make a deal with you, please be aware of their history.

The Bondowskis, Jim and Cindy, used to have a rescue in Footville WI (near Janseville) called H.O.R.S.E. The "rescue" was more like a hoarding situation, with 40-60 horses on 3 acres.

I'm sure Cindy and Jim meant well to begin with, but they took on way more horses than they could take care of. Many local people reported thin, wormy horses with overgrown hooves on the property. Cindy purposefully bred a mare suffering with severe DSLD so her daughter could have the foal. Vet and farrier bills went unpaid, and though the Bondowskis asked for cash donations, they never got 501(c)3 nonprofit status. They maxed out retirement funds, credit cards, etc and were behind on their taxes. Jim collected disability, though he attempted to work as an untrained and unlicensed (illegal) horse chiropractor, massage therapist and acupuncturist. Those who saw him work expressed serious concerns about his methods.

In Nov 2010 Jim and Cindy had a big barn fire, in which 24 horses died. Also burned up were most of the tack and all of the hay. Many people volunteered to help, donated money and hay, and there were local fundraisers done for them. Weirdly,
the Bondowskis didn't want to give up any of the remaining horses, despite having no feed or shelter for them, and despite the fact that many highly qualified adopters volunteered to foster or permanently adopt them.

After receiving around $300,000 in donations, plus hay and tack, the Bondowskis moved to Coloma, Wisconsin. They stayed there for several years under the name Enchanted Oaks Ranch. Now they are  being evicted from the property.

NONE of that is the fault of the Bondowskis' animals, and I certainly encourage you to give one of their horses a good home if you can.
Again, I post this information strictly so that anyone who buys from them knows the full situation. This information has been verified by two horse rescues and is provided for your protection, not their harassment. For more information on adoptable horses, call Cindy at  608-322-4068. The Bondowskis currently live at W11687 State Rd 21, Coloma, WI 54930.


  1. How can someone contact you? There is a big case in Waukesha County that has been ongoing for more than 10 years.

    1. my email is

  2. I am not understanding the section about the Bondowskis? A few years back I had gone to Enchanted Oaks to do some trail riding... I am so madly in love with horses I jump on any opportunity to get my horse fix! I had built a relationship with Jim, Cindy and Kathy. They treated me like one of there own. Allowing me to help out around the place. Even gave me a few pointers with my riding skills. It wasn't just a bussiness of pay for a trail ride and go home. Which for me being a sort of a sponge when coming to anything horse related I willing was eager to soak up anything they had to offer. With that being said I was allowed to see behind the scenes, no place was off limits no horses were kept unable to see never once did I see a horse that was neglected or malnutrition or bad feet or anything terrible, what I seen were wide open pastures and many happy horses that were loved unconditionally. There property was always kept neat. Although I did not know Jim and Cindy before they had came to operated Enchanted Oaks but I just have a hard time wrapping my head around what was described about them being true. I mean it almost doesn't make sense if you're claiming that they were hoarders and they had unsanitary living conditions how would they have changed so quickly? why would they be trying to reach out and downsize their herd and find their horses good homes? Because that's what's best for the interest for the horses. And isn't hoarding a sickness that needs to be treated through therapy ? It isn't just cured by moving to a new location. And then the statement about I'm having a barn fire and they did not want to relinquish any of their remaining horses. Think about this if your house set on fire and you have several dogs and two of your dog survive would you just give your dog up because your house is gone? Jim amd Cindy dont just look at their animals as livestock they look at them as members of their family. they don't just get a brand new horses they rescue the unwanted less fortunate problem childs ect. and try to provide the best life for it possible. I have seen firsthand the work that they have put in to these animals and make their life better. Also I do not know where they got the information about being evicted it was merely a disagreement between a land owner and tenant. So instead of them arguing and having it turn into a terrible fight Jim and Cindy just decided it would be better for them to relocate. I have never heard Jim or Cindy asked for handouts or money just merely help with finding a new place to relocate with their large family of horses. What is so incredibly sad to me is that instead of lending a helping hand people jump on the opportunity to kick peoole when they are down. Any one person can have this terrible situation happen to them no matter how well you think you do things there is always a possibility that you too may find yourself in some sort of hard time or not a not ideal position and needing a helping hand. I was unsure if I wanted to post anything because I don't like a fight but decided to because I would just like to remind people to think about the fact that no person is better and then another everybody is just trying to make it in this day. So please before you read this and jump to a conclusion remember be kind to one another! You never know if or when you will need a helping hand and how it would feel to get kicked when your down!

    1. I have great sympathy for you. You are clearly one of the many that Cindy and Jim have misled. I have no doubt they can be very nice when they want to. However, please consider that Ted Bundy was also extremely nice and charming. If you dig a little, you may find that you don't know the Bondowskis at all. For example, did you know that Cindy was convicted of prostitution? You can look it up yourself on Wisconsin Circuit Court Access, or see a snapshot here:

  3. And how does that relate to horses? maybe she felt compelled to do it so that she could care for them? all I can go on is what I see and what you described is nothing what I see... personally where you ever at there place to see first hand what they did or had pr how they cared for their horses? I just don't understand why you need to hate so badly or follow their lives and make it hell ? You identify them but yet can't identify your self ... their are two sides of every story ... just sad you should be trying to help not destroy

  4. Good job North Horse for exposing the Bondowskis for what they are and always have been. Con artists, liars and scammers. Unknown you need to do a bit of googling to learn the truth. It is all there.

  5. Good job exposing the Bondowskis, N.H. One only has to do a few google searches to find out the truth about these con/scam artists who have been lying their way through life for many years. Trying to help them only makes you an enabler "Unknown". You want to save a few horses? Get them away from this couple.

  6. Ha! If you Google both of them, they have numerous evictions on their record. It was not a disagreement and the numerous people they wrote bad checks to or didn't pay will happily agree. You're the disillusioned one. They were evicted and charged damages unless the courts are now lying and have a personal vendetta. And numerous people can attest to the poor care their animals received. Not because they didn't love them, though they often can't tell one from another, but because they physically couldn't afford to feed them. I'm glad they found homes for horses and worry about the ones they still have.